General Hospital: Summer Loving???

Soo….apparently the theme for the summer is #GHSummerLovin…umm…I don’t think they quite realized what that would entail. Because let’s be honest, there’s been very little loving from anyone we give a crap about. Kiki and Morgan? VOMIT. Dillon and Darby? But why? Nina and Valentin?? Huh?! Valentin’s been on the show for literally one week […]

General Hospital: The Jason Dilemma

OK, so I actually haven’t blogged about my fave soap ever yet, but today that all changes. Because I have had some time to absorb the loss- NO, the ABANDONMENT- of Steve Burton as Jason. He left this pivotal role just as the storyline reached its peak. Jason and Sam had reunited with their baby, […]

Hello world!

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny, and I am a HUGE couch potato. I have a serious love affair with TV Shows and movies. I watch SO much TV. Like at least 30 hours a week. It’s probably really unhealthy. But I don’t care! I love my shows. I’m super passionate about them. I laugh, […]