Revenge: Jealousy, A Fake-up, Drugs, & Tricksie Little %$^&

So, I love me some Revenge. But for some reason, writing about it irks me. So these posts tend to be pretty short and sweet. Mostly short. But I did promise on my last Revenge post that it would be longer. And I’m a lady of my word. So here we go.

Ok, crap. I forgot what happened again. So here’s what I remember. Oh, geez. It’s all mixed up. Okay, here’s what I remember from the last couple of episodes. Emily and Aidan staged a break up for Daniel to witness so that they she could get close to Daniel again. She told Daniel she’d like things to go slow. But Aidan was hella jealous. He told her about the chick from the Initiative making contact and telling him his sister was still alive. Emily hosted a wine auction and Daniel, Aidan, a Greyson Global competitor, and the Initiative chick all attended. Daniel bid $1,000,000 on a bottle of wine to impress Emily, and to embarrass his competition. Victoria was playing the competition, making him think she wanted an affair to get him to bid on a company the Initiative ordered Daniel to acquire. Aidan and the Initiative chick were going down the elevator again, and were gassed unconscious. They woke up tied to a chair and were interrogated. Aidan got a little beat up, but he escaped and killed the interrogator. The kidnapper’s partner was coming, so Aidan helped the Initiative chick escape and they got away. The kidnapper’s partner walked up to the dead body, and pulled the mask off. It was Emily, and she had fake blood on her. The partner was Nolan. It was all a plot to help Aidan win that chick’s trust. Bam! Gotcha! Aidan asked to come over and spend the night with Emily, but she told him she couldn’t because Daniel was coming over. Aidan looked super jealous. Not sure if this is going to work out the way Emily is hoping. Daniel came over and they drank the wine, which turned out to be $1 million of gross, spoiled ass nastiness. Hahaha. They kissed and he left.
Ashley and Conrad went into cahoots together again, which I am sure will piss off Victoria.

Declan found drugs in the coffee that the Ryan brothers were smothering into their bar. He told Jack, who called the cops for a raid. Too bad Declan left clues behind and the Ryan brothers framed him for the drugs. Jack took the blame to keep his lil bro out of jail. No bueno. Amanda and Charlotte go to Conrad for help but he refuses. Ashley tells him that if he wants to be a politician for real, he should consider it. Amanda steals his watch on the way out and uses it to buy a gun. She goes to threaten the Ryan brothers but Ashley interrupts her. Conrad bailed Jack out, and admits why. They’re grateful, but totally worried about the Ryans, as they should be.
At Nolan’s office, it seems that Marco is trying to win Nolan back, but he’s resistant. Marco gives him a piece of equipment that they used to work on called Carrion. It’s super important and worth a lot of money. The initiative tell Daniel about it, and he confronts Nolan. Nolan is pissed and thinks that he found out from Marco. Padma is back, and tells Nolan how much she wants to be with him. Marco eavesdrop like a creep and looks jealous. Nolan invites Padma as his date to Emily’s wine auction, but she shows up super late. Her excuse is that Marco kept her late with a lot of work, and she overheard him on a call about some kind of carry on or something. Obviously he’s talking about Carrion.

They go together to confront Marco, but he denies it. He tells Nolan to check his emails and phone records, which Nolan agrees to. But Nolan is too smart for that shit, and checks his ghost accounts. Sure enough, there are emails to Daniel about Nolan’s company and Carrion. He tells Marco to get the hell out and won’t listen to his pleas of innocence. Later, when Padma is alone, she calls the Initiative, and tells them that Nolan fell for it.

That tricksie little ho! Ooooh I hope Nolan catches her ass! Damn it. I liked her. Boo.


Stayed tuned for the next Revenge recap. I promise, I’ll try to make it better. haha. But probably not.



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