General Hospital: Summer Loving???

Soo….apparently the theme for the summer is #GHSummerLovin…umm…I don’t think they quite realized what that would entail. Because let’s be honest, there’s been very little loving from anyone we give a crap about. Kiki and Morgan? VOMIT. Dillon and Darby? But why? Nina and Valentin?? Huh?! Valentin’s been on the show for literally one week and he’s already getting the goods? Meanwhile, both established and newly paired couples get nothing? Carly and Sonny? Jason and Sam? Liz and Franco (BARF)? Dante and Lulu? Maxie and Nathan?

What we do get is a storyline about a trifecta of gross. Darby has a STD and possibly gave it to Dillon and Morgan? Who in turn may have passed it to Kiki? No, you’re right, GH. Nothing says summer loving like sharing venereal diseases.

There’s so much potential on GH right now, but almost none of it is being fulfilled. I’ve watched for 20+ years, and honestly, it’s gotten to be a chore which is really unfortunate. Julexis was a great couple until they were completely, unexpectedly, and unexplainably eviscerated when Julian totally lost his shit and tried to murder Alexis. JaSam could be ratings gold if the writers would just write for them. Instead, we get 30 second scenes and about 2 minutes total screentime per day they’re on, which is only once or twice a week. Roll my effing eyes.

Maxie and Griffin could be interesting, because Lord knows Nathan is boring as dirt. Curtis and damn near anyone on GH would be amazing because HE’S amazing. Donnell Turner has chemistry with absolutely everyone. He and Nina could be everything, or him and Jordan, or him and Hayden…the list goes on. Speaking of Hayden, I totally see something between her and Finn. So far, it’s not totally sparking, but there’s hints of adorableness.

GH did hit gold with Killon and then promptly trashed it by playing out a triangle, which typically wouldn’t be the worst thing ever if the third point of that triangle was even remotely likable or hadn’t already shredding Kiki’s love and trust SEVERAL times already.

Carly and Sonny are adorable, even if I will always prefer her with Jax. But they’re relegated to offering sage advice, butting into their kid’s boring lives, and being otherwise basic.

Speaking of their kids, Kristina and Parker’s storyline could be amazing if they play the beats right. Instead, Parker’s here one second gone the next few months, etc. No one has really had a bad reaction to Krissy’s bisexuality, which is great if totally boring. The drama and meat would have been if one of her close relatives found themselves struggling to accept it.

Michael and Sabrina were crazy cute when they started dating. Then for some incredibly stupid and unexplainable reason, they decided to have Sabrina cheat offscreen, and make the baby Carlos’. Not only that, but they had her willingly leave Michael, then marry Carlos, all offscreen. I could have jumped right on the Sakey ship if Carlos had kidnapped Sabrina, forced her to marry him (by some nefarious means, Idk), and then Michael rescued her. But she willingly left him and went with a criminal scumbag. She has no rooting value now. Ugh.

Ava and Nik had great chemistry, but unfortunately when Tyler Christopher left, so did my interest in that couple. Kevin and Laura are super adorable. Lucy and Scott could be super cute too, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

Ugh…I really wanted to avoid this one. Franco and Liz. I can’t stand either character, but even I could admit they sparkle together. Or they would if Roger Howarth was playing absolutely anyone other than Franco. But he’s not. He’s playing a rapey, creepy, “former serial killer” (because that’s a thing), and I just can’t imagine Liz being okay with having him around any of her children. It makes no sense. Then again, this is the woman who invited a completely unknown amnesiac to live with her and her boys so who the hell knows?

Dante and Lulu…well…they’re just boring now. I need something fun and interesting for them that doesn’t involve babies or cheating. Or if it involves babies, then play up the pregnancy big time. Make it fun and silly and adorable. Morning sickness, weird cravings, crazy mood swings, swollen ankles, nesting, lamaze classes, etc. Let’s see them enjoy the pregnancy together in a fun, light way. Then banish that baby to the closet with the rest of the kids where they belong on a soap! LOL

I don’t know who else I might be forgetting but if I forgot them it’s probably because I don’t give a crap and GH doesn’t either or I’d remember them. 😀

Like I said, I love my show.  But if you’re gonna promise summer loving, you may want to actually deliver. Just saying.



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