Arrow: Moira, You B!#$*! And Flashbacks That Didn’t Hurt My Feelings

Well, this was my first reaction to last week’s Arrow. Moira, you bitch! You shot my Olliepop, slore! Then I was like, Oh shit, his blood is on the floor. They’re gonna catch him! But then I came to my senses and was like, no way. What a crappy show if he was to be discovered by everyone halfway through the first season. Pshaw to that!

Anyway, after confronting his mom as the Vigilante, Moira begs for her life, for the sake of her children. When he is moved by her pleas, she quickly grabs a gun and shoots him in the chest. Bitch. He escapes, and she calls the police.

After, we see Felicity leaving the building and getting into her car. She hears a noise, and Oliver is bleeding in her backseat, and asks for her help. She takes him to the Hero Cave, and Dig helps her get him on the table. He has some medical training, so he gets the bullet out and stitches him up. He’s bleeding a lot, but luckily Ollie keeps his blood on standby for a rainy day. Throughout, his heart stops a few times, and he flatlines. They keep bringing him back, until finally he recovers. At that time, he thanks Felicity for her help, and tries to recruit her. She admits that she upgraded his systems while he was recovering because they were pathetic and hurt her feelings. She won’t join his team permanently, but she will stay on and help them find Walter, because he was kind to her.

The best parts of the episode (besides the obvious perk of him lying on the table half naked the entire time. Thanks CW!), were actually the flashbacks. I know, it’s crazy, right? But even though he is still rocking the FredOllie look, it’s so interesting. We see Crixus…er, Slade, training him. He’s not so great, but getting better. It’s time for them to make their escape because the cargo jet lands today. Slade tells FredOllie that he will kill everyone by himself, but the only job that FredOllie has is to kill the guy in the control room. He’s behind bulletproof glass, so Slade can’t snipe him.

They head to the base, but FredOllie immediately ruins everything. He steps on a freaking active landmine. Just then a group of soldiers are coming up and Slade is like, sorry for your luck. He leaves FredOllie there, and the soldiers surround him. He pretends to be part of their crew, but tells them about the mine. They are all looking down at it when Slade ninja hops into the scene and slice and dices them in like 3 seconds. So sexy! Then he grabs a body and tackles FredOllie off the mine, while simultaneously replacing the weight on the mine with the dead body. What a pimp.
They head off and Slade is an amazing, sexy beast. He snipes everyone until he’s out of bullets, and then he ninja swords the rest. FredOllie scurries up to the control tower, and immediately fails at life. The guy gets the upperhand after fighting with Ollie, who almost looks cool but fails. Slade saves the day and looks at FredOllie in disgust. Gotta say, at this point I am in total agreement. My babe is an embarrassment on this island, so far. The call comes in from the cargo plane, but there’s a trick question that they didn’t know about. The pilot calls in a quote and waits for them to finish it. By some miracle, FredOllie knows it, and feeds Slade the lines. Slade repeats them, and the cargo plane says he’ll be landing in a few. FredOllie doesn’t want to leave without Yao Fei, so Slade tells him if he can bring him back to do it, but if he’s not back in time he leaves without him. FredOllie runs at top speed and actually finds Yao Fei. Fei won’t leave with him, and when FredOllie asks why, he says it’s not why, it’s who. Oh crap. Then he knocks FredOllie out because Fyers walked in. Fyers arranges for his creepy mask face to kill FredOllie, but surprise, surprise, Slade jumps in and saves the day again. He sets off explosions throughout the camp and the distraction lets Oliver jump for cover. Slade faces off with his former partner, Billy. They are pretty evenly matched, but Slade finally kills him with a dagger in the eyeball. Ouchie. Slade is shot while escaping with FredOllie. They run into a soldier, but FredOllie finally becomes useful and uses one of Slade’s cool moves to get the upperhand. Slade’s impressed, and so am I. Yay! He’s becoming awesome! They hurry back to the crash site. FredOllie digs the bullet out of his arm with a knife. That’s not sanitary, so I’m pretty sure he will die from infection. RME. But Slade tells FredOllie that the spoiled rich boy who he met before wouldn’t have survived on this island, but he thinks this new, stronger FredOllie will. Aww!

As a result of Fei’s loyalty, Fyers allows him to see his daughter. We see a shot of her back, and she has a dragon tattoo on her shoulder. Holy crap, is she the white-haired badass from the Chinese Mob?

When Oliver is back on his feet in present day, we see he has the same tattoo that Fei’s daughter had. What the hell? Oliver tells Dig that his mother is off limits, and they need to learn more about the “undertaking”. Dig argues that it is clear she is up to her neck in this, and wonders if Oliver really thinks his mother is innocent, or is he just doesn’t want to face the truth; that she’s guilty.

It was a really great episode, overall. Can’t wait to see the next one.


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