Arrow: Oliver Needs to Krav Maga Tommy & Dig Abandons Ship

It’s been too freaking long! But this week’s episode of Arrow has brought me out of my work/school hibernation. First because my Olliepop gets hotter and hotter every freaking time I see him. Every. Freaking. Time. Also, because I have a deep seated hatred of Tommy that just needs to be expressed. So. Much. Hatred.

So, in this episode, Oliver and Laurel have been reconnecting as friends. Diggle and Felicity give him a little bit of a hard time about it. Dig also makes a point to remind Oliver that they need to focus on Dead Shot.

Oliver shows up at Laurel’s law office to pick her up for lunch, but she has to cancel because an important case came up. She explains a little bit about it, how this guy stole the savings of the family she’s representing, and they’re going to court the next day. As Oliver is leaving, he meets them. It’s a sweet little family of three, the parents and a cute little boy.

Later that night, a lawyer knocks on the door of the family’s house, and the husband opens it. I immediately knew something was wrong, because this dude looked super creepy. Sure enough, he opened a brief case and shot the dad like 4 times through it. Then he casually walked through the house knocking shit over, without a care in the world. The mother comes out of her son’s room to see what’s going on and is immediately shot up. The poor little boy sees this and is terrified. This creepy ass bastard goes into the room without hesitation to kill the boy, but the boy, Max, is so damn smart and climbed out the window and bounced.

The killer gets a phone call, and its Rasmussen, the man the family was taking to court. He asks the assassin if the job is done, and the guy is like not yet, but it will be. What a fucking jerk.

Meanwhile, Laurel’s werewolf ass looking father meets with Thea’s new boyfriend, Roy. He claims to want to bring the Vigilante to justice, but Quentin dismisses him. Roy steals Quentin’s walkie-talkie and takes off. Later as he has a meal with Thea, the radio goes sounds and announces that something is going down and they suspect the Vigilante is involved. He takes off to look into it, only to walk into a trap set by Quentin, who knew he’d stolen the walkie. He arrested Roy, and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his lack of slickery. Lame. I expected more from the boy who flipped around and crab walked on the wall all unnecessarily while saving Thea from muggers.

Diggle meets with his agency contact, which immediately calls him out on using her to find Deadshot. She knows Deadshot killed his brother and she warns him if he tries to get involved on the case at all, she will have him arrested. Ungrateful ho.

Anyway, the next day, Oliver hears about Max and his parents’ and hurries to see Laurel. Tommy is there and is all pressed because Oliver is hanging around Laurel. I literally want Oliver to choke him out, because he is being a real ungrateful dick, considering Oliver saved both Tommy and Malcolm from sure death. But whatevs. He insists that he will take care of her, and Oliver insists he’s just worried about Max because he met the family the day before. When Tommy asks when he met them, Oliver is like, when I was here to pick Laurel up for lunch. He instantly realizes that Tommy had not a fucking clue about those plans, and is like oops. Guess Laurel didn’t tell you. Awkward.

Later on, Ollie tells Felicity and Dig that’s he’s going back to Laurel’s to watch over her, because Laurel decided to let Max stay with her until his grandparents could come from Melbourne. Dig called him out on his getting too close to Laurel again. Felicity informed them that she managed to hack Dig’s agency friend’s system and found out that they were planning to lure Deadshot into a trap the next night. Diggle asked Oliver to be there, and he agreed.

That night, Max was super sad, and Tommy helped him cope a little bit by telling him that he would see his parents whenever he closed his eyes. It was actually a really sweet moment that temporarily made me think he was sweet. Laurel was equally blinded to his general annoyingness by that moment. A knock on the door interrupted them, and restored my sanity to a place where I was back to hating Tommy a lot. It was the creepy ass assassin, and Laurel was immediately suspicious. She made him hold his badge to the door, and she freaked out, because she could tell it was a fake because of the badge number. She played it off like she wasn’t suspicious, but he knew. She backed away from the door with Tommy just as the guy shot in the door. She ran out of the room while Tommy jumped over the couch and dragged Max to the floor. It was brave to cover Max’ body with his own, but I still think it was kind of moronic to just lie on the ground and hope the killer wouldn’t find them. Turns out, he immediately began shooting in the area they were in. Laurel is a badass, and came out blasting with a rifle. But she got off like one shot before the damn thing got stuck or something, and was totally about to take a bullet to the nose when the Vigilante bust through the window.

He saved them but the killer got away through the convenient hole where a window used to be.  Arrow took off after looking at Tommy, and receiving a jealous, loser stare in return. Tommy set aside his massive issues long enough to suggest he and Laurel stay with the Queens, because they’d be safest there. He was not pleased at Laurel’s goofy little smile when she said that the Vigilante would never let anything happen to her and her dad agreed.

At the Queen house, Oliver was about to leave to go meet Dig, when Tommy stopped him by aggressively gripping his arm. Um. I am really just waiting for the moment when Oliver loses his shit and his patience and just Krav Maga’s Tommy’s dumb ass all over the room. Tommy insists that Oliver stay to protect Laurel, but Oliver tells him to stop being a pussy and shut up. No he didn’t. But he should have. He just promises Laurel will be safe.

He heads off to meet with Dig, when Felicity stops him and tells him that Rasmussen is making an escape out of the country. She tells him if he wants to stop him, it’s his only chance. He decides to go after Rasmussen, and I am so upset, because I know Dig is waiting for him. I just know this is going to cause some serious tension between them.

Dig is at the planned spot, waiting for Deadshot to appear. The agents are all incredibly obvious and terrible at their jobs. If I was a civilian walking through the airport, I would have looked at them and been like, “Oh shit, something’s about to go down!” Like, it was SO obvious.

Meanwhile, Oliver shows up all Vigilante style and arrows Rasmussen to the truck and traps him there. Easy job. Something tells me it won’t go down the same for Dig.

And sure enough, freaking Deadshot is awesome and doesn’t fuck around. He totally knew it was a trap, and one by one, sniped the crap out of those agents. Dig spotted the laser beam from the rifle, and saved his friend before she was killed, but everyone was super murdered. Dig ran up to wear Deadshot was, and they had a short and sweet fight, where Dig completely lost. Deadshot told him the only reason he hadn’t killed him yet was because no one had paid him. Then he revealed that he knew who Dig was, and had left a nice spot for his name, right next to his brother’s. He pulled the neckline of his shirt down to reveal one of the tattoos he has on of his kills, and Dig sees his brother’s name. Ouch. Deadshot pistol whips him, and leaves. Double ouch.

Oliver arrives home, and Diggle is there being patched up by Felicity. Dig goes off on him and tells him that he needed him and he didn’t come through. He blamed the deaths of those four agents on Oliver, and said that he chose Laurel over him, like he always will. Oliver was apologetic and I felt bad for both of them. Except maybe, that Dig sounded kinda gay when he said Ollie chose Laurel over him. But if ever there was a man to turn gay for, it’s my Olliepop! Dig’s accusation about Oliver always choosing Laurel makes Oliver island flashback.

Of course, that meant seeing my baby when he looked like Fred from Scooby Doo, but that’s ok. He’s slowly hotting up.

In the flashbacks, Shado is training FredOllie to use a bow and arrow to help her and Slade with a mission to escape. Slade is doubtful, but Shado seems confident. She also clearly wants island jungle sex with him. Again, no questions here. Totes understandable! They practice, and sure enough, she’s all over him unnecessarily. He really sucks with aim, but the arrow does go pretty far. She tries to help him, but uses the moment to shove her tongue in his mouth. He’s cool with it for a moment, but stops. He tells her there’s somebody back at home. She asks him if the woman he stopped for knows how much he loves her. He tells her no, but as soon as he gets home she will.

Anyway, Felicity huffed and hinted that she wasn’t too pleased with Oliver’s choice. Um, you gave him the choice you dumb bitch. And made it clear which one he had to make by pointing out that this was the only chance he’d ever have to stop Rasmussen. Sigh. I’m sorry. She’s not a dumb bitch. I actually like her a lot and hope her and Oliver hook up. But I’m defensive over my TV lover.

Anyway, Thea shows up to bail Roy out. Before they leave, Quentin drags them into the morgue. He tells Roy that if he’s so determined to find the Vigilante, he might want to remember that he’s a murderer who has killed 26 people. Then he opens a drawer and shows a dead guy. He picked up the arrow used to kill him and sticks it into the wound in the body. Fucking gross, creepy ass cop. Roy insists that the Vigilante had saved him. Thea and Roy leave, and she asks him why he’s so obsessed with the Hood. He tells her that ever since the Hood saved him, his life had changed. He just felt like their lives were meant to connect somehow. So. Yet another man turning gay for Ollie. No questions here! I love it! He’s so damn hot, it’s totes understandable. Thea didn’t get it, but knew it was important to Roy, so told him they would find him together. Actually she said she could tell it meant the world to him, and he meant the world to her. Um, bitch please. Calm down. You’ve been dating a total of like, a month. Good Lord. But he looked surprised and pleased. Shrug. They’re a cute couple.

After the confrontation with Dig, Oliver trudges back to his place, all sad and tense. He sees Laurel in the hall, and she’s sad for Max. Ollie comforts her and gives her a hug. He stays respectful and after a brief embrace pulls his arms back and just holds her shoulders. But she snuggles in and gets comfy for the duration. Tommy is watching them from around the corner like a creepster.

Just then, the assassin comes in and kills the bodyguards with a gun with a silencer. He takes out the lights, and Oliver ushers Laurel and Tommy into the room with Max. He plays it off as faulty breakers and closes the door behind him. Then he sexily kicks the doorknob off the door and traps them inside. He moves silently and sexily down the hall towards the front of the house. Meanwhile, the assassin is creepy and admiring the house verbally. Totally talking to no one at all, and murdering bodyguards idly, like no big deal. Oliver flies out of the darkness like a fucking bat out of the sexiest hell ever, and starts kicking this guys ass. He’s freaking Krav Magaing all over his creepy ass, and it is so fucking bad ass. And SEXY! Did I mention he looks really hot kicking ass? Because he totally does.

In the room, they hear the gun go off and shit crashing and Laurel tries to run out but Tommy stops her. When she cries that Ollie is still out there, Tommy’s face looks so jealous. Now’s not the time, bro.

Anyway, the assassin is like, what the hell happened to you on that island, because you are whooping my ass?! And Oliver is all sexy and throaty and is like, you’re about to find out. All intense and yummy. And then continues to kick his ass. At one point, it looks like the killer has the upper hand, until Oliver grabs a poker and stabs him right in the freaking heart, with the funniest expression. Like, “Goddamnit. Now I have to explain this shit to the cops. Soooo annoying. Sigh.” I died laughing. I also really think he’s hot. God.

He explains the kill by giving the credit to one of the dead bodyguards, claiming that he saved Oliver just before he died. Nice save, bud.

Laurel gets all dreamy about the Vigilante again, and Tommy’s face tightens. When they are alone, he confronts Oliver. He tells him that he can see it on his face, he knows Oliver still loves Laurel. Oliver can’t deny it, but swears he will never get in Tommy and Laurel’s way.  He vows that because of what he does and how he lives his life, he can never be with Laurel, and she will NEVER know he’s the Vigilante. And Tommy insists that if she knew he was the Vigilante she would choose Oliver over him. And he can’t be with her knowing what her choice would be.

That night, Max leaves with his grandparents, and Laurel is teary and emotional. She turns around to talk to Tommy, and I swear that she’s about to tell him that she’s preggers. I don’t know why, but I just think that she is. But she sees Tommy is carrying his bags and stops. He tells her that things are moving too quickly and he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. She tries to understand and stop him from leaving her, but he insists that he thought he wanted her, but turns out she’s not what he wants. She tells him that he’s changed and she knows he’s lying. He looks her in her eyes and tells her that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, and he hasn’t changed as much as she thinks he has. But um, come on now. He’s totally obviously fighting back tears. So unconvincing. But she lets him leave, and he’s like 2 seconds from weeping as he walks out the door. I still think she’s pregnant-o’clock, but only time will tell.

Back in the Hero Cave, Oliver walks in and finds Dig waiting for him. Dig tells him he doesn’t trust Oliver anymore and he’s done. He quits, and when Oliver apologizes and tries to get him to stay, he tells Oliver the only way he can be stopped is with an arrow. Damn.

Dig walking away and a newly arrived Felicity asked a quiet Oliver what happened. But he’s lost in island flashbacks of other people he thought he could count on.

After their fail at training, Oliver and Shado return to base, no progress having been made. Suddenly, Yao Fei shows up. Shado runs to hug her dad, but he doesn’t return it. I know something’s up, but no one else reacts. I am literally screaming at the TV for them to get the fuck out of dodge, but nope. Sure enough, soldiers storm in, and surround them. He totally trapped them. That’s fucked up. So it looks like someone who Oliver counted on betrayed him the way Dig accused Oliver of doing to him.

I can’t wait to see more, and to see if my Laurel pregnancy prediction is right! I’m trying to post more, but honestly, I probably won’t. I’m swamped with school, work, and the single mommy life. But I will try harder, promise! Til then, just read my stuff over and over again. You know you want to! 😀

****BTDubs, for all my PC peeps, clearly I understand that you can’t “turn gay” for someone. I’m snarky and not at all literal. So chill. J ******

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