The Walking Dead: Crazy is Kind of Sexy…Til It’s Kind of Sad. Plus My Baby’s Back!

***See End of Post for Update*** So um. Rick is still having delusions of Lori. What the hell, dude? I mean, he’s kinda sexy as a crazy, but now it’s creeping a little bit away from sexy and a lot into sad and creepy. The episode starts with Rick hanging out on the walkway watching […]

The Walking Dead: Rick’s Pretty Much Lost It and Daryl’s in Lurve

Well, when Ricks goes crazy, he sure does go crazy. This dude spent like 82% of last night’s episode talking into a phone that’s not even connected to people who aren’t even alive anymore. I mean, if there was a contest for Who Can Go the Craziest, he’d definitely win it. But let’s start at […]

The Walking Dead: Rick is Crazy…and sexy?

So Rick has really lost his mind. Like, he totally Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest. This week on the Walking Dead, Rick sat in a grief stupor for a little bit while Darryl and the others discussed finding formula for the baby aka mama killer. Suddenly Rick lurches up and grabs and axe and goes […]