Beauty & The Beast: Vincent Makes Things Right, And Heather Ruins Everything!

Last week on Beauty and the Beast, Victor tried his hardest to prove to Cat that she was his choice, not Alex. I’m sorry, but his actions over the past few episodes had me furious. That’s actually why I didn’t blog about them, because as I wrote the words, I felt the need to punch everything. Not wishing to harm the love of my life (my Macbook Pro), I walked away. This episode, made me soooooo happy. By the end, I was soooo pissed!

Vincent pulled out all the stops. He sent Cat flowers, he got her gifts, he arranged a FLASH MOB. It was the cutest of the cute, but she was not having it. She maintained that she would help protect him, but any chance at a relationship was gone. She couldn’t trust him to be there for her when she needed him to be. A little harsh, especially since it was Valentine’s Day, but I get it.

Meanwhile, Tess and Joe were extra sleeping together, and it was the typical cheating spouse who promises to leave his wife but never does. She’s an idiot for thinking that he will leave his wife. She even says it, but then stays anyway, even after he gets a call from his wife and TAKES it, while they are lying in bed with her. THEN cancels their VDAY date because his wife will be in town after all. She’s the most idiotic giraffe ever.

Meanwhile, Cat got Heather a job at the precinct as an event coordinator for this big ceremony being held in honor of Joe. His brother, Darius, came for the award, met Heather, and asked her out right away. Totally adorable.

Cat is setting things up for Alex to disappear, but the dumb bimbo keeps pulling amateur shit like using her credit cards. Cat tracks her down and tells her to fucking cool her jets and use her brain like the doctor she’s supposed to be. I hate her.

The dumb broad doesn’t listen AT ALL. She calls a reporter and tells him all of Vincent’s story, INCLUDING HIS NAME. At this point, I have been screaming at my television for like 5 minutes straight, and am now hoarse.

Of course, Cat catches a case like, the next day, and it’s the reporter. He was looking into the case, and they murdered the bejesus out of him. Cat found his phone, and Alex’s number was in the call log. She deleted a voicemail from Alex, but Tess walked up before she could delete the call log.

Meanwhile, Evan caught his girlfriend rifling through his records and confronted her. She told him that she works for an agency that is looking for the creature too, and they could use his help. Later, she got a call and was sent after Alex.

Just as Alex was learning about the reporter she got killed with her stupidity, Evan’s fake girlfriend approached her. She made up some sob story about wanting to help Vincent, and how they could fix him. That dumb idiot bought it, and immediately called Vincent and set him up.

Cat broke into the evidence room and deleted the rest of the calls on the reporter’s phone, and also ripped out a page from a notebook that had Vincent’s name on it. Tess saw her and accused her of tampering with evidence. Cat couldn’t tell her why, so she told Cat she didn’t want to be a part of her drama, because she could lose her badge. She wanted to request a new partner.

Cat got a call from JT, who told her that Vincent received a call from Alex saying she was in trouble. Cat knew something was up, and ran off to find him.

When Vincent arrived at the hotel, Alex stabbed him with a needle filled with a powerful sedative. She told him that Catherine filled his head with lies and made him scared so she could keep him to herself. She promised that Meerfield just wanted to help him. Vincent told her she was being naïve, and explained that Catherine knew who he really was, and didn’t care. She helped him, and cared for him, not despite what he was, but because of who he was. And that’s why he trusts her more than anyone in the world. Just then, Catherine arrived to save him. Alex pulled a gun on Catherine, but Vincent made her see reason. I was quite hopeful it would lead to a fatal shootout, with Alex dead on the floor. Ruin my epic romance?! No way, Jose!

The Meerfield chick showed up with a silencer, but Vincent and Catherine were gone. Alex told her that he escaped, and the lady was going to kill her. Vincent saved the day and knocked the chick out.

Back at Vincent’s place, Vincent said goodbye to Alex for good. Catherine set her up with a new identity, and she left. But before she left, she told Catherine that Vincent was never with her because he loved her. He went back to Alex because he’s a good guy, and he was trying to do the right thing. But he didn’t love Alex, he loved Cat.

When she left, Vincent explained his actions. Him going back to Alex was never about Alex. It was about Vincent trying to get back a life as a doctor, trying to be normal again. But his feelings for Cat never changed. He never chose Alex over her.

Later, in Cat’s apartment, Vincent comes to see her. She tells him that the heart wants what the heart wants, and it wants him. She tells him they should take things slow, and he agrees. But the whole time she’s talking, he’s slowly walking over to her, and just as she says she wants to take things slow, he swoops in for the kiss. Just as their lips touch, Heather walks in and hollers, “OH MY GOD!”.

AAAAARGHHH!!!!!! I almost threw my remote at the television! That stupid little twit ruined their moment!

I can’t wait to see next week’s episode. There better be a damn kiss!


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