Arrow: Diggle is Dumb, Oliver is Everything, and Thea is, Well, Thea. i.e. Stupid

This show really makes me happy. I am super obsessed with Stephen Amell. He is crazy hot, and this show always has wonderful half-naked workout scenes. They give me so many feelings. Oh, the feels.      Anyway, the episode starts with a couple of randoms driving one of those trucks that has money in […]

Arrow: He Remains Sexy As Hell While Laurel Continues to Disappoint as a Human Being

Well folks, I don’t know how much I can talk about this episode. It was really good, but I tend to just stare and drool and Stephen Amell the entire time. Good Lord that man is beautiful. But I’ll do my best to recap. So to start the episode, Oliver is really hot. Wait, sorry […]