Supernatural: The Obstacle Course From Hell. Literally. First up, Hellhound Bloodbaths! Literally.

Last week on Supernatural, Kevin went to town on the Demon Tablet, determined to figure it out and learn how to close the gates of Hell. He kept himself on a strict schedule where he woke up at five am, popped a crapload of aspirins, and ate hotdogs.

  Over at the Batcave, Dean is in serious nesting mode. He has put his room together beautifully, with guns on the walls, and some more guns on the wall, and a picture of his mama. Too freaking cute, and very hunter chic. Sam is happy for Dean, and surprised and little amused at Dean’s nesting phase. Cute moment when Sam throws a wrapper at the garbage and misses and then shrugs; Dean’s like “Really?”. And Sam hurries to pick it up. Dean tells Sam he’s going to make them a home-cooked meal, and Sam kind of makes fun of him. Until he takes a bite, and then he’s in food heaven. Kevin calls them and says he’s figured out the tablet, and Sam and Dean take off, but not before Sam grabs his yummy sandwich. Hahahaha. Love!

  They arrive at the boat or whatever, and Kevin tells them that he knows how to close the gates of Hell. To close the gates of Hell, they need to perform a series of dangerous tasks and missions. The only catch, because OF COURSE there’s a catch, is that he only figured out what one of the tasks is. He still needs to decode the other three. And there’s another catch. Only one of them can complete all three tasks in order for it to work.

   The first task is to defeat a hellhound and bathe in its blood. Ewww! Of course, my babies don’t bat a lash, and Dean decides the best way to find a hellhound is to find someone who made a deal with a crossroads demon, and whose time is running up. They find a family with crazy good luck, and go to see them. The family is a hot mess, but they struck it rich with oil, in a place that would never have had oil. They get themselves hired on as ranch hands, and their pretty Latina boss, Ellie, gives Dean the sex eyes. Hell yes. I totally understand that. J

   They try to figure out who made the deal, but are too late. The first hellhound comes and goes, killing the husband of the ranch owner’s daughter. Weirdly enough, the widow tells Sam that she isn’t sad. That she grew up with her husband and never noticed him, but suddenly, ten years ago she saw him and fell instantly in love. She insists they were madly in love, but now that he’s gone, she doesn’t remember why she loved him. It’s like he was a stranger. Sam realizes that her husband was the one that made the deal.

  Thinking they’ve lost their chance, Dean wants to go find a crossroad demon and demand they send a hellhound. Sam asks him to wait for a little while, worried that if they ask a crossroad demon to send a hellhound, Crowley will hear about it and send 100. Good point. Besides, he feels like there’s more to the story. Sure enough, the rest of the family comes home for the funeral, and are acting fishy. Sam is assigned to serve them, while Dean is assigned to the grill. He looks happy as a clam and super hot, and Ellie thinks he’s delicious. No argument here, sister! Earlier, they learned that hellhounds could be seen through an object scorched by holy fire. OMG, we finally get to see what hellhounds look like! So excited. Even more exciting? The boys realize they can use the holy oil they got from Cas, and set some glasses on fire and use them to see the hellhounds. Sam and Dean wearing glasses. Yes. Yes, please. Dean wears the glasses first, and I literally said, “Holy Clark Kent of sexiness.” Dreams do come true people. 


More Dean Glasses….The Nummiest Sam Glasses…Nums Dean Glasses…Num 

   Sam overhears the family talking about that traveling salesman that visited them ten years ago, Crowley. Sam is like damnit, and goes and tells Dean. They’re not sure exactly how many of them made deals, so they’re going to watch them all. 

   Dean decides that Sam will watch over the family, and he will go out hunting for the hellhound. Sam argued with him, but Dean gave a speech that not only shocked Sam, but me. Dean said he wanted Sam to have the future he always envisioned. 

 “I’m a grunt, Sam. You’re not- you’ve always been the brains of this operation. You told me yourself that you see a way out, you see a light at the end of this ugly ass tunnel…I don’t. I’ll tell you what I do know; I’m gonna die with a gun in my hand, that’s what I have waiting for me, that’s all I have waiting for me. I want you to get out, I want you to have a life, become a Men of Letters, whatever. You with a wife and kids and grandkids, living ’til you’re fat and bald and chugging Viagra… that is my perfect ending and it’s the only one I’m gonna get. So I’m going to do these trials, and I’m going to do them alone. End of story.” He walked out before Sam regained the power of speech. Oh.Em.Gee. That speech ripped my heart out. He thinks so little of himself and I hate it. As far as I’m concerned, Dean is the one who has held their operation together. Without his unwavering dedication to his family, and Sam especially, they wouldn’t even be alive.

   Earlier, Ellie propositioned Dean, but he turned her down because he had to find the hellhound. At that point I knew that she was the one who made the deal. And sure enough, when he went to warn her to stay inside, she revealed that she had made a deal 10 yrs ago for her mother to be healed. Dean went out to face the hellhound, but got knocked over and slashed. Sam ran in and fought the hellhound. It had him pinned, but he was able to reach the demon killing knife and slash the hellhound open, getting soaked in hellhound blood in the process. Gross and badass. Nice combo. Plus we got to vaguely see a hellhound, and they were scary as hell. So kudos. 

   When Dean realized that Sam completed the first test, he insisted they find another hellhound so he could kill it. He was determined that it be him to do the obstacles.

Sam then gave his own speech that reminded me of why I love their brotherly relationship. “Closing the gates is a suicide mission for you. I want to slam Hell shut too, but I want to survive it, I want to live, and so should you. You have friends up here, family…hell, you’ve even got your own room now. You were right, ‘kayI see light at the end of this tunnel and I’m sorry you don’t. I am. But it’s there. And if you come with me, I can take you to it.” Dean told him to be smart. Sam argued back, “I am smart, Dean, and so are you. You’re not a grunt, Dean; you’re a genius-when it comes to lore, to…you’re the best damn hunter I’ve ever seen…better than me, better than Dad. I believe in you, Dean. So please, please, believe in me, too.”

Squeeee!!! Best, most beautiful speech Sam has ever given Dean, and I loved it mucho!

That speech alone has made this one of my favorite episodes ever. And it’s totally true. Sam is the best person for these series of tests because he will fight harder, because he wants to live. With Dean expecting to die, he doesn’t have as much of a reason to fight to live. And I love that Sam recognized it, and didn’t make Dean feel stupid. He made he realize that he has so much more worth than he realizes.

  I can’t wait to see next week’s episode!


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