Once Upon A Time: Frankenstein Saves the Day, The Day Screws Everyone Over

As you remember from last week’s episode, Belle fell over the town line, and can’t remember her fairytale life anymore. She’s scared of Rumple, and freaking the fuck out. The cops and ambulance arrive, and Emma stops Rumple from murdering the ever loving crap out of Hook. They take everyone to the hospital, where Whale is clearly drunk on the job. Way to heal, Doc.

Anyway, he’s having real boring flashbacks. Let’s long story short it, because it literally almost bored me to death. He has a dreamy, goody two shoes brother in the army, who their father clearly prefers. The brothers are obviously close though, so it’s sweet. His brother defends Whale when his dad is a dick. Whale is determined to continue his research and discover everlasting life on earth for humankind, and his dad is like, shut up and join the army. Whale determines to do things his way since his dad takes his funding away. Rumple shows up and dumps a crap load of gold on the floor and tells him he wants to know how Whale does his science/magic deal. Whale goes grave digging like a real freak and his brother finds him. They argue but are discovered by police or soldiers. They run for the hills, but his brother is shot and killed. Whale tries to bring him back, but the heart he puts inside him burns. So. Gross.

Rumple shows up and tells him they’re going to see someone named Regina. This references the episode forever ago when Rumple brought Whale to save Daniel but failed, because Whale stole the heart. Well, he used the heart and it worked. He took his bro to see his dad, but his bro is pretty weird and monsterish, which his dad immediately calls out. He shoves Whale around, and suddenly Frankenbrother goes nutso and murders his dad. He’s then ashamed of himself and runs. Whale locks him up, and goes to visit him in the cellar or dungeon or wherever he put him. He touches his brother and his brother almost chokes him out. He comes to his senses, and Whale decides to put him down. He holds a gun to his brother’s head, but can’t make himself do it. His brother grabs his hand to force him to, but he still can’t do it. He tells him he will figure out a way to save him.
Present day, Whale is says the guy has internal bleeding and could die. Townspeople argue whether or not to save him but Snow, Charming, and Emma are determined to do the right thing and save him. I say it’s a big mistake. Let him die. Shrug. Rumple shows up and mentions that the outsider saw him using magic so they better hope he dies. Either way he gives zero fucks.
Whale leaves to save the random. Meanwhile, Emma talks to Hook but he defends his actions because Rumple took his love, so he took Rumple’s. He’s all beat up and handcuffed to the bed, plus they took his hook. Boo. Emma questions him about Cora but he insists she’s gone, seeking her own agenda.
Cut to Cora looking around Regina’s house, sniffing her clothes like the creepiest chick ever. She finds a little clay imprint of Henry’s hand.
Cora goes to Rumple’s shop and asks for a truce. She offers him something that will help him find Bey, in exchange for him not interfering with her reunion with Regina. He agrees, and they seal it with a kiss. Gross.
Next you see Henry walking through the graveyard to the mausoleum where Regina keeps her hearts. He calls out to her, and Regina see him while chilling in her beautiful, mausoleum paradise. I can tell immediately that something is way off. My suspicions are dead on because as soon as Regina opens the door and hugs her son, he purple smokes into Cora. Regina’s like WTF?! Cora tells her she loves her, forgives her, blah blah blah. Regina’s like suck an egg, I don’t believe you. But you better tell everyone the truth about the cricket. Hahaha. Cora agrees and off they go. Don’t trust that bitch at all.
Whale has disappeared. He’s running through town like a hot mess. He ends up on the docks and is about to drown himself, but Red like, lighting runs to him and catches him with her freaky werewolf strength. They bond as monsters, and he goes and saves the random. There better not be a romance blooming there because gross.
Rumple tries to reach Belle with a spell he put on her coffee cup, but she’s freaked out and gets angry. She hurls the cup and it shatters. Way to break Chip, bitch. Rumple is heartbroken and leaves dejectedly. He goes back to his shop and uses his magic globe thing Cora gave him, and it tells him where Bey is.
The random survives and recovers. Emma questions him but he claims he was texting and didn’t see what happened until it was too late to avoid hitting Hook. Emma tells him no charges will be pressed, and he can leave as soon as the doctor releases him. He totally looks like a liar, so I don’t trust him. Kill him, I say!
Emma goes out to the waiting room and tells everyone they’re safe, the random didn’t see anything. Too bad he calls his wife immediately after Emma leaves and tells her she won’t believe what he saw. God damn it.
Back at home, Emma tries to shove some cereal down Henry’s throat so she can go to sleep since they were up all night. When Snow gives him a quick rundown of what happened to shut him the hell up, Henry freaks. He states that Frankenstein isn’t even in the book. He’s not from Fairytale Land, so if he was affected by the spell, that means other lands could have been affected as well. Yikes. They’re all sleepy, so they’re like yeah, yeah, quiet time. Just then there’s a knock on the door. It’s Rumple, and he’s calling in Emma’s favor. He’s off to find Bey and she’s coming with him. He warns them that if while they’re gone any harm comes to Belle, he’ll murder them all. Well, damn.
Meanwhile, Cora talks to Regina and convinces her she means well, but the town will never accept Regina. Regina buys it and hugs her mommy. Cora tells her that she has a plan to help her get Henry back.
Oh Lord. Here we go again. And I can’t wait! Stay tuned for next episode’s recap. There’s going to be a giant…who’s not so giant.

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