Beauty & The Beast: Dance, Crash, BOOM!

The midseason finale for Beauty and the Beast was so epic. I literally alternated between squealing with  giddiness and howling with frustration as Cat and Vincent repeatedly grew closer and then pulled back throughout the episode. The episode started with Cat and her sister talking about their duties as bridesmaids. Cat was determined to do it up […]

Arrow: An Arrow Wannabe & A Christmas Party!

Last week’s midseason finale for Arrow was so good! I am absolutely in love with my gorgeous Ollie pop, so every episode is amazing. BUT, this was a particularly good one. Of course, they did hurt my feelings by giving us flashbacks of Ollie looking like Fred from Scooby Doo again, minus the ascot. But […]

Hart of Dixie: Zoe’s Mom Visits, Sexy Escapades Transpire, & The Love Match We’ve All Been Waiting For!!!

So I finally watched the mid-season finale of Hart of Dixie, and can I just say that it made this girl’s heart melt? It was too freaking perfect! The show started with Zoe freaking out because her mom was coming to visit her for Christmas and she was sure she would be in for a […]

Supernatural: Everything Goes Looney Toons, and Dean Smiles…Le Sigh

Oh happy days! I had just finished telling my friend that this season of Supernatural was so dark, and that I missed the funny episodes. And the Gods of Awesome heard my plea, and sent to me an episode of Supernatural so hilarious, so original, and so necessary, that I damn near wet myself. Dean […]

How I Missed Thee!!!

Hey everyone! I have been MIA while my cable/internet was down. Sooo horrible for me, but probably worse for you, since you didn’t have my endearing charm and wit for so long. My apologies. I will be back to blogging soon, now that AT&T has saved me from my misery with another cable company who […]

Hart of Dixie: Zoe & Lemon Team Up, Wade Feels Like a Spot Holder

In this episode, Zoe and Lemon team up (kinda) to break up and then make up Lavon and Ruby, Wade avoids George, and Brick wants to ask his girlfriend to move in with him. The episode starts with Zoe and Wade in bed together, talking about how hard Zoe is trying to pretend that she […]

The Walking Dead: The Trio of Badassery Take on the Governor, Andrea is Stupider Than Ever, and Some Randoms Arrive

The episode picks up right where it left off; Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Oscar are in the bushes outside Woodberry, plotting their next move. Andrea is still being Idiot McSlutberry, cozying up to the creepiest serial killer ever. Also, some randoms are running from walkers. They clearly don’t have the skills of our usual cast […]

The Mindy Project: Mindy Hands Out Condoms & Danny Tells Betsy She’s Hot

So in this episode, Mindy’s cute teenage neighbor comes to her office to ask her for birth control. She’s only like 15 or 16 so Mindy is rightfully cautious. Meanwhile, Danny finds an anonymous sexual harrassment letter in his office. Apparently, Morgan can’t stop staring at Shauna’s bazoombas. Honestly, this seems odd to me because […]

New Girl: Jess’ Baby Maker Is In Jeopardy and Schmidt is a Va-Genius!

Last week’s New Girl was freaking hilarious. The episode starts with Jess, Nick (NICK!), Cece, and two of her friends hanging out and drinking. They are talking about all kinds of crazy girl talk and Nick is totally part of it. Sadie, the gynecologist,( who is hilarious, btdubs) refuses to drink any wine. When they […]

The Walking Dead: Rick, Michonne, & Daryl = The Baddest of Asses

This week is all about my favorite characters in The Walking Dead; Rick, Daryl, and Michonne. HELL YEAH!!! And also, SQUEEEEEEE!!! Ok, now to business. The episode starts with Rick staring out the prison gate at a icky, sticky, bloody Michonne, chillin like a villian with the other zombies. They lock eyes in a stare-off […]