Hart of Dixie: O Ye of Lots of Anger

Oh, how I missed my Hart of Dixie. The last episode, they gave my heart wings by finally, FINALLY having Zoe admit her feelings for Wade. They committed to each other, and decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Squeeee!! George caught Brick and Shelby giving each other the business in Santa’s house. Lavon told Lemon he never wants to see her again after she told Ruby that she and Lavon used to be in love.
In this episode, Zoe and Wade are being absolutely freaking adorable with each other. Wade is being a model boyfriend, and they are all kissy kissy and totes adorbs. Squeee to the 10th power! Lavon tells them that since Ruby left he’s been depressed so he has neglected his duties a little. Southern Living magazine is coming to do a piece on Blue Bell for their Pioneer Week. Zoe offers herself and Wade up as the Pioneer Couple, which Wade reluctantly agrees to. When Wade leaves, Lavon warns Zoe that they’ve only been together a month and that they are in the honeymoon phase. She needs to learn to accept Wade for who he really is. Zoe looks worried. Damn it Lavon! Don’t ruin my couple just because your dumb ole girlfriend left you! Ugh!

Lavon has another issue though. Thelma usually does the cooking for these events, but she’s old and her tastebuds are gone, so her food has been sucking a lot. Lemon also knows this, so she takes some baked goods to Lavon to get him to agree to hiring her and Anabeth’s catering company to cater the event. He refuses and slams the door in her face. Her and Anabeth come up with a plan to get him to reconsider. They stage a fight in front of him, and pretend to dissolve their partnership. Lavon falls for it and hires Anabeth. Good job, ladies!

Meanwhile, Zoe goes to pick up her costume for the event, and is having a super cute, flirty convo with Wade. When they hang up, Cricket tells her that she should read LLJJ diary. Right then, the sheriff comes and tells Zoe he found her car. Um, exsqueeze me? Apparently, it was lost. Not in the carwash like Wade told her that morning. Zoe looks on the point of a total freak out when Cricket tells her to follow LLJJ’s advice. She says never fight over the little things. Turn every negative into a positive. It’s worked for Cricket, since she and her hubby haven’t fought in like 13 years. Zoe takes it to Hart. Get it? Hart-Heart? Her last name is Hart? Forget it.

Brick sees George and tries to get his attention but George hauls ass. Later Brick catches him at the Rammer Jammer and asks him for advice. Since George is the only one who knows about him and Shelby, Brick feels like George is the only one he can talk to about this. Brick is concerned about dating someone half his age, even though they’ve been hooking up every night since Christmas. George is scarred by what he saw, so he doesn’t really say anything. Brick kind of talks himself through his decision to break up with Shelby.

When Wade comes home that night, he drops by Zoe’s with dinner and sees the car, like Oh shit. He explains that he went fishing and had a little too much to drink, and like a responsible boyfriend, didn’t want to drive drunk so he walked. And then forgot about where he left it. Shrug. Happens to everyone.
Zoe is surprisingly understanding, and tells him at least it’s back and he knows to be responsible next time. He’s relieved and wary, so he tells her in a super nervous hopeful voice, well then I better go ahead and pop the trunk. When he opens it, there’s an open cooler filled with dead fish. Oh hell no. From their reactions it smells fucking horrible, but she puts a positive spin on it, and says now she has an excuse to get her car detailed. You can tell he was expecting an excuse for her to murder him.

In the morning, Wade is in the shower and tells Zoe she needs shampoo. She tells him that’s impossible, since she just got a new bottle three days ago. He tells her he needed it for laundry detergent. She gets upset, because she ordered it from Paris, and it’s super luxurious and expensive, but then calms herself down, and tells him not to worry. She’ll just get some generic stuff because it’s no big deal. Wade is suspicious and asks her what the hell is going on. She admits that she has been reading LLJJ’s diary and explains the advice and asks him to give it a try with her. He agrees, saying a guy would have to be crazy to argue with something like that. He climbs on top of her and they kiss. SQUEEE!!!!

Zoe is eating candy by the bag and runs into Cricket, who tells her that’s one of the side effects. She herself popped the blood vessels in her eyes and looked like a demon for days. HA! That’s awesome. If that doesn’t keep a guy in line, don’t know what will. She tells Zoe that all she needs to do is find herself some projects. Zoe goes to meet Wade for their orange picking date, but his friend is in town and wants to have some beers together. Wade apologizes and tells her he wants to keep the date because he knows how excited she was about it. She tells him they can go anytime, and they kiss and she leaves. When he gets home and apologizes, she’s in a chair quilting the biggest damn quilt I’ve ever seen. Hilarious! Wade looks worried and not too happy that his feisty girlfriend is being a pushover.

He goes to talk to George and tells him that she’s acting like Lemon and he doesn’t like it. George tells him that Zoe needs to have a mini eruption, otherwise she’ll have a huge, Vesuvius-size eruption. Kinda like his fiancee sleeping with the mayor. Eek. Wade is determined to get Zoe pissed so they don’t break up. Such a guy thing to do. A girl would just talk to her boyfriend. Nope. Not guys. They’d much rather piss their girl off. Brilliant. Sigh.

Wade promptly puts his plan into motion. He stops showering for “authenticity” during Pioneer Fest, and announces he likes it, and will continue doing so. THEN this fool announces that Zoe is amazing in bed, and that she is like the Mayor of Poundtown, and City Hall is ALWAYS open. Oh. My. God. She almost freaks, but plays along. When that doesn’t work, Zoe takes her home to find a raccoon in her house, chewing on her Louboutins. HOLY SHOE GOD NO!!!!! She looks this close to snapping, but she doesn’t. Lavon is like, um. What the hell dude? He reminds Wade that Southern Living is there, and its an important event. Wade tries to be on his best behavior, but Zoe is about to explode.

Meanwhile, Lemon is helping Anabeth out, but Lavon catches them. They play it off, and Lavon tells Lemon that if she wants to be helpful she can be the Grog Wench, and serve drinks. She agrees, but is clearly miserable as Anabeth gets all the attention from the magazine journalist. When she and Anabeth pretend to make up in front of the journalist, the journalist tells Lemon she can’t expect to get any credit for reuniting as partners after the festival. Lemon is upset and runs out and Lavon chases her. He mocks her about her “reunion” not working out like she thought. He knew about her scheme the entire time. She’s upset and he tells her he can’t forgive her for breaking up him and Ruby. He tells her that he loved her and she broke his heart, and when he finally fell in love again, Lemon broke his heart again. Why? She’s about to cry, and almost admits her feelings. She stops, and lies that it was to get back at Ruby for being such a bitch during high school. Lavon is disgusted and tells her to just stay away from him from now on. I feel so bad for her. 😦

Back at the festival, Zoe and Wade are supposed to give their speech, but two seconds before, Wade’s dumbass friend comes up and tells Zoe she’s the best girlfriend ever for not getting mad and letting him and Wade go to the Fox Trot…the strip club. Zoe finally loses it, and in front of everyone, gives her speech, laying into Wade. Wade defends himself, telling her it isn’t natural to suppress everything and if their relationship is going to work, they have to be able to talk. He explains he only went to the Foxtrot because it was 2 for 1 beers. I definitely understand that logic, so I already forgive him. Zoe? Not so much. They take off. It’s super awkward, and Lavon tries to play it off. He toasts to the town. Crickets. It’s dead silent. Surprisingly, the Southern Living reporter toasts with him, and the town soon follows. She appreciates his bravery in showing a real couple with real couple problems. Relief!

Meanwhile, George has taught Brick the compliment sandwich, and helps Brick break up with Shelby. She recognizes the technique, calls George out, and slaps the crap out of him.

Back at Zoe’s, Wade goes to see her, apologizes and explains why he did what he did, and why she shouldn’t listen to the diary. He tells her to read the last page. Which, hello, means that he did! How sweet!!! He kisses her forehead and leaves.

The next day, George sees Brick and he’s so sad. He regrets breaking up with Shelby, because she made him feel more alive than he’s felt in 13 years. Awww! George encourages him to go get her, and he does. Yay!

Lemon is sad about the festival, but turns out the townspeople recognized her cooking, and their catering business is hired for a upcoming party. Woohoo!

Zoe returns the diary to Cricket, and tells her that LLJJ wrote on the last page of her diary that after 60 years of happiness, she finally exploded over a broken wagon wheel. Cricket tears that page out and asks Zoe to pretend they never read that.

The next scene is the most adorable ever, tied maybe with the kitchen scene. Wade gets out of the shower (whoa mama!) and has a clump of hair in his hands. He’s all grossed out, but they are totally cute about it. He sees Zoe shaving with his shaving cream and is like, “Are you using my shaving cream?” She’s like, “What? You can use my stuff but I can’t use yours?” He goes, “No, you can. But stuff like this will happen.” Then he grabs a clump of shaving cream and smudges her face. The cutest shaving cream fight ever follows. Oh em gee, they are so damn cute!

Stay tuned for my next post. 🙂

Here’s a little something for all my fellow Zade fans, from an amazing Tumblr Zade fan- Just a Girl, Moving Along:

Zade Adorableness!


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