The Vampire Diaries: Klaus Makes Me Swoon. Oh, and other stuff happens too. Whatevs.

Elena comes up with the brilliant plan for Jeremy to kill Kol. That way they won’t have to worry about his interference, his multiple attempts to kill Jeremy, and they get the added bonus of every vampire of Kol’s line dies when he does. This will jumpstart the hunter’s mark on Jeremy’s hot bod, and get them one step closer to finding the cure. To do this Elena lures Kol to her house under false pretenses. The plan is for Bonnie and Jeremy to show up and put a spell on Kol that will trap him and allow them to stake him with a white oak stake. Unfortunately, Bonnie’s dad interferes and joins forces with her vampy mom to stop Bonnie from using Expression. They knock her out, and Elena’s plan is screwed. At Elena’s house, she tries to trick Kol into thinking she wants a truce with him. He goes along with it and tells her he needs to think about it.

Meanwhile, Elena has also recruited Stefan in her plan. She wants him to distract Rebekah, steal the dagger from her to dagger her and stick her back in the coffin. To do this, Stefan holds a private 80s night style dance at the school for him and Rebekah. They have a fun time, and dance. Stefan is softening towards her, which I don’t blame him for. This poor girl is a bitch, but she’s a bitch for a reason. Everyone she has ever loved has betrayed her, killed her, and hurt her in every way possible. While Stefan is distracting her, Matt is supposed to sneak in to steal the dagger. She figures out his plan, and sadly hands it over to Stefan. She admits that she wants to be human, because all she wants is a family, and to fall in love. He decides not to dagger her and goes home with her.

When Stefan left to distract Rebekah earlier, he left Klaus to watch over a compulsed and vervained Damon. Klaus and Damon antagonized each other. Klaus taunted Damon about Elena changing once she became human. But when Damon told him that Elena loved him despite all the shit he’s done, Klaus showed his vulnerable side. He asked Damon how he got Elena to love him and forget all the things he’s done in the past. Damon immediately knew he was talking about Caroline. He told him that Klaus needed to stop being evil without a purpose if he wanted Caroline to ever see him as more than just a monster. Klaus is the most adorable ever, because he is so clearly in love with Caroline. Swoon!

Anyway, they change subject, and while they are talking, Klaus realizes that Elena and Jeremy were planning to kill Kol and rushes off to stop them.

At the same time, at the Gilbert House, Kol came back to the house and told Elena that he decided against a truce. They run, but he chases them. Elena tries to protect Jeremy, and they get a few solid hits in with Kol, but he’s too strong. He staked Elena to the wall with piece of wood from her staircase. He grabbed Jeremy to chop off his arms, thereby getting rid of the hunter’s mark without killing him so he could avoid the hunter’s curse. Elena gets free and stops him, but as they struggle, Jeremy grabs the sink sprayer hose. He sprays the water at Kol, who writhes in pain. We learned earlier that Bonnie’s dad had the town’s water supply filled with vervain. While Kol writhes in pain, Jeremy takes his chance and white oak stakes him. He burns and dies, and Klaus arrives just a second afterwards. His face is tormented, and he is hella pissed and grieving. He vows to kill Elena and Jeremy. He says he’s going to burn the house down and when they try to run he’s going to kill the hell out of them. Suddenly, he’s attacked from behind. Bonnie comes in and tells them to invite Klaus in and run to the living room. She uses her magic to keep him from attacking her, and when he chases Jeremy and Elena, he gets trapped in the living room. It’s as if there’s an invisible wall trapping him in there. Bonnie says it will only last a few days, but should be enough time for them to use the Hunter’s Mark to find the cure.

Meanwhile, Rebekah also felt the pain of Kol’s loss. She confronted Stefan and he admitted that he knew about the plan, and that Elena and Jeremy had no choice. He told her that she might not believe him or forgive him, but he couldn’t let Kol hurt the people he cared about, and that included her. He told her Kol couldn’t hurt her anymore, and that he wanted the cure for her and himself.

Jeremy, Elena, and Bonnie go to the Salvatore house to wait for Jeremy’s hunter’s mark to fill in. While they wait, Damon joins them. With Kol dead, he is no longer under compulsion. Stefan shows up with the headstone they need to free Silas. Elena is happy, and says that with Klaus trapped and Rebekah taken care of, they just need Shane to find the cure. Stefan admits that he didn’t dagger Rebekah. Elena is pissed and can’t understand why he would trust her. Stefan insists that he didn’t need to dagger Rebekah because she’s on their side. She’s still mad, and Damon tattles that Stefan probably heard her say she could be trusted while they were in bed together. Elena looks pretty shocked and devastated for someone who supposedly doesn’t love Stefan anymore. Stefan tells Damon that he probably couldn’t wait to tell Elena about them. When Elena tells them not to fight, Stefan asks Damon to tell Elena to calm down, since he’s gotten pretty good at using his sire bond on her so far. Damon gets mad and punches Stefan in the mouth, and before Stefan can retaliate, Jeremy screams in pain. His hunter’s mark fills in and everyone stares in shock, because they can see it. And like Damon said, here we go.

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