The Vampire Diaries: Klaus Tries to Kill Caroline. With Love. Oh, and Something About the Cure

Over in Mystic Falls, Klaus is still trapped in the Gilbert’s living room, and Tyler is there to “watch” him (read torture him). Tyler brags that when they find the cure, they’re going to bring it back and shove it down Klaus’s throat so they can kill him. Klaus looks bored and chastises Tyler. After all, drowning someone is so much more fulfilling. Wink wink. The extremely barely veiled reference to Klaus’ murder of Tyler’s drunky mama pisses Tyler off. He’s kind of annoying. I used to like him, but my extreme obsession with all things Klaus has tainted my view of him. He is now just an obstacle in Klaus’ path to Caroline to me. Klaus. Dimples. Accent. Nums. Sorry, back on point.

Back to the expedition, we get to listen to that boring idiot Shane talk about the mythology of Silas and a magic well that let you see your loved ones, or some crap. Honestly, I just tune him out because he’s incredibly annoying. We’re tortured…err…treated to another flashback of Shane in the cave that leads to the well. He’s there to try and bring his wife and child back from the dead, and using the well he sees his wife, Kaitlin.

Back to reality (Thank God), Jeremy and team is walking through the woods when someone tries to kill Jeremy. Some unseen hurls an axe at the assailants back and saves Jer. They keep trekking, with Damon still moping because he thinks Elena won’t love him after she takes the cure. Elena insists he’s wrong, but that she needs to take this cure. That way Jer won’t want to kill her always, they can get rid of Klaus, and save a lot of unwilling vamps, like Stefan, Rebekah, and Bonnie’s mom. Stefan and Rebekah talk, and she admits she wants to be human to have a family. He admits he wants the cure for himself not Elena. Listening to them, I’m left wondering exactly how much of a cure they think is down there with Silas. I mean, it’s not a spell, right? Did they think he was buried with a few gallons of cure? There are probably only a few doses, and that means some unlucky ducks will be left out. At least, that’s what I think.

In the Falls, Caroline shows up and tries to convince Tyler to leave. He refuses, so instead she enlists his help in removing Kols corpse. Afterwards, Klaus explains that Tyler’s mother is dead, and so is his brother. They are even now. He asks Caroline to call Bonnie and set him free. Caroline sees right through that, and tells him he’s delusional if he thinks she will ever help him. He reminds her that he saved Tyler from being a werewolf, and saved Bonnie’s life when she’d been bit. She calls him on all his shit, like killing Jenna and Tyler’s mom. She snarks that he’s not worth the calories she burns talking to him. He reacts out of hurt and spite, and fast as lightning he impales her with a floor lamp, uses it to pull her in his box of doom, and proceeds to nibble on her neck. Without his blood, she will die, he gloats, as Tyler watches by helplessly. He lets her drop to the ground, and smirks that it was definitely worth the calories. Eesh. Don’t hurt his feelings or my baby will act out. And by act out I mean murder you.

Back at the island, Shane tells everyone his wife was a witch and tried to bring their son back to life with expression when he died, and died herself as a result. It’s the same spell he taught Bonnie. He admitted this to make himself invaluable, as he is the only one who can keep Bonnie from killing herself using the spell. Jerk.

That night, someone who looks like the dude who attacked him before kidnaps Jeremy. Shrug. I don’t know nor do I care. These vampires suck. Don’t they have like extra special senses? How do they keep missing these sneak attacks? Sigh.

Anyway, back to the people I really care about. Caroline is freaking out, because she’s scared she’s going to die and knows Klaus is going to let her. Klaus watches with a small smile. Scary. Tyler promises to fix things and begs Klaus to heal Caroline. Klaus tells him to beg him. Tyler does it and promises to be Klaus’ slave again. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Klaus tells him no. Caroline asks Tyler to take her out of there so she can die at home, she couldn’t bear to be in the same room with Klaus for another second. Klaus watches them, and he seems a bit upset, because he knows Caroline will die without him. I think he just acted out in the moment. He was grief-stricken and hurt and furious, and he lashed out at the person he loved the most, and the only one with any real power to hurt him.

On the island, everyone panics when they realize Jer is gone. Damon accuses Shane, who denies it. He flashes back to his wife being the one who told him about Silas. She set him on his mission. In the meantime, Bonnie casts a spell to light a fire that followed Jeremy’s trail. Um, that’s dangerous. Anyway, she goes off alone to follow it. Seems like a bad idea, but whatever. Damon stays behind to question Shane, while Stefan, Rebekah, and Elena go looking for Jer. Elena and Rebekah continue to bicker, until Rebekah saves Elena’s ungrateful little life. Rebekah plays it off like it was no big deal. She only saved Elena because she wants a more epic death for her. Stefan can tell it’s because she’s not as bad as she wants people to believe.

Back to Damon and Shane. During questioning, Shane flashes back to convincing the pastor to killing all those people so he could see his wife again. Damon realizes that Shane needed to orchestrate 3 massacres but only two had been done. The pastor and the hybrids. Lightbulb! Shane plans for everyone on the expedition to die as the final sacrifice.

Damon is about to kill Shane, since he gives none of the fucks about Bonnie’s life, but Elena shows up and stops him. She frees Shane, because she’s a moron. While she’s once again reassuring Damon of her love, Shane slips away. I understand Damon’s fear, but at this point they are really over doing it with the insecurity. It’s getting kinda pathetic, and that is so not Damon. She tells Damon that she is so confident she will still love him when she’s human, that she wants him to take the cure too. He tells her he can’t think of anything more miserable on this earth than being human again. He loves being a vampire. Well, then.

At the Gilberts, Tyler brings a near death Caroline back, and lays her at Klaus’ feet. He tells Klaus that he would have to either watch her die or save her. Then he leaves. Kind of a risky proposition, huh? Klaus leaves Caroline on the floor, and tells her that it’s nothing personal, but he’s going to let her die. But not to worry, it will all be over soon.

Back on the island, Rebekah realizes the tombstone is gone. She accuses of Elena of stealing it, and then accuses Stefan of helping her. But it was Shane, who meets up with his friend, who kidnapped Jeremy. Bonnie arrives just in time to join the party. Damon is following them, but he’s captured by one of the 5 hunters.

In Mystic Falls, Caroline is dying. Klaus has moved her to the couch, and is watching her die. She struggles to breathe, and asks him how he could do this to her. He tells he’s 1000 years old, that its just boredom, but she doesn’t believe him. He says fine, it’s because he’s pure evil and he can’t help himself. She insists that he’s wrong, and it’s because he’s hurt, which means there’s a part of him that’s human. He asks her how she could possibly think that, and she’s tells him it’s because she’s seen it. Because she’s caught herself wishing she could forget all the horrible things he’s done. Klaus says, “You can’t, can you?” She tells him that she knows he’s in love with her and anyone capable of love is capable of being saved. He looks shocked and incredibly vulnerable. His eyes fill with tears, but  he tells her she’s delusional. “I guess I’ll never know”, she says, seemingly taking her last breaths. As she struggles to breathe and starts to slip away, we see Klaus’ real feelings, as he looks terrified, and calls her name over and over again. He looks resigned, and lifting her so that can sit behind her, he props her up against his chest and feeds her his blood. She starts to come back and clings to his wrist and hand as she feeds, while he strokes her hair back. It is quite possibly, the most bittersweet scene ever. He’s done something despicable and something full of love within the same episode. How can she ever reconcile the man who viciously stabbed and almost killed her with the man who so tenderly held her and saved her?
Well, I don’t know about her, but I can do it. He’s fucking hot; he has those gorgeous dimples, and that amazing accent. As my best friend recently said, that accent is a total panty dropper. As far as I’m concerned, Klaus can’t lose for winning. He’s all the way delicious. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in next week’s episode!


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