The Mindy Project: Thanksgiving, Mindy Wants Exclusivity & Gwen Does Not F*ck Around

This episode starts with Mindy and Josh having dinner at her place. I love Josh because he is completely arrogant and narcissistic and I don’t know why but it’s hilarious to me. Even more hilarious is that Mindy gives zero fucks and takes none of his bullshit. Great! So she is doing a voiceover, or at least I thought so, about how a man making dinner for a girl means the relationship has gone to another level. The role reversal is so sexy. She compares it to a girl wearing an oversize football jersey to the Superbowl party. Apparently it was not a voiceover, because Josh pipes in that he would actually prefer she wear something form-fitting. Mindy’s like cool it, I’ll wear whatever I want. hahaha. Love her!

So anyway, he made her all these awesome looking dishes but he made them with a Panini press. Like 12 of them! Needless to say, the food is very flat. Also, apparently, they are topped with a Redbull glaze that Josh came up with on his own. Sounds real fucking gross. And if Mindy’s reaction is any indication, it really is. She starts choking and Josh is like, oh did you get a bone? Her response killed me. She straight up said, “No. Babe this is disgusting. And it sounds like I’m mad, because this was disgusting in my mouth, but I’m not.” Not worried about sparing his feelings, huh? lmao

She tells him about her Thanksgiving plans, which are to prepare dinner for her bff who broke her arm. But since Mindy can’t cook, she hired Morgan for $50 to cook it. Josh makes a playful remark about her keeping her hands to herself and she says it back, and he totally breaks eye contact. She’s like umm…are you planning on hooking up with road whores? And he’s like well, I wasn’t planning on it but…try the tilapia! Nice try buddy! She keeps asking but he wants to avoid it until after the holidays, and she shuts him down. She doesn’t want to wait until after he’s already slept around and come back riddled with stds and she doesn’t want him anymore. Her bluntness makes her my current crush. Love her!

Josh keeps trying to change the subject, and one of his Panini presses shorts the fuse in her apartment, and then catches on fire, quickly followed by all of the other ones. Josh uses the fires as a way out of it, and also completely runs away to her side of the room. She’s like “Be a man! Put out those fires. And tell me if we’re exclusive!” Way to focus on what’s important, Mindy. Love it. She decides to fight fire with fire and grabs a candle. Sounds like a terrible idea. LOL

It cuts to Mindy and Morgan on the subway. Mindy tells him about her night, and how Josh finally admitted he’s not ready to be exclusive. Morgan tells her if he was with her, he would be so exclusive with her he wouldn’t let her hold dollar bills because there are pictures of other men on it. She smiles indulgently but quickly looks disappointed as he continues on in a real creepy way. “I’d chain you to the wall in my basement so no one would ever look at you” At the look on his face he’s properly chastised. “Nooo. Too much?” Um, yes Morgan. Too fucking much. haha I like him so much. He’s so weird and awkward, but so sweet.

They arrive at Gwen’s house, and Mindy sees the guy she had a great date with a while back, Dennis. They lock eyes and he looks real debonair until he trips and goes flying down the stairs. So embarrassing. I almost died laughing.

They flirt a bit as she helps him limp away. Meanwhile back at the office, Danny is a real loner weirdo, and is spending his day at the office. I won’t talk about it again until the end of the post because, really, it’s super weird, pointless, and kinda dumb. Basically, he hangs out at his desk, plays on the keyboard, and chills alone in the office. Fun day.

I also won’t be talking about Betsy and Jeremy. Because it’s boring. Basically, he goes with her on her family Thanksgiving celebration to experience his first Thanksgiving. She hates that they treat her like a child, which is unsurprising to me as she both talks and acts like a child. The only funny part is when she throws a tantrum about being treated like a child and storms up the stairs to her room, slams the door, and immediately blasts rock and roll. Typical teenager behavior. LOL Otherwise, it’s just awkward and boring.

Back to Mindy. She is chatting it up, reconnecting with Dennis when all of a sudden this gorgeous, tiny thing plops onto his lap and makes out with him. Apparently it’s his girlfriend, who he met through Gwen and her hubby. What the betrayal?!?! Mindy looks pissed. The girl is like, “Are you Indian?” And Mindy’s like “Yeah, big time.” The chick is all yay, another brown girl. Love when I meet them! And Mindy’s like are you fucking serious right now? There’s like a trillion of us. It’s not that hard. The best part is how oblivious this chick is to Mindy’s irritation and dislike. Mindy tries to get away by pretending to hear Morgan calling her, but he’s right behind her and doesn’t go along with it at all. Oh God. LMAO

Mindy heads straight to Gwen’s bedroom, and starts grabbing things that she feels represents their friendship. Obviously, the friendship is over since she feels Gwen has traded her in for a newer model, Mindy 2.0. As Mindy strolls around nonchalantly grabbing mementos and photos and putting them in a small trash can, Gwen follows her and tries to reason with her but Mindy is not having it. Then Gwen goes too far, too fucking far, and tells Mindy she is a mess.

Mindy trumps her harsh words by coming downstairs in a skin-tight sexy dress, and flirting ridiculously with Dennis. She is the opposite of subtle and it is fucking great. She’s flirting in ways that make absolutely no sense at all. “Potatoes. Dennis, potatoes.” She whispers seductively. What?! What does that mean? The crazy thing is, it’s totally working. So she’s flirting real weird, and then she’s being playful with a globe, like where will I live next? She randomly picks and when she looks she’s like “India! Oh God. Do over.” Hilarious. So they’re sitting on the couch and she makes her move and he is all about it. They kiss, and get all entangled, and then Gwen breaks it up. Mindy tell her she’s gonna sleep with Gwen’s Indian friend’s boyfriend all over her husband’s weird man cave. Gwen calls her a bitch, and Mindy’s like, ok let’s do this. Gwen gets real crazy real fast and starts chasing her with her cast. Mindy’s like, ok my bad. But it’s too late. She’s unleashed the psycho in Gwen.
They show the other guests looking around uneasily, and I laughed when Gwen’s husband was like it’s ok, it happens every few years. Morgan eases the tension by doing push ups. So weird lol

Cut back to Mindy and Gwen, and Mindy is fleeing for her life. Gwen is nuts, and clearly enjoying herself as she hurls a universal remote at Mindy’s head, and then jumps around in glee when it hits her. Mindy calls her a psycho, and then calls Gwen’s husband a dork when they are interrupted by an automatic air freshener sending a quick spritz in the air. Gwen loses her shit and tackles Mindy, and is about to bash her with her cast, when Mindy’s cell rings. It’s Josh, but she doesn’t answer because Gwen is straddling her. She seems freakishly strong.

Mindy admits she’s into Josh, but he doesn’t want to be exclusive. Gwen takes matters into her own hands and calls Josh who admits that he’s in a stripper bar and all he can think about is Mindy. He wants to be exclusive after all. Mindy agrees and then suggests Gwen kick her ass on the regular when Gwen points out good things always happen when she kicks her ass. I like the idea. Because that scene was fucking funny. I love that during dinner Mindy tells Dennis she is so happy they didn’t make out. He’s like, umm…ok. Me too. haha

The episode ends with everyone taking pictures of their celebration, and ends with Mindy sending hers to Danny. He looks at it like he’s glad to see her and sends her a Happy Thanksgiving. When she replies, he finally looks happy and it ends. I swear, I love Mindy and Josh, but I am hoping for an end game of Mindy and Danny. Her quirky craziness is totally necessary to his grumpy lone wolfiness.

Check back in for more recaps about The Mindy Project but until then I can’t wait to tell you about my other boyfriend, Once Upon A Time 🙂


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