The Vampire Diaries: Klaus Tries to Kill Caroline. With Love. Oh, and Something About the Cure

Over in Mystic Falls, Klaus is still trapped in the Gilbert’s living room, and Tyler is there to “watch” him (read torture him). Tyler brags that when they find the cure, they’re going to bring it back and shove it down Klaus’s throat so they can kill him. Klaus looks bored and chastises Tyler. After […]

Vampire Diaries: Stefan Quits Elena, Jeremy is Kind of a Sucky Hunter, & Damon Gets Owned

Let me be clear about this. I am and always have been a Stefan and Elena fan. And while I feel for Damon and think he deserves some happiness, I don’t want it to be at Stefan’s expense, and I don’t want him with Elena. Needless to say, the writers give zero shits about what […]