Arrow: Ollie Loses His Mojo, and Gets Fired Up w/ Laurel

Holy muscles! This was a great episode of Arrow for me. Just the first like, 2 minutes made the whole damn episode worthwhile. My poor, sexy, boobear is obviously suffering from some serious PTSD after getting his tasty ass handed to him by the other Archer. He got shot like 3 times, and then got his ass kicked. Now, I just finished arguing that point with my brother when he said the same thing, but that was more for show. I told him that my baby just got caught off guard, that he was SO much better than the other Archer but I mean…He really got beat up. Like a lot. But he’s still a super sexy beast so I don’t give a single fuck. Anyway, he was flashing back to the fight, and working out to get himself in even better shape so as not to get his ass kicked in future endeavors. Obviously, he only works out half naked, so I watched and stared, and thanked the good Lord repeatedly while those delicious muscles of his flexed and bulged. Sigh. Happy times.

But then my poor, poor, baby bear choked when trying to shoot a ball in the air with his arrow. Gasp! He never misses! That dude really fucked with my cuddle monkey. Unacceptable. Dig joins my tasty lil Olliepop and comments on how he looks great, and if he’s ready to get back to hunting. Olliepop says no, because with his stepdad missing, he needs to be there for his family. Dig looks concerned, but Olliepop brushes him off.

Meanwhile, a fire has broken out, and a lone fireman is trying to put it out. Where the fuck is his team, did you say? Yeah, I asked the same thing. But he was all alone until another fireman walked up to him. He asks for help putting out the fire, but this dude has other ideas. Instead of putting out the fire, he sprays dude with gasoline, and then pushes him into the fire, causing him to burst into massive flames, and die. Real messed up. Not cool, dude.

Laurel is in the office with her irrelevant bestie, when her dad shows up. Turns out, the dead fireman is her bff’s brother. Sad!

Later, when Laurel gets home, Tommy is waiting in her living room like a creep. Because he has terrible timing and no sensitivity he tells her he wants a drawer, but she’s like slow the fuck down.  I’m like BOOOOORING! Where’s Ollie?!

Oh there he is! Trying to talk his mom out of her mopey pants, but she wasn’t having it. She is determined to mourn her kidnapped hubby. But she’s kinda a treacherous old bat, so I’m not sure if I buy this grief-stricken widow act. I mean, she probably has him stashed in her trunk or something. At some point in the show, the daughter word smacks her mom into snapping out of it, and she goes to work to take her hubby’s place. She vows to find her Walter. I still maintain that she’ll find him when she pops the trunk to her car…

Anway, Laurel’s pop is trying to track the Vigilante through the cell phone he used when they were working together. No dice. Ha! Laurel sees it and steals the phone to make contact. Laurel’s bestie showed up the night before and told her she believes that her brother was murdered. Laurel calls the Vigilante and asks him for help. He tells her he’ll look into it. He tells Dig he’ll give info to police and Dig is like “Dude, what the eff?”. Also, Dig was working out before, and looking hella yummy from the neck down. Get it! Anyway, he tells Oliver to move his ass, because someone is in danger now. Ollie gets a movin’ and shows up right as the killer is dangling some poor sucker off the rail over a hellacious fire. And for some fucking reason, Arrow is swinging over and sliding down the pole like he has all the fucking time in the world. He takes so long that the poor fireman gets drops into the death inferno and dies. Dude, wtf? Then, he is barely able to defend himself and he gets beat up by the lame ass fire killer. The only good thing to come out of this is that Ollie sees a tattoo on the killer’s hand. Um, great? This dude calls Laurel and tells her he has info and to do what she wants with it. For really?

Digs pushes Oliver to talk but Oliver brushes it off. Dig attacks him from behind and although he does get Oliver down, Oliver switches it up real quick like and slams Dig face down on the desk. Dig says he knows now that Ollie’s problem isn’t physical, it’s mental. Well, after the first scene in the episode, I could’ve told him that. With a body that tasty delicious, there was no way it was a physical problem. Rawr!

Also, more flashbacks to Scoobydoo Fred Oliver, on Spook Island. He remembers being scared and trying to get the drop on one of the island soldiers. Too bad it didn’t work even a little bit, and they tussled. Lucky for Fred, I mean Oliver, they tussled their goofy asses right off a cliff. Double lucky, Oliver landed in water while Tussleface broke his back on the mountain rocks. No troubles. Don’t need another problem.

Anyway, Laurel follows up on the info that the Vigilante gave her, and runs into Oliver. Together, they uncover some info on the killer by speaking to the chief of the fire department. They separate, and Laurel immediately calls the Vigilante to ask for advice. He tells her it’s his turn to take care of things. Sexual.

Tommy and Oliver throw a party for the fire department to help raise funds for the department and widows of the fallen. While there, Oliver and Laurel confront the chief again, and get further proof of the guilty party. Just then, the killer shows up to kill the chief. He sets the whole damn place on fire, and then takes off his mask. He’s all melty face from being left for dead in a fire, and he is all about the payback. Oliver shields Laurel with his body until she runs away, and then takes off for his secret hiding place to get his Arrow on. Did I mention they were holding the party at the construction site of their club, under which his secret mancave is? Because yeah.

So anyway, he changes and right when the killer throws a lighter on the gasoline doused chief, he shoots the lighter away with his arrow. Like a boss! So sexual.

The killer is pretty badass himself, because rather than turn himself in, he just walks into the flames and when he catches on fire, just lays face down on the floor, without even screaming. I would have been like “Ouch! Aaaah! No! Help! Get it off!” and totally caved like a normal person. But he’s more hardcore than me. Also all the way crazy, so I guess that helps…

Aaaaanywho, Laurel gave the cell phone back to her dad but after a minute he returns it saying he should have never had it in the first place. She’s grateful. Too bad when he leaves, he goes straight to a cop techie who is like, “Don’t worry, the next time your daughter calls the Vigilante, we’ll hear everything they say. Also, it’s pretty stone cold that you’d use your daughter like this.” And that craggy faced dude was like, whatevs. Damn. Oh well.

The show ends on another highlight for me. Oliver is working out, AGAIN. Muscles rippling, looking so damn sexual. Plus, my boo bear has his mojo back! Yay! He’s ready to kick some ass, and I can’t wait to see it. Because I know he will have his shirt off again. Best. Day. Ever.






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