The Mindy Project: Mindy’s Christmas Brawl

The midseason finale of the Mindy Project was equally hilarious and heartbreaking to me. So much greatness went on, but was mixed in with some real fucked up shit. Grr. I hate the hug punch. Anyway, let me tell you what I remember, because it was like three weeks ago, and I don’t have the best memory ever.

The beginning starts with Josh taking Mindy to a skating rink that he rented for just the two of them. It’s adorable and romantic, until the rink is suddenly overcome with hockey players. It’s cute and adorable. lol

Next, Mindy, Danny, and cutiepie what’s-his-name are having a partners meeting. She wants everyone to contribute to the Christmas party, but Danny doesn’t want to participate. She basically says that she and Josh will host it and they just need to show up. Danny declines, but she demands he show up and bring something to the table. He promises a Gingerbread house.

So everyone shows up to her house, and are having a great time. Morgan brought a karaoke machine, but it only plays Spanish songs because he found it in the trash outside a Mexican restaurant. He is absolutely one of my favorite characters. Danny finally shows up with his gingerbread house, and it’s like a fucking work of art. It’s gorgeous and so detailed! Mindy is shocked because she didn’t think he’s actually show up. She pulls him in the house after getting him to promise to stay for at least one drink and shows everyone his magic house. She can’t wait to introduce Josh to everyone, and then BAM! There he is! He looks super cute, and they have him come in all slow motion, with his own sexy soundtrack playing, and everyone stares at him and go “Damn.” It’s freaking hilarious. Danny thinks they’re talking about his gingerbread house and is like Yeah, well the insulation is actually made out of cotton candy. Hilarious! And delicious!!!

Josh is all about Mindy, and they are totes adorbs. Danny announces he’s taking off and Mindy takes him to her bedroom to get his jacket, and she sees that her phone has an unlistened to voicemail. She plays it on speaker, but its actually not her phone. It’s Josh’s. And the voicemail is like “Hey baby, wish you were here. Laying in bed without you, missing you. Call me, I love you.” Mindy freaks out, and plays it like over and over again. Danny tries to calm her down, but she is in full freak out mode. He gets her to agree to wait until everyone is gone to confront Josh. She goes out to the kitchen, and Josh is smiling all lovingly at her. She smiles back, but then is like, hey babe, did I ever tell you about the time that me and (points at cutiepie whatshisname) had real good sex right here on this table. Yeah, it was awesome. Cutiepie is like, um, Mindy, dude. And Josh is all weirded out and its super awkward. Danny grabs her and is like Mindy, wtf. She shakes it off. Danny is about to leave the party for his date, but finds a barefoot Mindy pacing back and forth out in the snow listening to the voicemail over and over again.

OMG at this point, I fucking hate Josh, and I feel terrible for Mindy. But I also am loving that Danny is being there for her, and totally blowing off his date to help her. Which he does! He tries to take the phone from her, but he accidentally presses the call button when he takes it. Danny tries to cover real quick and pretends he a flower shop owner who stole the phone from Josh. He says he’s having an affair with another woman’s boyfriend, and asks her what her thoughts are on that. She refuses to tell the person who stole her boyfriends phone but Mindy takes the phone back and screams at her that Josh is her boyfriend and who the hell is she.

Danny takes the phone, hangs it up, finally gets her to go inside. She is freaking out, and wants to confront Josh so badly. She grabs Josh and finally confronts him. He looks devastated and confesses that he had been dating her but tried to break up with her, but her dog got cancer or something ridiculous like that. It’s soooo sad!

Mindy takes him out to the party and announces that he has a work emergency and has to leave. She lies that Kobe Bryant has been shot, and it’s real touch and go. Before Josh can leave though, Morgan insists that Mindy make her Christmas speech. It’s so devastating, because her speech is full of how much grateful she is to have found someone as perfect as Josh, and her voice is breaking and it’s horrible. Danny comes to her rescue, and acts like a jerk for her benefit. He complains about how long the speech is and takes over, going blah blah blah, I love you guys, blah blah, Merry Christmas. You can tell Mindy is grateful for the save. Just then, some crazy lady comes bursting in. Apparently, it’s Josh’s other girlfriend. She found him using his “lost phone, find me app” whatever the hell that is. She screams at Mindy, destroying Danny’s gingerbread house (He’s distraught! lol), and then tackling Mindy for an epic girl fight. LOL

She then confronts Mindy in front of everyone, and Mindy is shocked to learn that not only is she Josh’s girlfriend, but they’ve been together for 2 years. Not only that, but he gave them the same key necklace. Worst of all is the realization that it’s Mindy who is the other woman, not her. Heartbreaking. She kicks Josh out, and Shauna’s cop boyfriend handcuffs the crazy lady to the stairs.

Mindy goes to her room to cry, and Danny follows to comfort her. Too bad the rattle in his chest when he breathes irritates her! Ha! Love her! She makes him promise that if they are both single in 5 years, that they will kill each other. A suicide pact? Can this show get any better!? LOL

Cutiepie whatshisface reminds everyone how much Mindy has helped them, and instead of leaving, they decide to clean the place up and have a Spanish karaoke fest with Mindy to cheer her up. It’s freaking adorable, and I love this show more than ever!

I have to admit, I am completely heartbroken over the loss of Josh’s character, who I loved as the completely lovable, douchey-arrogant boyfriend. He was definitely one of my faves, so I’m bummed that he’s gone. Oh well. Danny and Mindy are the endgame anyway, so it will be ok!



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