Once Upon A Time: Swan Thieves Reunite!

This episode starts with a flashback to Rumpel being super excited about getting called to the army. He is happy to prove to everyone that he isn’t a coward like his father. Mila is happy for him, but she looks worried. In present time, Emma and Rumpel arriving at the apartment building where Bae is supposed to be. She figures he would be in the apartment that doesn’t have a name. She rings the buzzer, and claims there is a UPS package to be delivered. He doesn’t answer, but they hear the fire escape and she realizes he’s running. Rumpel tells her that her favor will be considered repaid if she catches him and gets him to talk to him. She leaves Henry with him, and runs after him. She’s a badass, so she cuts him off and flying tackles him. When she looks up, she’s shocked to see it’s Neil, her baby daddy. He’s shocked to see her too. He looks happy to see her, but she looks horrified. She thinks he’s played her, and Rumpel played her, and she’s hurt and angry and confused. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about, until she accuses him of being Gold’s son. He doesn’t understand until she clarifies that she’s talking about his father, Rumpelstiltskin. He looks freaked out that Rumpel has found him.  He screams at her for bringing Rumpel to him, and she snaps that she’s the only one allowed to be pissed. She asks him if he knew who she was when they met, if he used her, if he even cared about her at all. He tells her she can yell at him once they get inside to a bar. He’s been hiding from his father for a long time, and didn’t want to be found. He genuinely sounds terrified.

Meanwhile, Rumpel and Henry bond as Henry reassures Rumpel that his son will forgive him, like he forgave Emma. Rumpel thanks Henry, because without him bringing Emma to Storybrooke, none of this would be possible.

In the bar, Bae tells Emma that he will answer any questions she has. She asks him if he knew who she was when they met, but he tells her he wouldn’t have gone anywhere near her if he had. She accuses him of just using her then, as someone to take the fall for the watches. He tries to make her believe him. He claims he never used her. Then he explains about August finding him when he went to sell the watches and telling him about Emma, and that he knew Neil was really Baelfire. He insisted that he left her because he was helping her to meet her destiny. He asked her if maybe something good came from them being together. She hesitated, obviously thinking of Henry, before denying it. She tells him that the only thing that happened was that she went to jail. But she’s over it, and she’s over him. He looks hurt until he spots the keychain he gave her around her neck. He asks her if she’s over him, why she’s still wearing it. She freezes for a second before yanking it off and giving it to him. She tells him its so she can remember to never trust anyone again. Her words seems to cut him like knives. She tells him to go with her, because she made a deal with Rumpel to return with him. He’s shocked that she made a deal with him. He begs her to let him go, and she’ll never have to see him again. She goes outside and calls her mom. She tells Snow everything and asks for his advice. Snow insists that no matter what he did, Neil has the right to know about his child. She reminds Emma how she felt not knowing about her parents growing up, and tells her Henry will feel the same way. Snow tells Charming about Neil, and he’s shocked that Rumpel is Henry’s grandfather too. He notes that with Regina as Henry’s Great Step-Grandmother, holiday dinners would suck. Agreed. Snow, ever the optimists wonders if this will mellow everyone out.

While waiting nervously, Rumpel flashes back to his time in the army. He’s assigned to watch over a weapon, but when he looks, it’s a little girl. Her face is all sliced and sewed shut over her eyes, but she has eyeballs in her hands. She is the creepiest ever. She is a seer, and tells him that Mila is pregnant and his actions on the battlefield will leave his son fatherless. He calls her a liar, but she insists he’ll know she speaks the truth when he sees men riding cows into battle.

Over in Storybrooke, Regina finds out that Emma left with Henry and is pissed. Regina, Cora, and Hook plot to find the dagger to control and kill Rumpel since they know he will be powerless outside of Storybrooke. The awesome part is that Regina, Cora, and Hook were never under the spell, so leaving town won’t affect their memories. Regina goes to find Belle, and uses magic to rifle through her purse and finds a card with a number written on it. She realizes its a call number for a library book. They go to the library and search for the book. But the book is missing and in its place is a sheet of paper. Hook tells

In New York, Emma comes back and tells Rumpel that he got away. He insists on breaking into Bae’s apartment and waiting for him, because he’ll have to come back eventually. She tries to convince him there’s no point and they should leave. Rumpel flashes back and remembers hearing that only people who are injured are sent home. Everyone else will die. Then he hears his captain refer to the saddles on their horses as cows, and realizes the seer was right. In a panic, he takes a sledgehammer and smashes his foot in.

Back to the present, Emma is still trying to convince Rumpel they should just leave. She stops talking mid-sentence when she sees the dreamcatcher that she bought for them. She grabs it and stares at it, and Rumpel realizes she’s hiding something. She tries to deny it, but he becomes furious and screams at her.   She sends Henry to the bathroom so he won’t have to watch this. He threatens her but she doesn’t back down. He throws things around and tells her that no one breaks a deal with him, but Bae slams open the door and tells him to leave her alone.

Rumpel flashes back to coming home and finding Mila with their son. He’s happy to be home, but she pretty much curses him out. She calls him a coward, and accuses him of ruining their lives. She wishes he would have stayed and died in battle. Pretty harsh.

In the present, Bae tells Rumpel he came back to make sure he didn’t hurt Emma. Rumpel tries to talk to Bae, but he refuses to listen. Emma says his name, and he tells Emma he’s got this. Then they both look resigned, because they know they just screwed up. Rumpel immediately realizes they knew each other. She tries to deny it, but he screams at her to stop lying. Henry comes out to see what’s going on. When he calls Emma mom, Neil looks shocked. Rumpel despairs, putting the pieces together quickly. Emma tries to usher Henry from the room, but Neil keeps yelling, asking how old he is. When Henry yells back that he’s 11, Neil’s voice starts shaking. He asks Emma if Henry is his son. She stays silent but Henry tells him it’s not possible, because his dad was a fireman, and he died. Neil asks her again if that’s his son, and looking at Henry, Emma admits it. Henry runs out on the fire escape, and Emma chases him. Neil moves to follow them, but Rumpel stops him. He tries to say that Emma’s deal is done, but Rumpel clarifies that if he wants her deal to be done, he has to talk to him. He gives Rumpel 3 minutes. Rumpel tells him that he can fix things. If Bae will agree to go back to Storybrooke, he can use magic to make him 13 again, so they can have a second chance. Rumpel tries to make him understand, but Bae won’t forgive him. He tells Rumpel that his life has been a misery. That he has nightmares every night about his father abandoning him and choosing power over him.

In Storybrooke, that car crash victim calls his wife and tells him that he’s going to stay in town for a while. He then sends her a video he took of Regina using magic on Belle’s purse. Good Lord. Over at the library, Hook deciphers the map, and Cora knocks him unconscious. He is the opposite of badass in this show. He is constantly being knocked on his ass.

Rumpel flashes back to after he became the Dark One and let Bae go into the warp without him. He found the seer, and demanded she tell him everything in detail. He used his magic to force her to tell him the future about Bae. When he got them, he realized that the visions she saw were bits and pieces, almost impossible to decipher. She told him that he will find his son but hat he will need to cast a curse, but it has to be done by someone else.

Henry tells Emma that she’s just like Regina, because she lied to him. She apologizes and explains that she did it to protect him. Because Neil hurt her, broke her heart, and she thought he was a bad person. She wanted her son to have something nice in his life, so she hid the truth. He asks her to meet Neil. She goes inside, and tells him that Henry wants to meet him. He accuses her of planning to never telling him about his son. She admits it immediately. He tells her that now that he knows, she won’t be making those decisions on her own anymore. She tells him that’s fine, to go meet Henry, but he better not break his heart. He says he won’t do to his son what Rumpel did to him, and Emma adds like he did to her. He tells her they need to avoid hurting their son, and then goes to meet Henry. He tells Henry he’s sorry it’s taken so long to meet each other, and Henry says its okay because he didn’t know. It’s a really sweet moment. I can’t wait to see what happens with their little family.

Meanwhile, as Rumpel watches Bae with Henry, he flashes back to the seer again. He took her powers, but when he got them, he realized that the visions she saw were bits and pieces, almost impossible to decipher. She seems to be dying, and as she does, she tells him there will be a boy who will lead him to his son, but that same boy will lead to his destruction

Back to reality, Rumpel realizes he has to kill Henry, his own grandson.

Oh snap!


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