Revenge: One Wedding, Two Funerals, and an Accidental Photo Bomb Alters Events

Jack and Amanda get married, but they’re in danger. Luckily, with friends like Emily, you’ll always be saved. After Jack and Amanda get married, they sail off for their honeymoon, leaving the baby with Declan and Charlotte. Little do they know, Nate is on board.

The episode starts with vague underwater shots of a search and rescue team searching wreckage. We see the clearly decomposing hand of a man, bearing a ring on his ring finger. I immediately prayed that it wasn’t Jack, unable to face an endgame that didn’t include a Jemily wedding.

Moving back in time a bit, the episode have Jack and Amanda blissfully happy, making love and being adorable. I say this grudgingly, as I hate her for ruining Emily’s chance for happiness with Jack. They finally slip downstairs, and find Nate pointing a gun at them. He confronts them about the leverage they have on Conrad, and demands it or he will kill them. They insist they don’t know what he’s talking about, so he calls Conrad. Conrad is quick to tell him about the laptop with the damning evidence on it.

Meanwhile, back at the Grayson’s, after getting rid of Helen Crowley’s body, Conrad has disposed of their bloody clothes, Victoria has ordered the staff to come back to the house, and Daniel is shocked at their nonchalance, marveling that murder is really business as usual for them. They’re like oh shut up, and live with the guilt, like they’ve always done. They’ve set it up so Amanda Clarke will take the blame. Conrad orders Ashley to get her shit in order, because he’s announcing his bid for Governor tonight. He ignores her pleas to wait.

Emily, Nolan, and Aiden are having a phone conference about using Padma to lure out the Initiative, citing Aiden’s ability to help extract her from her problems. Nolan reluctantly agrees. A sudden knock on Emily’s door ends the call, and Emily is surprised to see Ashley. Ashley asks her to warn off Amanda, because she’s in over her head, threatening the Graysons. Emily acts as if she doubts blackmail is in Amanda’s nature, but as soon as she blows off Ashley, she runs to her secret compartment and is pissed to see that her laptop is gone.

Back on the boat, Jack and Amanda try to form a plan while Nate is talking to Conrad. Amanda tells Jack that they need to kill Nate before he kills them. He looks at her like, WTF, psycho? At the Stowaway, Emily shows up pretending to be looking for the earrings she let Amanda borrow, when she’s really there for her laptop. Charlotte tells her she was just putting together a slideshow for the happy couple, but leaves to check on the baby. Em looks at the wedding photo, and spots Nate’s face peeking out of the window from below deck. Ooops! Most backfirey accidental photo bomb ever! That’s gonna ruin your plans, huh, Nateykins?  Emily immediately calls Nolan, who quickly finds out Jack and Amanda never made it to their hotel suite in Nantucket. They meet up and jump on a boat. Handy!

Meanwhile, Padma shows up at the Stowaway to meet Nolan, but Aiden is there instead. He hands her a phone, and Nolan is on the line telling her she can trust Aiden. He tells her to demand proof of life before dealing with the Initiative any further.

Back at Grayson Global, Victoria and Daniel obviously staged an elaborate argument for the Initiative’s benefit. They use that argument to clear their own names and simultaneously focus their suspicions about Helen’s disappearance on Amanda.

Back on the Amanda, Nate makes Amanda come topside with him, forcing Jack to stay below deck, and locking him in. He tells her he wants the laptop, and she pretends it’s in her bag. When she leans down to get it, she pulls out a gun and shoot him. Except Nate already emptied the bullets out, so she basically shot air at him. Effective. She tries to wiggle her way out of things by explaining that she is behind the blackmail, and that Jack is just her cover while she works to take down the Graysons. Of course, Jack overhears. Then Amanda offers to partner up with Jake, trying to convince him that Conrad will screw him just like he screwed her dad. Nate’s not convinced, and threatens to kill her and Jack if he finds out she’s lying.
Below deck, Jack finds Declan’s laptop, and uses it to try and call for help. Nolan is able to hack the webcam once he’s alerted to the laptop’s activity. He uses it to see what’s going on.

At the Stowaway, Charlotte tries to calm a fussy Carl, who is miserable in the heat, since their A/C is busted. Victoria shows up and asks Charlotte to come to their Labor Day party to support Conrad, but Charlotte isn’t interested, since technically she’s a Clarke now. Victoria cites her pride over Amanda’s heritage, and uses Carl’s discomfort as an excuse for Charlotte and Declan to join them. Declan convinces Charlotte they should go for Carl’s sake. While they pack some stuff, Victoria takes advantage of her privacy and plants Helen’s bloody scarf and phone under Jack and Amanda’s bed. What a sneaky bitch.

On the Amanda, Jack storms upstairs to confront Amanda about what she told Nate. He snitches that her laptop is downstairs. Um, Jack don’t you know that snitches get stitches? While Nate goes downstairs to search, leaving them alone like a total incompetent idiot, Jack and Amanda argue for real/fake while inflating their lifeboat. Nate calls Amanda, and she has to go downstairs. She does, shows him where the laptop is, and when he’s distracted she flies up the stairs and locks him below deck. He’s really stupid. Her and Jack hurry to get the lifeboat inflated and unhooked, while Nate uses force to get out. He’s not able to get out, so he just starts shooting randomly, and by some amazing piece of luck for him, Jack is shot in the ribs area. He falls into the lifeboat, and Amanda lowers the boat into the water and starts it’s engine, shoving it off, staying behind to distract Nate. Jack screams at her not to stay, but he’s too hurt to stop her. Nate finally gets out, and knocks her the hell out. He locks her in the hold while he tries to see Jack. By the time he spots him, Jack is pretty far away. He turns the boat around to find him, but below deck, Amanda has knocked some crap off the floor, and water is quickly flooding the hold.

At the Graysons, Conrad is enjoying his party, and flirting with Victoria. She’s disgusted, and reminds him that at the end of summer she will leave him. He tells her she won’t, because he knows just how to make her stay; Daniel. What a scumbag.

Just then, Trask, Helen Crowley’s Initiative associate, approaches them. He looks like a real creepy serial killer, so good choice of actor, I guess. He accuses the Grayson’s of having something to do with Helen’s disappearance, but smooth as butter they both slyly point him in Amanda’s direction.

In the middle of the ocean, Emily and Nolan find an unconscious Jack. They drag him onto her boat, and then Emily jumps on his smaller one. She tells Nolan to get Jack to the hospital, but she can’t abandon Amanda. What a good friend!

Trask heads over to the Stowaway and sure enough, he finds the planted scarf and phone. He turns on the phone, and listens to the voicemail Padma left Helen, asking for proof of life. He calls someone and asks them to set up a delivery. I have a feeling no one is going to like that package.

On the Amanda, the boat stalls, and Nate goes downstairs to investigate. Amanda hides, and as Nate looks for her, she bolts above deck. He’s hot on her trail, but guess who came for dinner, bitch?! Emily smacks him in the face with a freaking paddle or something. They struggle, and he’s like “Who the hell are you?” Obviously, because she’s a badass ninja bitch, and he can’t figure out why he’s getting his ass kicked. Her reply is so epically the shit, that I can’t even.

“You’ll never know.”

She’s such a beast!!!!

They’re fighting over the gun and a stray bullet hits the propane tank. Nothing happens, but I just fucking know something will. Le sigh. Nate finally remembers that’s supposed to be a kickass man, and gets control of the gun. Too bad Amanda shoots him with Emily’s gun. Hahaha.

Emily and Amanda run for their boat, but Amanda runs back to get the necklace Emily gave her all those years ago. As she reaches for it, her eyes lift up to see Nate flick his lighter on, blowing them all to hell. Amanda and Emily and thrown off the boat as it explodes. Emily surfaces first, and clings to the damaged lifeboat, which is half sunken into the water. Emily screams for Amanda, desperate to find her.

Meanwhile, Padma is freaking out, because she hasn’t heard from Helen. Aiden tells her to cool her jets, because they’ll call soon. Like magic, Trask calls right then. He tells Padma that he’s sent her proof, and to check the fingerprints, if need be. Aiden opens the box to find her papa’s severed finger. I freaking knew that delivery would suck!

Nolan gets Jack to a hospital, and rushes off to go rescue Emily. Emily has finally found Amanda, and gotten her on the barely floating lifeboat. She’s relieved, but Amanda is asking her to take care of Carl and Jack for her. Emily tells her to stop talking that way, and then she sees the gaping wound in Amanda’s stomach. She flashes back to her time in juvie with Amanda, and she starts crying. They tell each other goodbye, and that they are sisters. Emily sobs as Amanda slowly drifts away, calling her name and telling her she’s so sorry. I cried so hard watching this, because Emily VanCamp did such a fabulous job with that scene. I didn’t like Amanda, but I was kinda sad to see her die. It was more for Emily’s sake though, and it was a very thin layer of grief, over a very thick layer of glee. Sorry, not sorry.

As the boat continued to deflate, Emily struggled to hold onto Amanda’s dead body, but she had to let her go Titanic style, so she could stay afloat. As she lay there sobbing, Nolan found her and rescued her.

Such an amazing episode, and soooo tragic. Can’t wait to see how Emily will react to this. And what about poor Jack? Stay tuned!


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