Arrow: Arrow Gets a Guh-Fend, and Moira Makes a Bold, If Idiotic, Move

On this episode, an elusive thief known as “The Dodger” for his ability to avoid getting his hands dirty is in Starling City. He basically puts some kind of explosive collar around his victims’ throats, and forces them to commit his crimes. If they don’t, their collars will explode. Once they commit the crimes he’s forces them to, he uses a shock stick to incapacitate them, take the stolen goods, and disappear.

In the Hero Cave, Oliver is half-naked, working out. He’s a sexy beast, and Felicity is staring at him in absolute lust, because who wouldn’t? When he’s done working out, Oliver says who he’s going after next, and Felicity argues with him because he’s a single father with three children. Oliver doesn’t care, because having a family doesn’t make you innocent. Besides, he is only going to give him a warning. When he tries to leave, this chick has the audacity to override his system and lock him in. When he comes over all pissed off like, she tells him about the Dodger. He argues that he needs to handle the other guy and she’s like, “I made a mistake.” And he’s like damn right you did. She quickly corrects his assumption because the mistake was partnering with him, not locking him in. She tells him she’s out of their deal.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Thea are taking a walk and talking about the honor and good that being a pro bono lawyer is and does. As they’re walking, some kid runs by and snatches Thea’s purse. They chase after him, and he gets cornered in an alley. He’s pretty hot for a criminal. He suddenly ninjas his way over the chainlink fence and runs off. Laurel spots a chain that tore off his pants. Thea takes it to use as a way of finding out who their mugger was.

Elsewhere, Moira meets with a friend who is part of the “Undertaking” and tells him she wants out. He’s reluctant to help her, but finally agrees. He gives her a number for a contact, and also promises to try and find out whatever he can about Walter’s whereabouts.

The next day, Oliver and Dig go to Felicity, and Oliver apologizes. He tells her they need her on their team. She asks him about the father of three and he tells her he made things right after he was warned by the Vigilante. He also tells her they could use her help finding the Dodger. She agrees and they all meet at the diner. Felicity notices the sparks between Dig and his sister-in-law, and when Oliver joins in on the match-making, Dig points out that he like his cop friend. Felicity thinks they should each ask out their crushes. In Oliver’s case, he can plant a bug to find out what she knows about the Dodger case. They agree. Dig goes immediately to ask Carly out and is shocked when she immediately says yes. Oliver goes and asks his crush out too, but he’s incredibly awkward, which is the most adorable ever. He also hides a bug on her phone. Because nothing says romance like I’m eavesdropping on all your conversations.

Their date doesn’t go so hot, because she’s super nosy and basically interrogated him about his time on the island. When he snapped that he didn’t want to talk about it, she got all huffy. Um, how about you not treat him like a perp, and he won’t be rude. Idiot.

Dig’s date wasn’t too great either, but that was mostly because he is an idiot. He totally brought up his dead brother, which made his date super awkward and uncomfortable. Way to go, bro.

Thea was able to track down the thug and he was arrested. But he told the cops a really sad story about his mom getting hooked on Vertigo, and him stealing to support their family. Thea felt bad for him and dropped the charges. She went to see him, and he was really douchey. He also told her not to believe every sob story some kid tells the cops. Wow, what a creep. But he’s hot so they will probably date. Get it!

The Dodger took his ill gotten gains to meet a fence and was double crossed. But he expected it and ninja shock sticked them, and killed the fence for trying to pull a fast one.

Oliver found out about the crime, and with the bug planted on his bitchy cop friend’s phone, he found a fence that he knew the Dodger would use next. He obviously ruined the guys plan, and the cops showed up.

In order to trap the Dodger, Felicity found a pattern in the types of items he stole, and Oliver arranged to have one on display. Sure enough, the guy showed up and rather cheekily just strode up and grabbed it himself. In a truly idiotic move for a genius, Felicity saw him and confronted him. “That doesn’t belong to you sir.” “It does now. Have this explosive choker.” Yeah. She got neck-bombed. She hurried to Oliver and Dig. Oliver hurried after him to get the controls, while Dig proved to be completely useless in the most hysterical way. He opened the panel on her choker and grabbed a safety pin like he was going to disarm it. Next time we cut back to him and Felicity, the panel was closed and he was just keeping her company. Way to act like you were going to do something and then not. LMAO.

Oliver, of course, saved the day. After a sexy chase scene with Oliver stealing a motorcycle and chasing down the dude’s sedan or something, he caught up with him. The guy tried to threaten to detonate the bomb necklace, but Oliver threw a baby dagger and severed his muscle or something so he couldn’t move his finger no matter what. Then he took the thingy and deactivated it. The Dodger said they were the same, only going after the rich, and Oliver was like, I’m not Robin Hood. And when Dodger tried to electric stick him, he totally blocked it and backfired it all over his ass. Ha!

By the end, Dig made things right with Carly and they kiss. Oliver does the same with his cop chick, and immediately afterwards she gets assigned to help Quentin take down the Hood. AWESOME.

Moira’s friend comes through and gives her the information she asked for, but warns her they will probably both die for it. She makes a call and arranges a meet with the contact. It turns out to be the freaking ninja assassin chick from the beginning of the season. The blonde or white haired chick that worked for the Chinese Triad? Yup. Moira’s brilliant plan? To have them kill Malcolm Merlin. Yeah. Wonderful plan.

As my brother said, “This bitch really knows how to take things from bad to worse. She asked the Chinese Triad murder bitch to go kill the ‘Better-than-Arrow’ guy.” Yep. Sounds like a brilliant plan. No it doesn’t. Sounds like this idiot is going to get her and everyone she’s ever known killed. Way to think ahead.

All said, this makes for an awesome next episode, and I can’t wait!

Oh yeah. Flashbacks. Um, Slade’s wound was infected because FredOllie used a dirty knife to dig out the bullet. FredOllie went back to cave to get the herbs Yao Fei used on him, and found some guy tied up in there. He claimed to be a crash survivor who was captured and tortured by men in masks. He begged FredOllie for help, but by the end, he didn’t help him because he didn’t know him and couldn’t trust him. Might seem cruel, but I totally agreed with the decision. FredOllie left the guy there and got the herbs back to Slade. The end.


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