Arrow: Epic Fight Scenes, Assassination Attempts, Treacherous Mothers, and An Identity Revealed

Tonight’s episode of Arrow promises to be epic, so I’m blogging as I watch. So far, the Chinese Triad assassin, China White, has hired some badass assassin from overseas to kill Malcolm, but Arrow heard about his arrival into the States and met him on the helipad. They fought and because the Hood wins at living, he kills the guy.

At the Hero Cave, Felicity and Dig train together because Dig worries about her being able to protect herself in a crappy city like Starling. I hope she becomes a monster, and helps Arrow clean up the city. And fall in love and get married and have babies forever…

Moving on! Oliver gets back and doesn’t know who the target was, so he asks Felicity to help him figure it out.

We also saw China White meet with Dead Shot to hire him to kill Malcolm Merlin. He’s alive, people! He refuses the job because ever since Arrow, well, arrowed his eyeball, his vision sucks balls. She gives him some doohickey to make his dead eye have perfect vision. That’s all it takes for this freaking psycho to jump right back into the killer game.

Anyway, in the meantime, Oliver has a date with McKenna. When he sees her, they make out for a bit (lucky lady!) and then knock on the door. It turns out it is Tommy’s birthday, and they are double-dating with him and Laurel. Awkward. And boring. Tommy and Laurel are the least interesting couple ever. Please break them up immediately. If I can’t have my Zoe and Wade, I shouldn’t have to deal with this mess. Ok, sorry. Still suffering Hart of Dixie angst, and let it spill over. Back on track, they are talking and it isn’t super awkward, until Tommy’s dad comes and knocks on the door. He asks Tommy to come to an event being held in his honor, but is turned down flat and cruelly by Tommy. I enjoy it, since I know how scummy Malcolm is. And I actually like Tommy, just not with Laurel. Come to think of it, I like her too. She’s pretty feisty and kind of kickass but their coupledom bores me to tears.

Elsewhere, Moira meets with Malcolm and others, and is super fake and treacherous. She acts like she is super supportive of all his shadiness. Playing him like a fool. Gutsy broad.

That night, Oliver gets the info from Felicity that the assassin he killed was hired by the Chinese Triad, who operates out of a Chinese restaurant. Oliver makes reservations for dinner. He meets Tommy there, and they talk about their fathers. Nice way to mix business and pleasure! Oliver encourages Tommy to try to have a relationship with Malcolm, because you never know how long you have, and he is his father, after all. Tommy explains that Malcolm has never been there for him. In fact, it was Oliver’s father that took him to his first soccer game and their first R-rated movie. Oliver admits that his dad was wonderful, but not close to perfect. He also admits to having a lot of bitterness and anger towards his dad. As they talk, someone who is clearly a triad thug walks by. Ollie pretends to need to hit the head, and follows him into the kitchen. He plunges the place into darkness and attacks some random. He demands info about the hit, and the only thing he finds out is it is scheduled for the next day. Oliver spoke in perfect Chinese, so when the triad thug asks the random who attacked him, he tells him it was definitely someone Chinese. Hilarious, because the guy stomps out of the kitchen looking for the assailant and Oliver is sitting pretty as you please at the table with Tommy. Ha! He’s such a freaking boss!

Anyway! It’s the night of the hit and Moira gets ready for the night, and looks pretty and smug; knowing tonight’s the night that Malcolm will get his has made her a little too confident. After staring at a picture of him and his parents, Tommy also gets ready for the party, but tells Laurel he will go alone. When he leaves, she gets a call from her mom, who abandoned them after Sarah died. Obvsies, Laurel ignores the call. Gotta wonder why she’s reaching out all of a sudden.

At the party, Moira is circulating like nothing is going down. Cold-hearted. Malcolm hits on her and asks her to dinner, which she agrees to. Oh Lord, don’t get too smug, you idiot. Frank (the guy who got her the info for the triad) asks her how she can act like nothing is wrong, but she says since it’s almost over its no bid deal. She’s probably going to die tonight.

Oliver and McKenna are having a cute picnic at the club and talk about how they have a lot going on in their lives that could be difficult to fit everything in. They don’t finish their talk because Felicity finds out who the hit is on. Dig rushes to tell Oliver he has a work emergency, which is code for “Holy shit, they’re gonna kill Tommy’s dad!”

Oliver leaves and heads to the party. There, Dead Shot is setting up with his sniper from across the street. Inside the party Tommy’s dad goes to accept his award and gives a touching speech about his wife’s humanitarian efforts and it’s obvious that Tommy is moved. At that point, Moira spots Tommy and it hits her that she is putting him in danger and that she is taking his father away. Welp!

After the speech, China White hits the lights, and shuts the place down. Hidden Triad members quickly take out Malcolm’s entire security team.  Malcolm’s first thought is for Tommy, which I have to admit shocked me a little. Dead Shot can’t get the shot because Malcolm doesn’t take the bait and run out with everyone else. Instead, Malcolm grabs Tommy and heads up to his suite. Just then, Dead Shot tells China White to lure Malcolm to his penthouse and he’ll take the shot there. So…kind of kismet, I guess.

Tommy and Malcolm head upstairs and run into a couple of gunmen. They freeze when suddenly Malcolm goes into badass mode and takes them both out, and then doesn’t hesitate to kill one of them. Tommy is freaked out, but his dad is like move bitch. They run into more two more gunmen and The Hood shows up and saves them. He provides cover when Tommy and his dad are pinned to the wall. The Hood tells them to run, and all Malcolm does is stare at him with “I wanna kill you so bad” eyes.

They escape to Malcolm’s penthouse while The Hood faces off with China White. It’s a pretty badass fight, but Oliver is whooping her ass. He has her at arrow point when freaking bad timing McKenna shows up and demands he drop his bow and arrows. He instead shoots the fire extinguisher near her, causing the hall to fill with fog. China White escapes, and the Hood takes off to make sure Malcolm and Tommy are ok. McKenna is either very stupid, or gets hella lost in the fog because it looks like a pretty straight shot to the penthouse, but she never shows up.

Upstairs, Tommy asks his dad how he learned how to fight like that, how to kill like that. His dad opens his panic room where his Evil Arrow costume is. I’m not sure if Tommy gets the chance to see it because Dead Shot takes a shot at Tommy’s dad. Even though it is bulletproof glass, it shatters the window in an explosion that knocks Tommy down and Malcolm into the switch the closes the panic room door. Malcolm jumps up to check on Tommy when he’s shot three times in the chest.

Tommy freaks out, but there’s no blood so I’m like, oh he’s fine, must be wearing a bulletproof vest. When he opens his eyes I feel pretty smart, especially when Tommy opens his shirt and sees the vest. But then there is blood, and Malcolm passes out again. The Hood shows up and Tommy pulls his dad’s gun on him. The Hood picks up one of the bullet casings and realizes that it is laced with poison, which tells him its Dead Shot. He tries to convince Tommy to let him help Malcolm, but Tommy is distrustful. The Hood explains that the bullet was laced with poison, and that in three minutes Malcolm will be paralyzed and in 5 he will be dead. He needs a blood transfusion, and Tommy has to do it. Tommy doesn’t know what to do and asks the Hood why he should trust him. Desperate to help his best friend and his father, Oliver takes a calculated risk, and reveals his identity, by saying that Tommy has always trusted him. Tommy is shocked, but lets Oliver help him. Ollie jury rigs a blood transfusion and disappears before the cops can show up.

When the cops finally show up, Tommy keeps quiet about knowing who the Hood is. I wouldn’t tell those incompetents either.

Tommy goes to the hospital with his dad, and talks to him. They share a moment, and then Moira shows up to be fake worried. Malcolm tells her they have a traitor in their midst and he wants her to find out who it is, because they just made their last mistake. She’s like ummm. IDK, but I wouldn’t doubt it if her treacherous ass served Frank up with a bow. Tsk tsk.

Oliver goes to break the news to Dig that the bullet in the hit was laced with the drug that Dead Shot uses. Which means he’s alive. Dig is hit hard, and walks away. When Felicity asks if this Dead Shot kicked his dog or something, Oliver tells her no. He killed his brother. Oh Snap! I totally forgot about that! Damn.

Next we see my Olliepop show up at the hospital and run into McKenna. They apologize to each other for the night being interrupted, and start to say their lives are too crazy to date, but McKenna tells Oliver she is willing to try and make it work if he is. He agrees. Tommy walks up, and McKenna leaves them alone. Oliver tells him he’s so sorry, and Tommy tells him he saved his father’s life. He also asks him if he saw Oliver kill those guys when they were kidnapped when Oliver first came back. Oliver nods. Although Tommy has lots of questions, the only one he cares about at the moment is if Oliver ever planned to tell him the truth. When Oliver tells him he didn’t, Tommy walks away.

At her apartment, Laurel is calling Tommy because she just heard about his dad. She’s on her way to see him when she opens the door and her mother is standing there. She is cold and dismissive, but her mother tells her she has something important to tell her. She thinks Sarah is still alive.


Throughout the episode, there were flashbacks to FredOllie and Slade. FredOllie was training and the poor thing couldn’t even do 4 pull ups. Slade was embarrassed for him, and then showed off his mad skills. My only consolation is the multitude of sexy, beast mode workouts we’ve been treated to all season. Please Lord; let them continue in every season going forward. Anyway, Slade is kind of Mopey Moe and thinks they’ve lost their only chance to escape. FredOllie is being optimistic. He used to fix plane engines with his dad and he was good at it, so he’s confident he can repair the wrecked plane’s radio. He eventually does, but it can’t call out, so it’s useless. That is, until Slade figures out how to get on Fyer’s channel, and eavesdrop on them. They overhear about some monster codename or something crazy. Slade wants to see the monster, so they sneak over to the drop point and spy. Sure enough, Slade sees the monster. It’s some insane war tank missile launchy thing. I don’t really know, but apparently it can start a war and kill lots of people at once. Soooo. Yeah, it’s no good.

(BTW, for my newbies, FredOllie is my nickname for flashback Oliver, since he looks unfortunately like Fred from ScoobyDoo with that haircut.)

Can’t wait to see the next episode. In THREE WEEKS!!! WAAAAH!!! NOOOO!!!

Ok. I’m done. Byeeee!


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