Revenge is Sweet but Hot Guys Are Sweeter

Sunday on Revenge, Emily tells the truth, Amanda gets defensive and offensive, Nolan goes broke, and Emily’s mom loses her shit. So basically, I don’t remember the order that everything happened in, but I remember the parts I cared about, which is really all that matters. SO, Mason calls that slutty little babymaker¬†Amanda, and tells […]

OUAT: Some Wolves, An Angry Old Man, and a Mouse. Oh My!

Last night on Once Upon A Time, the show started with those dwarves mining for fairy dust or whatever. They are definitely not cheerful, friendly dwarves, whistling while they work. They wanted a beer break, and Grumpy started lecturing them about their work ethic¬†but then when he swung his little pick axe and slammed it […]

The Walking Dead: Rick is Crazy…and sexy?

So Rick has really lost his mind. Like, he totally Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest. This week on the Walking Dead, Rick sat in a grief stupor for a little bit while Darryl and the others discussed finding formula for the baby aka mama killer. Suddenly Rick lurches up and grabs and axe and goes […]

Hello world!

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny, and I am a HUGE couch potato. I have a serious love affair with TV Shows and movies. I watch SO much TV. Like at least 30 hours a week. It’s probably really unhealthy. But I don’t care! I love my shows. I’m super passionate about them. I laugh, […]