Smash: What in the Eff is a Dramaturg?

This week’s Smash has Karen determined to make Jimmy and Kyle’s musical a reality, Derek trying to get his job back with the Wiz, Eileen commanding Tom and Julia to work with a Dramaturg (drama who?), and Ivy auditioning for a role in the musical version of Danger Liaisons.

While playing Derek a demo of her singing one of Jimmy’s songs, Karen imagines herself as the star of this epic imaginary show. It’s actually a great song, and she looks gorgeous. Although, it does look like someone cut off the bottom half of her tank, she miraculously has no nip slips or underboob. Quite a feat. Derek is woefully unimpressed, but Karen insists it will be amazing, and convinces him to meet with Jimmy and Kyle to hear their ideas.

She lets Kyle and Jimmy know, and Kyle is over the moon excited, while Jimmy is nonchalant and high as a kite. Finally, Kyle’s nerves get Jimmy off his ass and helping to organize their scraps of paper on which their play is written. Professional. Anyway, Jimmy points out that they had a much better outline before, but it’s in his writing journal, which they left at…I don’t know where, because Kyle interrupted with a “Oh no. We are not going back there.” Oh Lord, what is this mess going to be about?

Meanwhile, Derek reaches out to Veronica to try and enlist her help in getting back in the Wiz. She agrees, and they schedule to meet the next night during Derek’s rehearsal for Bombshell. Karen reminds him they need to be done by dinner time so they can meet with Jimmy and Kyle. He agrees, but I can totally tell he will blow them off.

Eileen calls Tom and Julia to her office, and insists that they work with a dramaturg, because the story was lame as hell before. Apparently, a dramaturg is someone who helps direct the story and make it better. I think. Shrug. Julia insists they don’t need one because her and Tom have been working on it all night, but Eileen tells them there’s no choice. They meet with Peter, the dramaturg, who is 6 kinds of delicious. He is very complimentary and has great references. Julia and Tom had worried that he would try to steal their credit, but after looking at his list of credentials and seeing that they never even knew he was involved with those projects, they give him a chance. He meets with Julia alone at his amazing apartment, and shows her his notes. She is pissed when she sees how many notes there are. Especially, since he basically tells her that he didn’t like any of her writing, just the idea of writing about Marilyn. When she asks him if he’s even seen it, he says he shouldn’t have to, her writing should come across in the book. Ouch.

Elsewhere, Ivy auditions for Liaisons, and kills it. But she asks to come back for another audition for the lead. When she tells the casting director she isn’t committed to Bombshell anymore, he agrees. She goes to see Derek for advice. He’s in the middle of audition with Karen and crew for Bombshell, but he’s being pretty douchey considering she’s doing a great job. He asks Ivy to stay and give them notes on what’s wrong with the number, and Karen looks pissed. Ruh roh. Ivy sees a close moment between Derek and Karen, and has an inner performance where she sings about seeing her lover with his new girl, and needing to move on. When she’s done, she looks up and Derek is hollering at Karen again. Karen calls him out on it, and tells him he doesn’t even know what he wants. When he asks Ivy for her thoughts, she tells him he’s the problem, because he’s doubting himself. She leaves without ever asking for help, and he’s so self-involved he doesn’t care or barely notice.

Meanwhile, Julia stomps into Eileen’s office and tells her she refuses to work with Peter, but Eileen makes it clear that if she doesn’t work with him, she’ll find someone else who will. Damn, bitch.

Julia hunts Peter down and confronts him in front of some friends. They go outside, and she lets him have it. He tells her that her story was too focused on Dimaggio because she was in love with the actor who played the part. He tells her there is no heat in the writing, which is about the hottest actress ever. He tells her she probably doesn’t even know what heat is. She insists she does, because she ruined a perfectly happy marriage for heat. She stomps off and heads straight home, where she and Tom get straight to business. I’m pretty sure her and Peter are gonna do the sex at some point. Yay for her! She gets the hottest guys.

Speaking of hot guys,  the next day Jimmy breaks into a house to find his musical. He finds it, but is discovered by some thug looking dude, who promptly beats him up. Jimmy shows up at the restaurant where they are meeting Karen and Derek. Kyle is like, wow you got your ass beat, told you not to go back. And Jimmy’s all, shrug, I’m so cool, here’s our music. I heart him. Karen calls to tell them she has to reschedule because rehearsal is running late, and she’s so sorry. Kyle understands, but Jimmy is of the pissed.

At rehearsal, Julia comes in with Tom and a rack of clothing and an actor. Her rewrite includes a scene with Marilyn and JFK, meeting, flirting, and making the sex. Derek is like crap, that is the opposite of what the producers of the Wiz wanna see, and Eileen is like, I don’t give the fucks. So he’s screwed. When Ronnie and the producer show up, he tries to tell her about the change in plan, but she insists on staying. Peter is there too, looking delicious. They perform the scene, and it’s a big hit. There’s sudden applause at the end, and it’s Jimmy. He totally snuck in and watched it. He applauded, but then threw a hissy fit when Derek didn’t recognize his name. Karen ran after him, and promised that she was serious about helping them. Jimmy told her she was full of it, and she insisted that her being involved with Bombshell didn’t make her any less available for his musical. He stormed off. He sure is cute, but he’s got the temperament of a 2 yr old.

Back at rehearsal, the producer of the Wiz tells Derek he failed miserably at impressing him, and nothing changed. Julia was feeling triumphant and bragged to Peter that she could write heat. He agreed, but then told her it still wasn’t a great scene. He pointed out all the flaws, like JFK being the predator in that scene, instead of Marilyn. I actually thought that during the performance, because she was timid and unwilling at first, which is the opposite of everything everyone knows about Marilyn Monroe. They argue, and Tom breaks it up. I tell you there are some serious sparks flying between Peter and Julia. Me likey.

Earlier that day, Tom helped Ivy find the meat of the role she was auditioning for. With his help, she nailed her audition and got the lead in Liaisons. She tells Tom he would be a great director, but he brushes it off. I wish they would have showed her performance, because she’s amazing.

Veronica is waiting for Derek outside, and tells him that she thought what he did in rehearsal was amazing. She insisted she’s tired of being Broadway’s Sweetheart, and wanted to show the world that she could be a bad girl too. And that’s why she dropped out of the Wiz. She asks Derek to help her come up with an amazing, one night show that will change everyone’s opinion of her. He agrees, but tells her to wait, because he has something to take care of. He chases after Karen, who is leaving after confrontation with Jimmy.

At Jimmy and Kyle’s place, Jimmy is being a mopey moe, and Kyle is being this adorably optimistic little ray of sunshine. I loves him. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Karen. And Derek! Jimmy tries to play like he doesn’t care, but Derek is the King of I-Don’t-Give-Any-Of-The-Fucks, so he out I don’t cares him. Finally, Jimmy gives into his inner fangirl, and starts gushing out about his musical. He and Kyle are this adorable team, and Derek really likes there story. He tells them to get some more beers so they can work out how to make this musical, Hitlist, a reality. Karen volunteers to grab them, while Jimmy plays them some songs. Derek holds his hand out all imperviously, and is kinda taken aback and hurt when Karen walks right by him, and gives the beers to Jimmy and then Kyle first. She gives his beer as an afterthought, and sits down with Jimmy at the piano. She’s crushing! Love!

I can’t wait to see what’s next on Smash! Stay tuned!


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