New Girl: Haunted By a Kiss, A Proposal, And The Toilet From Hell

Jess can’t stop thinking about her kiss with Nick, who continues to play it off as if it meant nothing to him. Schmidt and Nick are having a huge party to celebrate their living together for 10 years, or their Tinfinity because S and N (their initials) make up tin…or some crap like that. IDK. […]

New Girl: Jess’ Baby Maker Is In Jeopardy and Schmidt is a Va-Genius!

Last week’s New Girl was freaking hilarious. The episode starts with Jess, Nick (NICK!), Cece, and two of her friends hanging out and drinking. They are talking about all kinds of crazy girl talk and Nick is totally part of it. Sadie, the gynecologist,( who is hilarious, btdubs) refuses to drink any wine. When they […]