The Mindy Project: Mindy Gets Casual

On last week’s episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy decides it is time for her to accept Mr. Right Now while she’s waiting for Mr. Right. Mindy decides to ask Shauna for advice, because let’s face it, we all know she has experience. Before she can get into it, Morgan overhears her and insists she should not sully her pureness. She is like Bambi, with white spots and big eyes, and she has to wait for her 10 point buck, so they can marry under a canopy of trees.

   Um…that actually sounds quite lovely and Mindy is definitely liking the sound of things. Until Betsy tells her they can be in the No One Night   Stands Club together, and meet on Saturday to prepare their lunch for the week. What the fuck? Okay, not only would I NOT want to be in that club, I might have poked her in her eye for even suggesting that.  Mindy hurries to ask the office expert. Jeremy gives her great advice, which is basically that she needs to find someone she doesn’t respect or see a future with. Bonzai! I like his style.

   Out in the lobby, Mindy spots Eyepatch, the cute chick Danny ran into in the hospital ER on the last episode. Morgan, in his usual creepster way, snaps a pic of her when she’s not looking, while Mindy asks about her and Danny’s plans for the evening. Danny mentions they’re going to dinner and a play.    She laughs at his description of play and explains they are going to an all male cabaret show about the Golden Girls, where there is a high chance of nudity. Danny isn’t super excited. When he tells her they should leave for dinner, she’s like what? It’s 7pm. She made reservations at a great place for after the show at 11p. He’s like “11pm? But what time will we go to bed?” Hahaha! She is definitely taking him out of his old man comfort zone. Mindy laughs at him and tells Eyepatch she is exactly the kind of excitement Danny loves.
   Meanwhile, Mindy and the woo woo midwife see each other in the elevator, and she realizes that he’s attractive, she has no respect for him, and definitely can’t see a future with. She asks him if he would like her to go to his place tonight to hang out and he agrees. She makes sure he understands what she means by hang out, but he totally gets it. Alright, alright, alriiiiight (in this voice)!
   Mindy and her friends are working out, and talking about Mindy’s plans to have a one nighter. Her friend tells her not to wear panties, and to undress the guy, because they find that super sexy. Mindy vetoes the no panties suggestion, adding that she always wears underwear, even under her swim suit. Morgan interrupts them, and tells them to get to work. Apparently, he is their workout instructor, since he comes dirt cheap. He tells them to shut up and get their fat asses back to work, which goes over real well, as I am sure you guessed. Oh Morgan.
   That night, Mindy gets ready to go to her date, but not before taping a quick “If you’re watching this, I was murdered” video. Because that is a brilliant idea and I don’t know why I don’t do that all the time. She also is sweet enough to offer some suggestions of who might be cast in the possible Lifetime movie about her story. Freida Pinto is a great choice to play her. I love it.
   When she gets to the midwife’s house, he’s got no shirt on, and is like, “Not bad, huh?” before casually walking away. Mindy’s a bit caught off guard, and thinks he’s ready to get down to business so she starts undressing. He walks back in pulling on a shirt so she quickly zips her dress back up. They try to have casual, seductive talk but it doesn’t go so well. He has no snacks to offer her, and when he mentions that he wrote a scathing letter about the evils of epidurals, she snaps that is the stupidest thing she’s ever heard. They agree it’s time to stop talking and get down to BUSINESS.
   She heads off to freshen up in the bathroom and of course can’t help but being nosy. But when she tries to open the medicine cabinet, this like, high tech, fancy key pad lights up, and offers her selections on the kind of shower she wants. She tries to get it to stop, but something she pushes activates these glass walls that like, encase her in the corner. Suddenly, all these high-powered shower jets start turning on. A hilarious scene of her being drenched and trying unsuccessfully to escape from her glass cage ensues.  Meanwhile, midwife Brendan is playing the guitar and singing Landslide by the Dixie Chicks or Fleetwood Mac or whoever the hell. And he’s actually a really good singer, so his hotness level just bumped up. He’s also completely oblivious to Mindy’s cries for help.
   Danny and Eyepatch are on the train on their way to the cabaret show, when Danny backs out and pretends he has a hospital emergency. Or he did have one, and was relieved to get the page. Whatever, either way, he totally bails on her.
  Back with Mindy and her midwife fling, she comes out in a robe and they start to get to it. She’s kind of awkward, he’s kind of smooth and sexy, in a really weird way. She tells him she wants to undress him, but it’s super awkward, and as she tries to pull his sweater over his head, the sleeves hit his head and knock out one of his eye contacts. Their interaction is so hilarious, because she’s all sass mouth (her words and I love it!) and he’s kind of patronizing. She seems to lose interest, but in a super smooth and confident way, Brendan takes charge and lays her back on the bed and kisses her.
  Just when things start to get interesting, Duncan arrives. Brendan’s like, oh no big, we share a space, pretend he’s not here. He tries to kiss her again because it’s not at all weird that they now have an audience. Too bad Duncan brought a friend too. It’s freaking Morgan!
  Morgan freaks out when he sees Mindy, and jumps on the bed with them, to try and convince her he because accidental friends with Duncan, and begs her not to tell Danny or Jeremy. Mindy’s like whatever, get off the bed please. When he realizes Mindy and Brendan were about to hook up, he’s all excited and starts tickling her, asking when they’re getting married, and if he can be the best man.  Mindy explains they are casual, to which Morgan freaks out. He starts shouting no, and drags Mindy to the bathroom to talk her out of it. Mindy breaks it down to him, and finally, Morgan drops it. But the moment is ruined, and they end up watching TV together.
   It doesn’t go great, because her and Morgan are eating junk food, and Duncan wants to try one. Brendan tells him not to, since it’s basically a sugary sour death. Mindy tells him how lame he is, and starts to storm out, but Morgan gets scared at a really lame show, and starts to have an asthma attack. Mindy finds his pump (along with a mannequin head and Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants. He explains he wanted to see how she juggles it all. OMG. Love Morgan.) but it’s empty. Brendan steps in, and after getting Mindy to stop being helpful since she’s making things worse, totally talks Morgan down from his panic induced asthma attack. She heads with Morgan to the hospital.
  There they run into Danny and Jeremy. Mindy explains her attempt at a casual one nighter was an epic fail, but feels better because Danny’s night obviously sucked. Suddenly, eyepatch shows up, and Danny goes to talk to her. She knows he bailed on her, and he explains that he thinks they like different things. He’s 38, so like, super old. She’s obviously in her early to mid twenties. She teases him about his age, but they end up kissing.
   The next day, Mindy bumps into Brendan in the elevator again, and tells him that she is not embarrassed that their fail of an encounter didn’t work out, because in most countries not having a one night stand is perfectly acceptable. She thanks him for saving Morgan, and warns him that there is a small knife hidden in one of her gloves. She hid it their so she could stab him in case he tried to kill her. She wouldn’t want Duncan to get hurt, so she warns Brendan. I can’t even. The love that I have for this chick is indescribable. I so want to be her when I grow up. Anyway, she starts to leave but Brendan pulls her back and makes it clear. They WILL be having sex. It’s just a matter of time. The show closes showing him smiling as the elevator doors close, and her smiling as she waits just outside the elevators. Holy adorable!
Can’t wait to see where they go! Stay tuned!




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