Arrow: Moira Queen, You Have Failed This City…and you’re not that great of a mom either…

Gotta admit, this was a pretty badass episode. Will also admit, that there was not nearly enough naked Ollie for me. Thank goodness for the recaps at the beginning of the episode. In this episode, Ollie is forced to see the truth about his mother, while facing some painful truths about himself.

In the beginning of the episode, a badass criminal, Cyrus, is released from jail, and Laurel calls the Hood for help. Since we know that Laurel’s creepy, werewolf looking ass of a father has the phone bugged, I’m not terribly surprised when he plots an ambush. Even his coworkers think he’s being a dick and try to warn him against doing this to his daughter, but he ignores them. Because he’s an ass. With SO much chest hair. It’s like up to his neck. Like a furry turtleneck. So gross.

When Oliver gets the call, he is arguing with Dig about the information they got on his mother. Oliver refuses to believe that she is a part of anything sinister, while Dig insists that Oliver face the facts. Oliver storms off and confronts his mother with the book he got from his cute techie chick, Felicity. His mom denies all knowledge of the book, and insists it was his fathers. Even though Oliver knows that a lie, since he has his dad’s book, he doesn’t argue. She snatches the book and throws it in the fire when he tells her he’s going to look into it. She claims it is dangerous, and safer for everyone if they leave things alone. Again, he stays quiet, but the look in his eyes is heartbreaking. He has doubts, but he keeps fighting them.

Oliver leaves to spy on the criminal Laurel tipped him off. He shoots an arrow that has a listening device on it, and finds out that the thug is planning to take over the other crime lords territory.

Meanwhile, behind Oliver’s back, Dig is spying on Moira, posing as her driver. I approve wholeheartedly of this plan. Catch her!

Oliver calls Laurel to tell her about what he found out and they plan to meet. Laurel blows off a date with Tommy to meet with him. Ha, I say! They’re sooo boring together. Anyway, Laurel goes to meet with The Vigilante and he tells her what he found out. Like the boss that he is, he also hears those clumsy ass cops coming so he warns her what’s about to happen. When the cops bust out onto the roof, he grabs Laurel and holds her hostage until he can dive off the roof like a ninja. Quentin (Laurel’s dad) follows him but falls like a lame, and then The Hood knocks him the fuck out. Good! Idiot.

Laurel is plenty pissed at her father for tricking her, but Tommy is even more pissed that she blew him off to meet with the Hood. I laugh and laugh in glee. I hate them together. So boring.

Meanwhile, Dig finally tracks Moira down at a meeting with Tommy’s dad. He overhears her admitting to knowing about The Queen’s Gambit being sabotaged. He almost gets caught eavesdropping, but manages to save his own ass. Skills.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’ blonde slut finds out that Laurel has a connection to the Hood, who Cyrus decides is the perfect weapon to force his way into a position of power. They go after Laurel, and though she is a real badass and fucks up like, all his thugs, is captured when Cyrus drops her with a taser to the throat. Brutal. Tommy later finds the ransom arrow left by Cyrus, advising them that if they don’t want Laurel chopped into tiny pieces, to have the Hood find him.

Tommy goes to Quentin, who calls the Hood after realizing the only people who know about Laurel’s connection to the Hood are cops, which means there’s a leak in the department. Shocker!

The Hood meets with Quentin, and they go after Laurel together. Ollie is his usual sexy, beast self and takes out the entire fleet of men that Cyrus has posted around his property. Cyrus is talking to a tied up and gagged Laurel, and bragging about how the Vigilante only has 24 arrows, and so he planned for him to have used them all by the time he gets to Cyrus. And he’s right. When Ollie arrives on the scene, he’s all out of ammo. Too bad Quentin is right behind him and shoots the other men in the room, and then charges towards Cyrus like a crazy. Though in this case, I totally get it. Ollie stops Quentin from going too far, and helps free Laurel. Laurel tells her father to stay away from her, because he betrayed her. She sees the Hood outside and thanks him for saving her. He tells her that he never should have given her that phone. That he was too dangerous to be a part of her life, and to not call him anymore. He tells her goodbye, and she looks sad to see him leave. Although, technically she didn’t see him go anywhere, since Tommy called her name and she looked away for a second. Literally, a second, because Ollie is just that awesome. She and Tommy make up. Vomit.

Back at the Hero Cave, Dig plays the recording for Oliver. Oliver is pissed that Dig has been following his mom around, but when he hears everything, he’s devastated. He decides it’s time he has another talk with his mother.

We see Moira in her office, with a bunch of guards and suits. Suddenly, The Hood comes flying through the window and takes out everyone in the office. I am squealing like a schoolgirl with joy to see my baby finally facing the truth and going after that treacherous betch!

He shoots an arrow at the light on her desk, plunging them into darkness and gives her the standard, hero line. “Moira Queen, you have failed this city.” YES!!!!! Shoot her! Kill her! Get…sorry. Maybe a slight overreaction. Maybe don’t do something so extreme. Maybe just like, a graze with an arrow on her cheek? You know, something to remember you by? Think about it.

Oh and we also got a cool flashback. Oliver is looking a little less OllieFred. Which is great. He finds the location that Fei what’s his name told him about, and meets his partner, Slade. Sexy, badass Aussie, who kicks his ass and threatens to kill him when he admits that he ran away when Fei got caught. Ollie shows he has a little badass in him even back then, and wins Slade’s respect. Slade (CRIXUS!!!!) offers to train him to help him escape. He lets Oliver pick his weapon, but when Ollie opens the weapons crate, he sees the two-sided mask of the man that tortured him and helped capture Fei. Slade insists it’s another guy, his partner in the Australian Intelligence Service, who either betrayed them or is undercover. IDK. Can’t wait to see Ollie learn his badass skills. It will be epic.

Can’t wait to see what happens on next week’s episode!


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