General Hospital: The Jason Dilemma

OK, so I actually haven’t blogged about my fave soap ever yet, but today that all changes. Because I have had some time to absorb the loss- NO, the ABANDONMENT- of Steve Burton as Jason. He left this pivotal role just as the storyline reached its peak. Jason and Sam had reunited with their baby, and that very night, he was just and supposedly killed. All because Steve Burton wanted to move to Tennessee with his family, because he needed a break.

AHA! But here’s the catch. He didn’t really need a break, he didn’t really leave because he wanted time off. Nope. He left because he was joining the Young & the Restless, on a competing network, less than 6 months after leaving General Hospital. See, I was super sad about him leaving GH when it was first announced, but supportive of him as an actor. Until now. Now I feel like he lied to his fans and betrayed the soap opera that was SO good to him for the last 20 years. A show that kept him front burner so much that people snarkily referred to it as the Steve Burton or Jason Morgan show. So yeah, I will admit it, I am feeling a lot bitter.

The reason for my bitterness? Because damn it, I have been rooting for Jason and Sam since the very beginning. 9 years is a long ass time to invest in a couple, so when it ends, it really fucks with your emotions. My poor Jasam. Sadness! Heartbreak!

Even I can laugh at myself at how stupid I am being. But fuck it. I am a crazed soap fan, scarily dedicated to General Hospital, a soap opera I have been watching for 20 of my 29 years of life. So yeah, I think Steve Burton is kind of a jerk. I will get over it, and given an appropriate mourning period,  I am sure I’ll love him and his dreamy blue eyes again. For now, though, there are bigger fish to fry.

Like the fact that the beautiful Kelly Monaco and Rebecca Herbst have absolutely no storyline right now. Since Jason’s death, Sam has been relegated to brief appearances where she is in full denial mode. Elizabeth has been unofficially been dropped to recurring status because she only shows up to nurse every now and then, or talk to the cutesy Nurse Betty, Sabrina. I mean really?! Sabrina has more air time than two of the best actresses, two of the leading actresses on GH? This is not to be borne.

Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have worked miracles with GH and breathed new life into a show that was on the verge of cancellation. I am so relieved because GH is better than its been in years. Hell, they are bringing back the Nurses Ball! How freaking amazing is that?!

But there’s one big problem. The Jason Dilemma. They need to either recast him now, or provide proof that he’s dead so that Sam and Liz can move on with their lives and come back to the front burner where they belong. Hell, Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton have the kind of chemistry that sizzles, no that scorches. I am all for a McBam pairing. Hell, I’d take a Liz & A.J. pairing if it meant giving Becky Herbst a storyline.

Steve Burton is gone. It’s time the show stop leaving the audience hanging about Jason’s fate and make a decision so that we can all move on to new stories, new couples, and a new era.

I’m excited to see what changes they make.

With that, I bid a sad, bittersweet farewell to my beloved Jasam, and welcome McBam with open arms. (with a secret wish in my heart that SB crashes and burns at Y&R and comes running back to GH to resurrect Jasam lol) What can I say? There’s evil in my heart 😉


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