Smash: Bombshell is Done…Or Is It?

So the two hour season premiere of Smash was amazing. Bombshell killed in Boston, and it seemed like everyone finally got their shit together. Ivy stopped herself from overdosing, and tossed all her meds. Julia and Frank were working things out in their marriage, Tom was still going strong with Sam, Karen was killing it as Marilyn, Derek was the hottest director around, in talks to direct the Wiz, and Eileen was still with that hot bartender. Speaking of which, he is a hot piece of ass, and I still can’t see the attraction. But that’s a whole other topic.

Just when things seemed perfect, Eileen’s scummy ex husband came sniffing around, trying to get in on the show. Eileen laughed in his face, as she bragged about landing the Saint James Theatre, THE place to hold a Broadway show. When Jerry found out, he immediately started scheming, sending a mysterious text message to someone to start their plan. What a dick.

Karen moved in with one of the ensemble actresses, and still had a serious hate on for Ivy. She was downright cold to her, and I gotta say, I totally get it. Good for her. Ivy, for her part, seemed genuinely apologetic for her actions.

Because Karen did such an amazing job in Boston, she was made part of the creative team. Ivy already knew that meant her ass was in the sling. Oh well, that’s showbiz, baby. Derek, determined to keep his muse happy, took Karen to see the latest Broadway hit, and took her backstage to meet its star. Jennifer Hudson was amazing as Veronica Moore, a Tony Award winning actress. She has a phenomenal voice, and I really liked her.

Tom and Sam were still together, and Sam got a great offer to headline a new show, called the Book of Moses. He told Tom he would turn it down, because he wanted to stay and be with him. Sweet! But they ran into a little problem. Frank saying an intimate goodbye to a woman who was not Julia. Oh crap. Eileen held a big soiree to announce that Bombshell was coming to Broadway, but the guy who was letting her use the theatre called and backed out. Just as she was trying to figure things out, Nick came running in and dragged her upstairs.

Meanwhile, Karen and Veronica gave an impromptu performance, to the delight of the audience. Afterwards, Derek dragged Karen off to tell her how great she was. They almost kissed, but Ivy walked in. Derek ran after her, and broke the news that she was being let go, because of Karen. She didn’t fight it, and when she ran into Karen, she apologized for her actions with Dev, and explained her reasoning.

Meanwhile, Tom told Julia about Frank, to which I was like what the hell? He couldn’t have chosen a better time to drop that bomb on her? Julia quietly confronted Frank, which again I was like why?! Timing people! Frank, of course, went into a rage and completely embarrassed her in front of all her industry friends. What a dick. He admitted to wanting to sleep with that lady, but that maybe he should sleep with the a member of the cast like she did. Wow.

Elsewhere in the party, Karen had a change of heart, and went to tell Eileen that Ivy could stay, but Eileen interrupted her and told her it didn’t matter. There wasn’t a Bombshell anymore. The government froze the show and it’s funding, until an investigation into the source of the money could be looked into. Because apparently, Nick and his friends weren’t on the up and up. Um. Duh.

Anyway, soon after that, Rebecca Duvall set out a report that she quit Bombshell because Derek sexually harassed her. Soon after that, 6 other dancers came out and claimed the same. This resulted in Derek being let go from the Wiz. Ouch.

Meanwhile, drowning her sorrows at a bar, Karen ran into a flirty but kind of dickish bartender. She left at closing time, but came back for her forgotten phone. When she did, she heard the hot bartender singing and playing the piano. He was amazing, and now I heart him. She immediately called Derek and had him listen to Jimmy singing. Derek was floored. Um, duh. He was awesome.

Anyway, Eileen was going crazy trying to fix things with the show, but was being blacklisted a little at a time. Karen was scheduled to perform at this gala, but Eileen was disinvited. She got the invite from her ex-husband, and ordered Julia, Tom, and Derek to be there. However, Julia was depressed after the dissolution of her marriage. She moved in with Tom, who was also depressed after Sam left to go on tour with The Book of Moses, since Bombshell was over. On top of that, the sexual harassment lawsuit against Derek depressed him, and infuriated Eileen, who disinvited him to the gala.

Tom made up some elaborate lie about him and Julia being invited to present at the gala to get her motivated, and when it actually worked, he couldn’t admit that he’d lied. But she quickly found out the truth while they were at the gala. When she angrily confronted Tom about embarrassing her with his lie, he told her the truth. That the critics had slammed her writing for Bombshell, and that the industry people were saying she couldn’t hack it and was having a nervous breakdown, and that he should get out of their partnership before she brought him down with her. By the way, he got amazing reviews for the score on Bombshell. His words seemed to wake her up, and she snapped into productive mode.

Meanwhile, Karen went to talk to Jimmy about his songs, but he blew her off. His friend chased after her and told her that they were working on a musical together, and he would love for Karen to be involved. He invited her to a party, after giving her some of Jimmy’s music. If she liked what she heard, she should come to the party. She had a friend play the music for her, and they all fell in love with it. They went as a group to the party, where Karen spontaneously performed a song for him. She was amazing, and he seemed mesmerized by her. Until he freaked out and raced out of the party, totally embarrassing her. As he left, he called his friend a son of a bitch. When his friend and Karen chased him outside, he yelled at her for stealing his music. She insisted that she loved it, and that she could help him get connected with Derek. He rejected her and was super rude to her. He also super tried his friend, by saying he contributed nothing to his music. Karen and her friends left.

At the gala, Eileen was told to take her cast and leave the gala, as they couldn’t afford to be affiliated with criminals. Ouch. Eileen decided to show everyone what they would be missing if Bombshell was frozen forever. She called Karen, but because she was on the subway it went straight to voicemail. They had Ivy come instead with Derek. She performed the hell out of a song, and got the crowd buzzing about Bombshell.

The next morning, Jimmy’s friend confronted him about ruining their chances at making his dreams come true. He told him that he helped him all the time, and the one time Jimmy could have done something for him for a change, he screwed him over. He also reminded him that even though he wasn’t writing the songs for their musical, he was writing the book. Jimmy felt terrible, and took a USB of his music over to Karen’s.

Elsewhere, Ivy helped Derek through his worries about being a horrible person for hitting on everyone and everything. She confided her doubts about continuing in this industry, and he encouraged her to keep going because she was a singular talent, and would be a star someday. It was actually very sweet.

She went to see him the next day to thank him for helping her through her crisis, but he was with Karen about to listen to Jimmy’s music. Ivy started to leave, and when Karen asked Derek what that was about, he claimed it was nothing important. Kinda rude, since she just helped you out, you jackass.

Bonus, Eileen was told she could start working on Bombshell again, just not for profit or public consumption. But the point is, Bombshell’s back on, bitches! Only negative is that she made a deal with her smarmy ex to pull it off.

Anyway, I think it was a great return. Check out my recap on the next episode of Smash!


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