Arrow: The Count Has a Taste of His Own Medicine & Oliver Gets His Hands Dirty

Live blogging! Here I go! (Or not. I got so into, I’m actually a couple hours behind…whatevs) So my boo is chasing some scummy drug dealer, obvsies. This guy is running for his life, and Arrow is literally just hopping along behind him on the roof. Bad ass. The guy, for some reason that makes no […]

The Mindy Project: Mindy Gets Casual

On last week’s episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy decides it is time for her to accept Mr. Right Now while she’s waiting for Mr. Right. Mindy decides to ask Shauna for advice, because let’s face it, we all know she has experience. Before she can get into it, Morgan overhears her and insists she […]

Supernatural: I Lust After a Handmaiden & We All Agree That LARP is Awesome

   So this is definitely my favorite episode of the season so far. It was gruesome, as per yoozh, but it was also hilarious and amazing. Now I have a confession. As fabulous and the definition of cool that I am, I do have a huge nerdy side. And I have always wanted to try […]

Vampire Diaries: Stefan Quits Elena, Jeremy is Kind of a Sucky Hunter, & Damon Gets Owned

Let me be clear about this. I am and always have been a Stefan and Elena fan. And while I feel for Damon and think he deserves some happiness, I don’t want it to be at Stefan’s expense, and I don’t want him with Elena. Needless to say, the writers give zero shits about what […]

Arrow: Diggle is Dumb, Oliver is Everything, and Thea is, Well, Thea. i.e. Stupid

This show really makes me happy. I am super obsessed with Stephen Amell. He is crazy hot, and this show always has wonderful half-naked workout scenes. They give me so many feelings. Oh, the feels.      Anyway, the episode starts with a couple of randoms driving one of those trucks that has money in […]

Once Upon A Time: Frankenstein Saves the Day, The Day Screws Everyone Over

As you remember from last week’s episode, Belle fell over the town line, and can’t remember her fairytale life anymore. She’s scared of Rumple, and freaking the fuck out. The cops and ambulance arrive, and Emma stops Rumple from murdering the ever loving crap out of Hook. They take everyone to the hospital, where Whale […]

Hart of Dixie: O Ye of Lots of Anger

Oh, how I missed my Hart of Dixie. The last episode, they gave my heart wings by finally, FINALLY having Zoe admit her feelings for Wade. They committed to each other, and decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Squeeee!! George caught Brick and Shelby giving each other the business in Santa’s house. Lavon told Lemon […]

Revenge: Jealousy, A Fake-up, Drugs, & Tricksie Little %$^&

So, I love me some Revenge. But for some reason, writing about it irks me. So these posts tend to be pretty short and sweet. Mostly short. But I did promise on my last Revenge post that it would be longer. And I’m a lady of my word. So here we go. Ok, crap. I […]

Once Upon A Time: Lines Are Crossed, And I Totally Saw It Coming

So this week’s OUAT was pretty interesting. Some real messed up shit happens, and I got to say, I totally saw it coming. So let’s get the flashbacks out of the way first. Belle flashbacks to her time after leaving Rumple and before Regina catches her. She is yearning for adventure but too scared to go after […]