Supernatural: The Brothers Make a Choice

This episode met with resistance from me. I love all things Supernatural and Winchester Boys. Hell, I even have a loving nickname for the show. Supernatch. It’s cutesy, right? Anyway, but sometimes, things happen that I fully reject. Bobby’s death? Case in point. The show started with Dean tracking down Sam to talk to him […]

Supernatural: Everything Goes Looney Toons, and Dean Smiles…Le Sigh

Oh happy days! I had just finished telling my friend that this season of Supernatural was so dark, and that I missed the funny episodes. And the Gods of Awesome heard my plea, and sent to me an episode of Supernatural so hilarious, so original, and so necessary, that I damn near wet myself. Dean […]

Supernatural: Dean is the Greatest Thing Ever, Sam is a Close Second. Plus, Castiel is Back!

Dean. Oh sweet, sexiest man alive Dean. How I love him. He’s so damn delicious. I’ve loved Jensen Ackles since Days of Our Lives and Dark Angel. He’s too gorgeous for words. For most people, but not me! I have so many words about him!!! But I will contain myself to instead give you a […]