Once Upon A Time: Swan Thieves Reunite!

This episode starts with a flashback to Rumpel being super excited about getting called to the army. He is happy to prove to everyone that he isn’t a coward like his father. Mila is happy for him, but she looks worried. In present time, Emma and Rumpel arriving at the apartment building where Bae is […]

Arrow: Moira, You B!#$*! And Flashbacks That Didn’t Hurt My Feelings

Well, this was my first reaction to last week’s Arrow. Moira, you bitch! You shot my Olliepop, slore! Then I was like, Oh shit, his blood is on the floor. They’re gonna catch him! But then I came to my senses and was like, no way. What a crappy show if he was to be […]

The Vampire Diaries: Klaus Makes Me Swoon. Oh, and other stuff happens too. Whatevs.

Elena comes up with the brilliant plan for Jeremy to kill Kol. That way they won’t have to worry about his interference, his multiple attempts to kill Jeremy, and they get the added bonus of every vampire of Kol’s line dies when he does. This will jumpstart the hunter’s mark on Jeremy’s hot bod, and […]

Supernatural: The Obstacle Course From Hell. Literally. First up, Hellhound Bloodbaths! Literally.

Last week on Supernatural, Kevin went to town on the Demon Tablet, determined to figure it out and learn how to close the gates of Hell. He kept himself on a strict schedule where he woke up at five am, popped a crapload of aspirins, and ate hotdogs.   Over at the Batcave, Dean is […]

Smash: What in the Eff is a Dramaturg?

This week’s Smash has Karen determined to make Jimmy and Kyle’s musical a reality, Derek trying to get his job back with the Wiz, Eileen commanding Tom and Julia to work with a Dramaturg (drama who?), and Ivy auditioning for a role in the musical version of Danger Liaisons. While playing Derek a demo of […]

Smash: Bombshell is Done…Or Is It?

So the two hour season premiere of Smash was amazing. Bombshell killed in Boston, and it seemed like everyone finally got their shit together. Ivy stopped herself from overdosing, and tossed all her meds. Julia and Frank were working things out in their marriage, Tom was still going strong with Sam, Karen was killing it […]

The Walking Dead: Crazy is Kind of Sexy…Til It’s Kind of Sad. Plus My Baby’s Back!

***See End of Post for Update*** So um. Rick is still having delusions of Lori. What the hell, dude? I mean, he’s kinda sexy as a crazy, but now it’s creeping a little bit away from sexy and a lot into sad and creepy. The episode starts with Rick hanging out on the walkway watching […]

Once Upon A Time: Fe Fi Fo…Wait, I Know You. I Hate You!

Last week’s Once Upon A Time, wasn’t actually super interesting for me. So I will summarize it pretty quickly. Cora brought the giant from Fairytale Land, and Hook led Snow and Charming to him. Hook also flirted with Snow a bit, but Charming gave him the “I will fuck you up” look, and he stopped. […]

The Walking Dead: Abandoned and Under Pressure, Rick Is Nuttier Than Squirrel Poo…and Still Sexy?

It feels like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for the Walking Dead to come back. Now that it has, I find myself dreading the Merle and Darryl confrontation. Because I know my boo, and he’s going to pick Merle. Every damn time. His family is too important to him, and he’s going to let his guilt […]

Arrow: Moira Queen, You Have Failed This City…and you’re not that great of a mom either…

Gotta admit, this was a pretty badass episode. Will also admit, that there was not nearly enough naked Ollie for me. Thank goodness for the recaps at the beginning of the episode. In this episode, Ollie is forced to see the truth about his mother, while facing some painful truths about himself. In the beginning […]