Hart of Dixie: Sadness. Nothing But Sadness.

I cannot. There are not words to describe how much I cannot. This episode was hart-breaking for me…get it? Hart? Tee hee. Anyway, because of how much I hated this episode, I will be giving a super brief recap.

Basically, the entire town turned against Wade, who seemed to acknowledge his guilt, and be heart-broken himself. On the flip side, the town was pro Zoe, and determined to cheer her up by bringing her pie, Wade voodoo dolls, and offers of violence upon Wade’s person and sex. The offer of sex came from the hot new doctor in town, Jonah. On principal, I would have said yes. But as hot as I think he is, he’s not Wade. Wade and Zoe are end game for me. Violence was from George. To who I say, shut up and sit down. And stay away from Zoe! You had your chance! Besides, I like him with Tansie.

Anyway, Zoe tried getting drunk, hating Wade, and finally allowing herself to grieve in order to get over him. Jonah hit on her quite a few times, but she turned him down. Meanwhile, Wade was beaten emotionally from beginning to end, and humiliated a few times.

Brick and Shelby moved in together, and Lemon tried her best to break them up.

Overall, it was an episode of miserable people making other people miserable, and I am totally over this show right now. But this is my second heart speaking, so I’m sure once my normal, sane side is back in charge I will watch again.

But til I see something I like, FOR EXAMPLE NO MORE WADE BASHING, then I will be posting these really crappy recaps. I mean, I’m probably only hurting myself, but whatever. This is all I can muster for HoD right now. 😦

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