Beauty & The Beast: Dance, Crash, BOOM!

The midseason finale for Beauty and the Beast was so epic. I literally alternated between squealing with  giddiness and howling with frustration as Cat and Vincent repeatedly grew closer and then pulled back throughout the episode.

The episode started with Cat and her sister talking about their duties as bridesmaids. Cat was determined to do it up big and be the best bridesmaid ever. She was talking about it while walking into her room and stopped short to see the super sexy Vincent lounging on her fire escape like a real stalker creep. The sexy kind. They talk and it’s totes obvsies that she wishes he could be her date to the wedding. Too bad it’s too dangerous. She teases that he could be her boyfriend from Colorado or Montana or some shit, Vincent Stanislaski. It’s cute, but they both know it’s just a dream. He then tells her about something suspicious he saw, a man entering a building smelling very strongly of blood. She promises to look into it.

The next day, she meets with the other bridesmaids and is super uncomfortable when they keep talking about her being single and putting her at the single table. She blurts out that she has a date, her boyfriend Vincent Stanislaski, the doctor. Oh snap.

Meanwhile, Vincent is asking his buddy if he can test him to see if he is OK to go to the party. He asks him to hit him, to see if he gets mad, but his friend won’t do it. Vincent gets really pissed and then excited because he feels like his getting pissed and nothing happening means he is doing better. He goes to see Cat and she tells him about slipping up and telling the other bridesmaids about the pretend Vincent. He tells her about his experiment, and insists he can go with he to the wedding. She tells him that even though she wishes he could, it isn’t safe for him. He’s disappointed when she insists they need to keep things the way they are and just stick with the investigations.

Speaking of investigations, turns out some dude who was part of a dating service went missing. Cat went to meet with the head of the dating service, pretending to need the services to prevent the lady from being suspicious. Then she decided to go ahead and apply to use the services so that she would have a date to the wedding. She had been about to cave and ask Evan to go, but her sister beat her to it, since she and her boyfriend broke up.

The investigation caught a break when Vincent got some information on a substance found at the victim’s apartment, leading Cat to realize that the owner of the dating service was the killer, and her husband an accessory. They didn’t have the proof they needed to arrest the owner, but they were able to arrest the husband on fraud, since his Ponzi-like schemes are the reason the wife killed the client.

Cat went to thank Vincent, and also mentioned that she had been considering using the dating service. He convinced her and J.T. to go together, since he couldn’t be there for him. After she left, he saw the profile she had filled out for the dating service. When talking about her perfect man and the perfect date, he realized she wrote about him. His personality, and the time they spent together. Awww…The look on his face was to die for adorbs!

Anyway, at the wedding, Cat ‘fessed up that she had made up her boyfriend because of her pride. The girls understood, especially since one of them was separated from her husband. Everyone was distracted, so Cat was able to slip away when she spotted Vincent. He came inside and they shared the cutest dance. Then they went outside to talk, and she admitted that the reason she had such a hard time admitting to people that she didn’t have a boyfriend, was because she already felt like she had one in him. It was such a cute freaking moment. They were hungry so she ran inside to get some food for them.

She bumped into Evan, who had been investigating the person caught in his lab the week before, and had come up with a pic of J.T. He told Cat, who started panicking, and then really freaked out when he admitted that he had been investigating the mysterious person who saved him. He had figured out that the person wasn’t completely human, and mixed with a beast of some sort. The problem? According to the test results, the animal was taking over. Freaked, Cat made an excise and hauled ass to go tell Vincent. She broke the news, and though at first he was in denial, he finally accepted it. They decided they were not meant to be in each other’s world, and he walked away. No! Heartbreak!!! They had that beautiful moment while they danced and then afterwards, and still no fucking kiss?! Ack! The agony of waiting is fucking ridic!

Cat went back to her father’s wedding and made an amazing speech about her father and his new bride, and how they had taken a risk and found love. They inspired her, and afterwards, she seemed to come to a realization. She borrowed her sister’s car, and sped away, calling Vincent. OH. EM. GEE!!!! She was totally going to tell him she wanted to be with him anyway. But he didn’t answer the freaking phone. Next thing you know, some crazy car smashes into her and causes her car to flip several times, before landing upright. She’s disoriented, and then shocked as the dating service owner appears in front of her car. She points a gun at Cat and tells her she ruined everything! She is one crazy bitch. She blathers on for a bit, and then points the gun at Cat. Cat brings her gun up too and they shoot at each other. Cat got her right in the chest, and the lady collapses. Too bad it looks like that crazy bat shot Cat in the chest too. Where the hell did she learn to shoot like that? Cat passes out, but luckily my sexy baby stalker shows up. Too bad he can’t open the door, so he forces himself to go beast mode, and rips the door off the car. He sweeps her into his arms, about to run for help, all roaring and shit. Like over and over. It’s kinda adorbs. Shrug. And oh shit, here comes a car. And oh shit! It’s Evan and Lisa!!! They see the accident and someone with Cat in their arms, and Evan pulls a gun and stops the car.

And that’s how it ends. WTF with cherries on top!!!?!???!?!? I love it!!!! I can’t freaking wait for it to come back! Aaaaack!!! Squeeee!!!!

I’ll be back to talk about my next show soon. Well, actually, everything is on fucking break right now so I have no new shows. Waaah!!! I hate this time of the year for television purposes!!! Sigh. Well, hopefully I will find something to watch and talk about. After all, I have barely watched Grey’s Anatomy or Bones this season. One is just too damn depressing for words after they killed off my fave fucking couple without ever reuniting them -_- and breaking up my second fave couple, Owen and Christina. Sigh. The other is just kinda boring me. I think I felt pretty jipped that they played Boothe and Brennan’s whole courtship and making love for the first time, and creating a CHILD, all offscreen. OFFSCREEN!!! As if I hadn’t watched for like 8 seasons or whatever waiting desperately for them to get together, and when they finally do, I don’t even get to see it??!?!!?!?! Damn, I may have just convinced myself to continue my Grey’s and Bones moratorium…lol Well, see ya next time, whatever I decide to write about. :p

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