Arrow: Moira, You B!#$*! And Flashbacks That Didn’t Hurt My Feelings

Well, this was my first reaction to last week’s Arrow. Moira, you bitch! You shot my Olliepop, slore! Then I was like, Oh shit, his blood is on the floor. They’re gonna catch him! But then I came to my senses and was like, no way. What a crappy show if he was to be […]

Arrow: Ollie Loses His Mojo, and Gets Fired Up w/ Laurel

Holy muscles! This was a great episode of Arrow for me. Just the first like, 2 minutes made the whole damn episode worthwhile. My poor, sexy, boobear is obviously suffering from some serious PTSD after getting his tasty ass handed to him by the other Archer. He got shot like 3 times, and then got […]