Hart of Dixie: They’ve Killed My Heart & I Shall Never Recover!

After just a few weeks of perfect, beautiful, adorableness that is Zoe and Wade, the writers over at Hart of Dixie have decided to stab a dagger through my heart. Never have I loved a couple on a CW show the way I love Zade. I am lying. There were a lot of great couples that I shipped. For example, I love Stefan and Elena on TVD. And Dean with anyone on Supernatural. And I loved Lorelai and Luke on Gilmore Girls with the passion of Christ (slightly blasphemous, but fairly accurate). Not the point, people! I freaking loved Wade Kinsella and his adorable love for Zoe. And I was so happy when she finally came to her senses and started dating Wade. The following episodes were blissfully amazing, because they were just too damn cute as a couple. He so obviously adored her, and she was so clearly falling for him. So why, why did they ruin it?

Let me let you in on a little secret. I have two hearts. That’s right, TWO HEARTS! One is my literal heart- you know, the one that beats and keeps me alive, and feels genuine love for people that, well, actually exist. But then there is my other heart. That heart falls in love with characters in TV shows, books, and video games. It’s the one that believes in perfect love, and fairy tales, and romance novel style men. It’s completely ridiculous, and necessary for me. And tonight, my second heart was broken. Shattered. Devastated beyond belief. Stupid Hart of Dixie writers. I am so distraught that I cannot even provide a decent recap for you. So here is my half-ass recap, because that is all my second heart can handle.

Last week’s episode had Wade determined to win the Battle of the Bands so that he could take the $20,000 prize money to open his bar. Zoe was actually super supportive, although a few things she said shook his confidence. But that was all it took. All of a sudden, Wade became this nervous, insecure wreck that was so outside of his character, that it was ludicrous. Zoe was amazing, and gave him a neon sign for his bar that said “Wade’s Place”. Wade looked moved to tears, but it only served to make him more vulnerable and insecure. This all lead up to Wade performing and losing at Battle of the Bands, getting super wasted, and telling George that he was just trying to get back to who he really was. With those words he went and found some trashy slore and left the bar with her. Zoe arrived a few minutes later after dealing with a medical emergency, and felt super guilty and bad for not being there for Wade when he needed her. George and Tansie felt horrible because they saw Wade leave with that chick, but didn’t say anything. Fury!

Also in this episode, Tom planned a romantic proposal for Wanda, but after hearing her say it would ruin everything, canceled his plans. But don’t worry, the super adorable and nerdy couple did get engaged. See, Wanda planned an elaborate proposal with the whole damn town dressed as zombies and singing Tom’s favorite song, complete with Wanda coming out of a casket dressed as a zombie bride. It was totally them, and totally romantic. And bonus! They both had lovely voices.

Lemon and her boring boyfriend broke up (wait 2 seconds while I recover…ok! All good!) and she still wasn’t talking to Annabeth. Can’t blame her. Lavon told Annabeth that he wasn’t giving up on romance, and would wait for her.


This week’s episode has Zoe super worried about Wade because he hasn’t come home or answered any of her calls. Tansie and George avoid telling her, but she ends up overhearing some of the women in town saying that Wade left the bar with a slutty ho. She confronted him, but he denied it, saying that he was just sad and drunk and gave her car a jump. I am an idiot, because I so desperately wanted to believe him, and so for a little while I did. But George confronted Wade too, and although Wade fed him the same story he did to Zoe, this time I saw right through it. My heart broke a little. George believed him, just like Zoe, and left. But Wade’s face was heartbreaking. He looked guilty, ashamed, sad, and scared. They may have destroyed Wade’s character in these last two episodes, but Wilson Bethel did an amazing job making you feel for him.

Ugh, I can’t relive this episode. Long story short, Zoe realized that Wade was lying to her. Wade realized he needed to tell her the truth. She was Wanda’s Maid of Honor while Wade was Tom’s Best Man. During the vows, the pain and hurt in both Wade and Zoe’s eyes as they looked at each other and then away, was heartbreaking. After the wedding, they went to sit on a bench and talk. Wilson Bethel broke my heart completely as Wade explained to Zoe that he had been in a dark, sad place. That he was drunk, that it didn’t mean anything to him. Zoe’s silence as she cried obviously tore Wade apart as he begged her to say anything. When she asked him what he wanted her to say, he said, “I want you to say you forgive me. Baby, I would do anything-“ But it was too late. Zoe told him that he knew that cheating was the one thing she couldn’t forgive. With that, she walked away. She couldn’t hide her heartbreak, and Wade looked devastated. George was pissed that Wade hurt Zoe, but before he could destroy him, Tansie beat him to it, and punched Wade in the stomach. Even Lavon looked disappointed in Wade. He tried to cheer Zoe up with dancing, but her smile never reached her eyes. I hated this episode with every fiber of my being. They built up this amazing relationship little by little. Their friendship turning to casual sex, and then becoming so much more was beautiful. They were clearly falling in love, if not already in love. Now, I can’t see a way for them to find their way back to each other. And clearly, the writers are not even interested in trying, since next week’s episode has Zoe making out with Lemon’s hot cousin. Grand.

Other stuff happened in this episode, like Lemon and Annabeth starting to find their way back to friendship, but honestly, I don’t care. I mean, this was the worst written recap ever, but I can’t help it. I would like to say that I am quitting this show, but I know I will be back to write about HoD’s next episode, ever hopeful for my beloved Zade. But for now my heart is weary. My second heart, obviously. My other heart is cool. J

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