Supernatural: Grandpa? And What the Hell is a Golem?

So I am pretty behind on blogging about Supernatural. So sorry. But as a loyal and unhealthily obsessed fan, I am totally up to date on the episodes. So I will give you a quick recap of the last two episodes.

The first episode aired a couple of weeks ago. In this episode, Sam and Dean (tasty) learn that their grandfather on their dad’s side, was one of the Men of Letters. Apparently, the Men of Letters were alchemists that chronicled the supernatural goings ons of the world, and also worked with the hunters. Who, by the way, they considered to be no better than gorillas. John Winchester was raised without a father, thinking his dad just skipped out on him. But what really happened was that his dad came to the future looking for help, and was never able to return to his son. When Sam and Dean realized who he was, Dean was less than nice to him. As far as he was concerned, he was a selfish dick who walked out on their dad when he was a kid. Not to mention he was acting like a snobby prick when he found out Sam and Dean were hunters.

Their granddad came because a powerful demon, Abaddon  was after a box that held the key to the headquarters of the Men of Letters. Their headquarters is described as the safest place on earth, as it is warded against every type of evil ever. It also houses at least 1,000 years worth of items, wards, spells, and files on supernatural creatures ever discovered. So obviously, it needs to be protected, and even more obviously, it seems like it would be a huge help to the Winchester’s fight against evil. I mean, duh.

The demon seems to be immune to the demon dagger and exorcising, so the boys and their gramps run like hell. Again, duh. She’s freaking killing people left and right like a psycho. Their grandpa, Henry, reads John’s journal and freaks out when he realizes what kind of life his son had. He takes off on the boys to try and cast the spell that brought him there, and go back in time and save his son. The boys split up with Sam going off to find the last Men of Letters while Dean tracks down their gramps to stop him from changing history.

Sam finds the surviving member, Larry, who tells him the location of the headquarters. He also warns them that Abaddon is a Knight of Hell, and more powerful than most demons. He has been in hiding with his wife, but once he reveals the HQ location, we find out that Abaddon was possessing his chickiepoo, and she totes murders him and kidnaps Sam. Abaddon calls and tells Dean she has Sam, and to bring the box for a trade.

Dean comes with Henry to the switch point, and though he’s sorry, he totally trades his stranger of a gramps, along with the box, for his beloved, if annoying, brother. Too bad Abaddon has no plans to keep her word, and traps them in the building to kill them all. When she realizes the box is a fake she gets pissed and shoves her fist into Henry’s stomach. Ouchies.  He retaliates by shooting her in the noggin. She laughs at his pathetic attempt to kill her but when she tries to use her demon woowoo on him to find out where the box is, she realizes she can’t move.

When she mocks them, because they haven’t killed her yet, Dean smirks and confides that the bullet had a devil’s trap carved into. So now she can’t leave her body and escape, while they carve her into a million pieces and hide them. Basically, this bitch is trapped forever. Yikes.

It’s sad when their grandpa dies, but since they didn’t have too much time to bond, it’s not as gut-wrenching as some of the past losses have been.

They bury gramps, and head off to find the MoL HQ.

In the next episode, they are at the HQ, and it is pretty freaking bad ass. It has working electricity and water, and will be their new homebase for a while, according to the writers. Yay!

We see a flashback of some shitbag Nazis under attack. They are getting slaughtered by some kind of monster, and I say hurrah! There’s this one Nazi scum who is chanting and doing some demonic spell of some sort. He disappears before the monster can get to him, but is forced to leave behind a grimoire of some sort. We see the monster, and it’s basically some giant. Ooookay.

The boys go to investigate a case where a Rabbi spontaneously combusts after researching Nazi necromancers. Turns out he was also part of the Judah initiative, which is a group of rabbis that fight the Thule Society, a bunch of nazi necromancers. Gross. Shrug.

Anyway, while they are investigating, some creep is following Dean where ever he goes. When Dean confronts him, he plays it off like he thought they had a moment. Dean is clearly caught off guard by the homoerotic tension flying his way, and books it. Sam calls and tells him he’s being followed too. They arrange to trap the creeper, but when Dean sees him, it’s the goliath from the beginning of the episode. He hurls my poor baby across the freaking earth. Sam tries to slash his arm, but the knife literally sinks in like he’s made of jello. No blood, no lasting injury. Just pounding. The little creep from earlier comes out, and it turns out the goliath is actually a Golem, and he belongs to the little guy. Golems protect their masters, and he used to belong to the Rabbi, but he was left to his grandson, Aaron. Aaron doesn’t know how to control it, and to be honest, they’re kinda snarky with each other. In a totally hilarious way.

After doing a little digging, they realize the Thule are after their grimoire, and that Aaron’s grandpa had found it. They find it, but are attacked by the Thule. The Thule’s leader controls the Golem, since Aaron didn’t know how to claim him, and stops him from attacking them. Sam and Dean fight off the Thule, and kill almost everyone. One guy escapes, but the leader, who we saw in the beginning, survives. He tells him that the Thule are everywhere, and they can’t kill him. Sam and Dean prove him wrong by immediately plugging a couple of bullets into his skull. Awesome. Aaron then figures out how to claim his Golem, and does so. He tells Sam and Dean that he will carry out his grandfather’s wishes and hunt down the Thule. They let them go, and head back to their Batcave. There, Sam starts to chronicle everything they learned. When Dean asks Sam if he’s a Man of Letters now, Sam shrugs, and surprisingly, Dean is cool with it. I love seeing their relationship being rebuilt, now that they’re past the hump of Amelia (GAG!) and Benny (BENNY!!!).

Can’t wait til next week’s episode! See you then 🙂

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