Hart of Dixie: Zoe’s Mom Visits, Sexy Escapades Transpire, & The Love Match We’ve All Been Waiting For!!!

So I finally watched the mid-season finale of Hart of Dixie, and can I just say that it made this girl’s heart melt? It was too freaking perfect! The show started with Zoe freaking out because her mom was coming to visit her for Christmas and she was sure she would be in for a […]

Hart of Dixie: Zoe & Lemon Team Up, Wade Feels Like a Spot Holder

In this episode, Zoe and Lemon team up (kinda) to break up and then make up Lavon and Ruby, Wade avoids George, and Brick wants to ask his girlfriend to move in with him. The episode starts with Zoe and Wade in bed together, talking about how hard Zoe is trying to pretend that she […]

The Mindy Project: Mindy Hands Out Condoms & Danny Tells Betsy She’s Hot

So in this episode, Mindy’s cute teenage neighbor comes to her office to ask her for birth control. She’s only like 15 or 16 so Mindy is rightfully cautious. Meanwhile, Danny finds an anonymous sexual harrassment letter in his office. Apparently, Morgan can’t stop staring at Shauna’s bazoombas. Honestly, this seems odd to me because […]

Sons of Anarchy: Jax Comes Clean With the Club

Last week’s Son’s of Anarchy was great! I finally got to see my boobear Jax make some really smart decisions and I loved it! Plus, he’s so freaking sexy! So every scene with him in it is a bonus scene! So anyway, the episode starts with Tara telling Jax about the job offer in Providence. Is it just me […]

Revenge: A Little Backstory Goes A Long Way, Damnit.

So this episode of Revenge was basically one long ass flashback. Can’t say I was super thrilled about this, but it was nice to see some background storylines. Instead of going in order (because I pretty much already forgot the order of things…) I will go by storyline, because there are a lot. Geez. So […]

Once Upon A Time: Charming & Snow Reunite and That Damn Sleeping Beauty Continues to be Worthless

This week on Once Upon A Time, Emma and Snow try to find their way home, Charming, Regina, and Gold team up, and Sleeping Beauty really screws the pooch. Again. God, she’s worthless. The show starts off with Aurora telling Snow and Emma that she met Henry in her hell dreams. They convince her it’s […]

The Mindy Project: Thanksgiving, Mindy Wants Exclusivity & Gwen Does Not F*ck Around

This episode starts with Mindy and Josh having dinner at her place. I love Josh because he is completely arrogant and narcissistic and I don’t know why but it’s hilarious to me. Even more hilarious is that Mindy gives zero fucks and takes none of his bullshit. Great! So she is doing a voiceover, or at least I thought so, […]

Hart of Dixie: Zooey Gets a BOYfriend!

On this week’s Hart of Dixie, Zoe wants some romance, but gets it from an unexpected guy, Lemon and Annabeth consider a new business, and Lavon tries to win over Ruby’s crankypants gramps. It starts off with Zoe waking up to Wade watching cartoons in her bed, munching on the last of her favorite snack in the whole wide […]

Supernatural: Dean is the Greatest Thing Ever, Sam is a Close Second. Plus, Castiel is Back!

Dean. Oh sweet, sexiest man alive Dean. How I love him. He’s so damn delicious. I’ve loved Jensen Ackles since Days of Our Lives and Dark Angel. He’s too gorgeous for words. For most people, but not me! I have so many words about him!!! But I will contain myself to instead give you a […]

Arrow: He Remains Sexy As Hell While Laurel Continues to Disappoint as a Human Being

Well folks, I don’t know how much I can talk about this episode. It was really good, but I tend to just stare and drool and Stephen Amell the entire time. Good Lord that man is beautiful. But I’ll do my best to recap. So to start the episode, Oliver is really hot. Wait, sorry […]