So yeah. It’s been like over a year since I posted. Wow. I am not at all on top of this, huh?  But in my defense, I was super busy. Like, finally finish my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing busy. So, you know, busy. Plus being a mom. AND I read a lot. And sometimes I do other stuff too. So SUPER busy…Ok, let’s face it. I just got super lazy.

I was doing stuff and kept putting off writing my next post until I totally forgot about it. And keeping it real, I only remembered it because I’ve gotten like 20 billion spam comments on my posts lately. So annoying. But then I went back and read some of my posts and rememebered how much I loved writing it. I’m really funny and clever. 

I’m probably also talking to myself. I mean, who follows a blog that posts like every other year? You should! I’m worth the wait, damn it! 

Anyway, all my shows are on hiatus until forever, so I won’t start posting again regularly until they come back. If I start a new show or have something I have to share with the world about my soap opera, General Hospital, then I might post before then. Otherwise, see you in October! I promise!



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