Vampire Diaries: Stefan Quits Elena, Jeremy is Kind of a Sucky Hunter, & Damon Gets Owned

Let me be clear about this. I am and always have been a Stefan and Elena fan. And while I feel for Damon and think he deserves some happiness, I don’t want it to be at Stefan’s expense, and I don’t want him with Elena. Needless to say, the writers give zero shits about what I want, and hence, we are in the midst of a Delena loveathon. I am not thrilled.

On last week’s episode, Damon and Klaus decided the best way to get Jeremy’s hunter mark filled out would be to kill a dozen innocent people, and compel them to kill Matt. This way, Jeremy was forced to hunt the vampires, or watch his friend die. Too bad Jeremy pussied out, and instead just booked it to the cabin and hid out with Matt and Elena. Also, Stefan and Rebecca decided to partner up to find the cure and Silas before any others. I was kind of surprised considering she just tortured him emotionally by making Elena admit that she wasn’t in love with Stefan, and that it wasn’t the sire bond that made her have sex with Damon. It’s because she’s in love with him (Hiss! Boo! Hiss!). Obviously, this broke Stefan’s heart. When it was all over, Elena tried to talk to Stefan, but he just walked away from her. Elena is her usual selfish self, and forgets about Stefan’s pain immediately, and calls Damon to tell him she’s in love with him. Gotta admit, his reaction is adorable. His face is so cute, and he tells her to come to him. He then immediately ruins it by plotting with Klaus about the whole Jeremy hunting thing. Moron.

This week’s episode, Elena is pretty pissed with Damon’s plan with Klaus, but like the idiot she has come to be, quickly forgives him. She takes Matt home and leaves Jeremy in Damon’s care to go and hunt the vampires from the night before. They get to the bar, but they’re already dead. They wonder who did it when Cole shows up. He admits he killed them because he doesn’t want Jeremy’s hunter mark to fill in and lead them to the cure. When Damon reminds him that he can’t compel a hunter, Cole tells him that Jeremy can’t hunt if his arms are ripped off. When he moves to attack Jeremy, Damon fights him and tells Jeremy to run. Jeremy calls Elena and tells her what’s happening. Elena goes to Klaus and begs him for help. He calls Cole and tells him that he’ll kill him if he kills Jeremy. Cole gives his word that he won’t lay a hand on Jeremy. When they hang up, you see that Cole has compelled Damon and is forcing him to stake himself in the stomach. Then he compels him to kill Jeremy, and forget his orders came from Cole.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Rebecca are searching in Shane’s office for the tombstone that will help them raise Silas. They can’t find it, and Rebecca starts bother Stefan about Elena. They argue, Rebecca taunts him about how he’s not fun anymore. She makes him admit the sex they had was great. He agrees, pointing out that she’s batshit crazy, and crazy sex is always great. Suddenly it looks they’re about to make out. What the hell? You know what? Fuck it. Get it, Stefan! Shoot, it’s not like Elena didn’t give Damon the business already. Why should that hot piece of deliciousness be lonely?

Too bad they’re interrupted by someone coming into the office. They make like, well…vampires, and disappear. Some random comes in and goes straight to the bookshelf and opens a secret compartment, revealing the tombstone. Rebecca and Stefan immediately capture him, and Rebecca starts torturing him to find out who sent him. He won’t reveal anything, and when they plot to wait til the vervain is out of his system and then compel the truth out of him, this crazy mofo bites off his own tongue. Then he grabs the dagger from Rebecca’s hand and jabs it in his throat. Rebecca and Stefan are disturbed that another group has entered the race to find the cure.

Back in town, Damon has gone to find Jeremy. He sees Elena, and she tells him that Jeremy is at work. Damon’s totally focused on Jeremy, and Elena is like what the eff? When they get there, and Damon spots Jeremy, his eyes immediately go all vampy. Jeremy sees it and knows right away what’s up. He takes off into the back room and escapes into the tunnels. Damon gives chase, but stops when Elena calls his name. He leaves anyway, and she chases him. He comes to his senses for a second, and tells her that Cole must have compelled him to kill Jeremy. He says he can’t fight it, and if he finds Jeremy, he will kill him. Then he takes off after Jeremy into the tunnels. Elena calls Stefan for help, but Rebecca answers. She’s upset to hear Rebecca answer his phone, but he won’t come to the phone. She asks him for help, but he doesn’t respond.

Jeremy lures Damon into a trap, and shoots him in the head to stop him from coming after him. He gets out of the tunnels and runs into the forest. When Damon wakes up, he chases him. Elena finds Damon, and asks him to fight the compulsion. He asks her if she thinks he can do it because Stefan did it for her, but she says no it’s because she knows they love each other. I laughed when Damon was like “Sorry. Laters, babe” and took off after Jeremy. Luckily, Stefan popped up and broke his neck. He’s like “You’re welcome.” With a lovely smirk. I think this bitter, snarky, angry but not evil Stefan is a treat.

At Klaus’ mansion, Rebecca sneaks up on Cole and holds a dagger to his back. She tries to force him to leave Jeremy alone and let them find the cure but he turns the white oak dagger on her and threatens to kill her. Cutie pie Klaus shows up and threatens to kill Cole if he doesn’t stay out of their plans.

Back at Stefan’s, he has drained Damon of his blood and trapped him in their basement dungeon. He did it because unless they can kill Cole or force him to undo the compulsion, Damon will continue to go after Jeremy. The only way he could keep Damon trapped was to make him weak enough to stay locked up. When he goes upstairs he runs into Elena. He refuses to let her see Damon, because Damon can just use his sire bond to force her to free him. She confronts him about Rebecca but he is cold and withdrawn. She asks him how he can be with Rebecca when she tried to kill her twice, and Stefan counters that she’s with Damon. He says they’ve all made mistakes so why shouldn’t he give Rebecca the benefit of the doubt. She tells him that he’s hurt and lashing out, and that’s why he’s acting like that. He snaps back that it’s not true. It’s just that she’s never known Stefan when he wasn’t in love with her. She recoiled, and I have to say, I felt pretty triumphant. I mean, this chick supposedly doesn’t love Stefan anymore, so why was she so hurt about him not loving her? Ha, I say. Ha.

Stefan goes and finds Rebecca. She is surprised to see him. He asks her about the tombstone, but she refuses to tell him where she hid it. Considering he’s betrayed her several times, and she’s never betrayed him, she feels pretty justified in her actions. Kinda agree with her there. Next thing you know, they’re up real close, and they lay down the rules. Just for fun, no emotions, no entanglements, no drama. Then they pounce on each other. I know I was all for it before, and I still kinda am, but here’s the thing. I kind of feel like Rebecca is going to be the one destroyed over this. I mean, this chick has been burned hundreds of time, and she was truly in love with Stefan at one point. So this could end up meaning a hell of a lot to her, and if and when it falls apart, she’s going to be ruined. Feel kind of bad for her.

Now, I know there were several scenes with Bonnie and Shane, but honestly? I just don’t give a shit. I give zero fucks about them. So, yeah. Hopefully you watched the show and know what happened there. 🙂

Stay tuned for next week’s Vampire Diaries recap!


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