Supernatural: BENNY!!!! Plus Flashbacks That Make Me Sad. Also, BENNY!!!!

The midseason finale of Supernatural was so effing kickass, I can’t believe I forgot to write about it!!! Shame on me!!! In this episode, Dean (DEAN!!!!!) finds out that Sam had a hunter watching Benny (BENNY!), and it looks like he’s eating people again. Shitballs. Plus, Sam has more flashbacks of that unfortunate girl he fell in love with, while he was temporarily insane AND blind. I’m assuming.

Basically, Sam gets a phone call from Martin (that hot mess of a hunter that was in the insane asylum? Yep, that’s him.) and admits to Dean that he’s had Martin tracking Benny ever since Martin was released from the nut house. Martin called Sam to let him know that Benny has been back on the serial killer suck some blood kick. I refuse to believe it!!! Dean is super pissed that not only did Sam put a hunter on Benny behind his back, but that he used crazy ass Martin to do it. I don’t blame him, and would love to punch or have sex with Sam. Obviously, it would be angry sex. Duh.

Anyway, off they go to do some investigating. Meanwhile, we see Benny looking all scruffy and tough and totes adorbs, and he’s like, slinging hash and serving coffee and shit. Completely harmless. Martin is being a real stalker freak just like, watching him. Gross. But it seems so innocent. Benny also seems to have taken a shine to the owner of the cafe, some cute little brunette. I approve, I suppose.

Benny offers to shut down for the night, which he does, but when he is leaving, he senses something is up. Off he wanders into the woods, Martin close on his tail. Benny disappears, but Martin trips over some dead chick, with a mangled, obviously chewed on neck. Damn it, Benny! My baby trusted you!!! No, wait! I’m sorry, I take it back! I didn’t mean it, baby. You know I trust you. There’s NO way MY Benny would fall off the wagon and betray Dean. When Martin meets up with Sam and Dean, Dean doesn’t believe it either. He points out that Benny is the only person in his life that has never disappointed him or betrayed him. Sam is obviously hurt by this, and also kinda pissy about it. Like, dude, I get it. You like him better than me. Well, duh, Sam. You fucking left him to rot in Purgatory while you dated a fucking monster from WitchesHe’s fucking hot, but he’s a dick sometimes.

Anyway, Dean asks for some extra time and goes to do some research. He finally finds Benny, and Benny tells him whats what. He explains that there is a vampire in the area trying to get Benny to join his coven. When Benny refused, he threatened to kill people and make it look like it was Benny, which he proceeded to do. Benny has been trying to find him, because the chick from the cafe is actually his great granddaughter and just wanted to stay around her. This place is actually where he grew up, and he just wanted to go home. Poor baby. He asks Dean to help him take out the vamp. Dean agrees, but goes first to explain shit to Sam and Martin. Neither one of them believe him and Sam proclaims that they can’t take Benny’s word, and they need to take him out. Dean begs for more time but motherfucking nutjob knocks him out from behind. What a dick!!! Sam is like dude, wtf?! And then just goes with it. Ugh! They find the spot where Benny was camping and discover another body. They’re about to go find him when Sam gets a text from Amelia, saying she’s in danger and needs him help. Sam takes off, leaving Martin’s goofy, stupid ass in the middle of the woods. BWAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Meanwhile, Dean wakes up and hauls ass to find Denny. Luckily, he knew where to find him, and even better, Benny has found the vamp. They go off hunting together, and kill the bastard. Benny is grateful they were able to keep his great granddaughter safe, and that Dean trusted him enough to believe in him. But he’s super bummed because he knows this drama means he can’t stay around, since it will attract the attention of other vamps and hunters. He doesn’t want to put his great granddaughter in danger, so he agrees to leave town. Dean and him shake hands, and part ways. Dean tells Martin to back the hell off, that the problem was solved and Benny was innocent.

Too bad that fucking moron doesn’t listen. He calls Benny and tells him to get to the cafe or he’s going to kill her. Benny hauls ass, since he was already out of town. When he gets there, that crazy fuck has his GG tied to a chair with a big fucking knife to her throat. She’s crying, and Martin is spouting off all this crazy about granddaughters, and vampires, and she obviously thinks he’s crazy, cuz he is. Benny begs Martin to let he go. But Martin is determined, and tells him that if Benny doesn’t give himself up, he’ll kill her. It’s so freaking heartbreaking to see how sad Benny is. He says he’s sorry to his granddaughter, and lays his head on the bar for Martin to kill him. Martin raises the machete or whatever it is and brings it down on Benny’s neck, and the show cuts away. NOOOOOOO!!!! At this point I am losing my mind with anger and misery, and all kinds of ridiculousness. I’m being real extra as per yoozh.

Over in Bumfuck, Sam has been calling Amelia nonstop, but there is no answer. He gets to her place, looks into her window like a peeping sexy, and is shocked to see that she is fine, and is in fact, drinking beer and cuddling on the couch with her hubby. Gross. And poor Sam. He is completely shocked, and bolts for the nearest bar. Dean calls him to tell him what went down with Benny, and Sam is pissed when he realizes that Dean is the one who sent him the message.

Meanwhile, Dean gets a frantic phone call from Benny’s granddaughter. He takes off and finds her shaking, crying, and covered in blood outside. Dean goes in, and finds Martin dead on the floor, his throat ripped out. Thank God!!! My Benny is alive!!! But oh no!!!! My Benny is back on the juice! My boo is going to have to hunt him! Sob!

Dean calls Sam to tell him what happened, and surprisingly, tells Sam that Benny had no choice, that Martin was asking for it. Sam is pissed, and promises that he’s going after Benny. He hangs up on Dean and turns around to leave and comes face to face with Amelia. She tells him she knew she saw him outside her window. I gotta admit, Sam’s reaction was freaking adorable. When he saw her, he did like a quick, audible intake of air. Kinda like Bella at the end of New Moon when Edward proposes. Then again, if I turned around and was slammed in the eyeballs with that  face I would’ve gasped in shock/horror too. (I’m so hard on her, poor thing. I’ve seen pics of her in RL, and she’s actually kind of pretty. But I hate her bc A) she has Sam B) Dean suffered while Sam dated her and C) Her hair is horrendous on the show)

And so ended the episode. All I can say is my boobear Dean HAS to save my Benny. And Sam needs to dropkick that chick right off the show, and come be my sex slave. And a better brother to Dean. Talk to ya later!!!

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!


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