Hello world!

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny, and I am a HUGE couch potato. I have a serious love affair with TV Shows and movies. I watch SO much TV. Like at least 30 hours a week. It’s probably really unhealthy. But I don’t care! I love my shows. I’m super passionate about them. I laugh, I cry, I scream in anger, I cry again. I cry a lot. I may be a little too invested in my shows. Anyway, I have so much to say about my shows, but I don’t know anyone in the world who watches all the shows that I do, so there’s always a couple of shows that get left out. So I decided to start this blog and write about all of them. I can be a bit scatter-brained so it probably won’t be in any particular order. I tend to watch the shows I love the most first, and the rest as I find time. So I might be right on track with The Walking Dead, and like a week behind on Bones. Don’t worry, I’ll get to it. So here’s the lineup of shows I watch. If you’re a fan of any and want to chat about them, then follow along and get it started. Oh, and I curse SO much. Terrible habit, but there you have it. So you know what to do if you don’t like it. 🙂

Back to that lineup of my shows, or as I call them, my boyfriends:



Hart of Dixie

Tia and Tamera

The Voice


General Hospital


Sons of Anarchy

The Voice

New Girl

Happy Endings

General Hospital





X Factor

Modern Family


General Hospital



Last Resort

Grey’s Anatomy

The Vampire Diaries

Beauty and the Beast

Jersey Shore

General Hospital


General Hospital


Cry…There’s nothing on 😦


Once Upon A Time


The Walking Dead

SO, there you have it. Chat later!


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