Supernatural: The Brothers Make a Choice

This episode met with resistance from me. I love all things Supernatural and Winchester Boys. Hell, I even have a loving nickname for the show. Supernatch. It’s cutesy, right? Anyway, but sometimes, things happen that I fully reject. Bobby’s death? Case in point.

The show started with Dean tracking down Sam to talk to him about Benny (Benny!!!). They still can’t come to any sort of agreement about him. Added tension? Sam is pissed that Dean used the woman he loves (vomit!) to get him out of the way. Dean apologizes, but it’s the worst apology ever because he follows up with he didn’t regret doing it and he wouldn’t have had to do it if Sam had just trusted him when it came to Benny. But seriously, it’s true. Sam doesn’t understand this thing he has with Benny, and is still pissed. Dean asks if they’re going to get past it and Sam tells him it’s up to him. Can he let go of his friendship with Benny? Dean makes his choice. He walks away.

Next we see Benny (Benny!!!). He looks real rough, and I am so scared. My boo is watching a family chill in a park, and he looks hungry as hell. I don’t want him to slip into bad behaviors, because I love the friendship he and Dean have going on. And I know if he starts feeding again, Dean will put him down. Le sigh.

We see a scene of some creep demon torturing Alfie, the angel that was at the auction. Poor baby has freaking screws in his head. It’s terrible. The demon leaves him alone, and Alfie manages to get the screw out and quickly call for help via “angel radio”. The demon comes back and is all “Tsk tsk. I told you not to use your radio.” He proceeds to torture Alfie again, and somehow taps into something that makes Alfie start speaking Enochian, the language of angels. Suddenly, nearby, a man walking hears the words. It seems to be coming from a bush, which suddenly catch fire and burn him severely.

In heaven, Cas is called to see that crazy angel receptionist, and is told that he has to rescue Alfie, but can’t tell the Winchesters that Heaven sent him. Cas goes to see Dean, who is sleeping on the couch. He just stares at him like a creep until Dean feels eyes on him and wakes up, splashing beer all over himself. He chastises Cas for watching him sleep again, telling him its creepy. God, he’s hot. Anyway, Cas tells him they need help to find Alfie, and Dean agrees. When Cas suggests getting Sam’s help, Dean tells him they don’t need him. Instead they go find Kevin Tran. He looks real rough, which Cas quickly points out. Hahaha. He’s not sleeping or eating much, because he won’t stop working on translating the tablet. Plus, he stashed his mom somewhere safe so she couldn’t distract him.

Dean tells Kevin they need more demon bomb, and Kevin tells him that he has no more, and the ingredients are rare and hard to come by. Cas volunteers to go get them, and disappears in a flash. Really its more like a flutter of wind. So yeah, Cas disappears in a flutter of wind.

Sam is still at the hotel, when a there’s a knock on the door. When he opens it, in walks Amelia. She tells him that he can’t just show up and disrupt her life. That she was content with her husband, because he loved her and treated her well. But she admits that Sam is the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up and the last when she goes to sleep. They kiss and end up making love. Thank God we don’t have to watch. He’s delicious and the very embodiment of all that is manly and right in the world, but she is gross to me. Like, I still don’t get why Sam hasn’t staked her, or beheaded her, or hunted her in any way, shape, or form, because she is clearly a monster. Sigh. After the sex, Sam tells her it was a mistake. She admits that it was, but she would be with him if he wanted her to. He admits that he does, but that they should take some time and think about it. They agree that if they both want to be together, they’ll meet in that hotel room by 7p two days from then.

Meanwhile, Crowley has been called by his torture demon and informed about the angel’s talkativeness.  Crowley understands Enochian, so he starts torturing the angel but good to get him to talk. It’s like they hit a spot on the brain that triggers the speech, without the angel being aware of it. It’s excruciatingly painful for Alfie, but they give zero shits about that.

Cas shows up with the ingredients and Sam. Dean is pissed, but they agree to go there separate ways as soon as the job is done. While Cas was gone, Dean got a phone call from Benny (Benny!) asking to meet up. Apparently, Benny is in a bad way, but Dean can’t meet up with him because of the case. When Benny insists, Dean realizes that shit isn’t looking too good and promises to meet him in two days. I love their friendship, but I’m worried it will end terribly, and Dean will lose yet another essential person. My poor boo.

Anyway, they track down Alfie, and Sam and Dean go in. It’s like old times, and they work great together, with Dean saving Sam’s ass a few times. I’m loving it, because I truly miss the Winchester Bros and their amazing bond. They mark up all the sigils on the walls, so that Cas can enter the building. Alfie is screaming bloody murder, but they can’t get into the torture room. They start banging into the door together to get it opened, because the more they work on Alfie, the more it triggers some kind of memories for Cas. He’s useless to them, as he cowers against the wall, remembering the angel receptionist/dentist coming towards his face with a drill or something. Creepy shit went down in Heaven, and I can’t wait to find out what it is. Meanwhile, Crowley got the information he needed. There isn’t just a demon tablet. There’s an angel tablet out there. Which means if the demon tablet can seal the portal to hell, the angel tablet can do the same for heaven and the angels. Oh snap!

Sam and Dean break in, but Crowley disappears. Cas frees Alfie, and disappears with him outside, while Sam and Dean take on the torture demon. He begs for mercy, saying he has info, but Dean knifes him with the angel blade. Bad move, baby. You really needed that information. Dang it.

When Cas gets Alfie outside, Alfie tells him that he can’t go back to heaven. That he remembers things they wouldn’t want him to know. Just then, heaven’s receptionist calls Cas home and tells him he needs to kill Alfie now! He argues, but she is controlling him somehow. So even though Cas is fighting her in Heaven, she controls his Earthbound self and he kills the angel. He tells Sam and Dean that he had been compromised and attacked Cas, and he killed him in self defense. He disappears with his body, and Sam and Dean are worried and suspicious.

Dean tells Sam to go back to Amelia. Sam admits that she makes him happy, but he doesn’t know if he can go back and pretend that what just happened didn’t happen. Something’s going on, and it’s going to be bad. Dean insists that Sam be happy, and promises he’s not bitter about it anymore. Hell, one of them should be happy and live a real life.

The next scene shows Dean calling Benny. He tells him that he can’t meet him after all, and that although he appreciates everything he’s done for him, and that he’s his bestie, their friendship has to be over. He can’t help him anymore, but he hopes things work out for him. Benny understands, and tells him that he was the best friend he’s ever had. They wish each other well, and hang up. I can tell it hurts them both, and it breaks my heart. I reject this decision! Dean has never had someone have his back so completely like Benny. Benny has become his essential person, the best friend every dude needs to watch their back always. That used to be Sam for Dean, but Sam has made so many terrible choices, and betrayed my boo so many times, that it’s understandably hard for Dean to trust him.

Next it cuts to Amelia showing up at the hotel and opening the door to an empty room. She looks shattered. Cut back to Dean, and Sam walks into the room, where they sit down to drink beer, eat, and watch boxing. Sam gave up Amelia to stay and hunt with Dean, so Dean gave up his friendship with Benny for Sam’s sake. I love the gestures and the meaning behind them. I love what it could mean for their brotherly relationship. But I hate that Dean lost a true friend, and I hate that Benny was abandoned when he needed Dean the most.

This was a great episode, and opened the door to so many more interesting twists that I can’t wait to see unfold. But it was also pretty sad to me. I hope this isn’t the last we see of Benny, and I hope Sam and Dean can fix their relationship. Here’s hoping!


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