Arrow: An Arrow Wannabe & A Christmas Party!

Last week’s midseason finale for Arrow was so good! I am absolutely in love with my gorgeous Ollie pop, so every episode is amazing. BUT, this was a particularly good one. Of course, they did hurt my feelings by giving us flashbacks of Ollie looking like Fred from Scooby Doo again, minus the ascot. But what are ya gonna do, you know? You take the good with the sad.

So in this episode, Oliver finds out that his mom and sister haven’t celebrated Christmas since he and his father went missing. So sad. Ollie and his sis are enjoying some delicious frenchy fries when she drops the Christmas bombshell, and he is saddened. Their bonding time is interrupted by some kid who looks like he is nothing but trouble. Apparently he’s friends with Ollie’s sister, but she kinda blows him off and tells him she’s hanging with her bro. I will be honest here. If I was Oliver’s sister, I would do the same. I would also be harboring some shameful thoughts about him…I mean, look at him! He’s fucking hot! Don’t judge me.

Moving on!

Later that night, Oliver joined his mom and some friends for a meal. One of those friends was the police chief or commissioner, or some such. During dinner, the chief got called away. Before he did, they were talking about the Arrow, and while some thought he was great, the chief thought he was a criminal vigilante. Eh. Who cares what he thinks. When asked for his opinion, Oliver just said that he had a lame nickname. When the chief suggested the Green Arrow, he shrugged and claimed it was even lamer.

Elsewhere, some dude was shot the hell up with arrows. He totally died, which was your first hint that  it wasn’t the Arrow (well, besides the fact that Ollie was having dinner with guests…), but some other copycat freak. Diggle told Ollie about it, and also mentioned that ever since the debacle with Helena (don’t even get me started!) he has been working overtime. Oliver admitted that he was thinking of slowing down to enjoy the holidays with his family, but it didn’t mean he could stop. He was going to stop this copycat.

Over at Laurel’s (aka dumbest chick ever!) Tommy showed up with a Christmas present and tried to talk her into hanging out with him. She insisted that because of her sister’s death, she and her dad had to spend time together, but Tommy argued that it wasn’t just that. She was holding back, and it was keeping them from moving forward. Her dad was glad she was holding back, believing that like Oliver, Tommy wasn’t good for her. She kinda melted when she saw the gift Tommy gave her. I don’t know what the hell it was, but on the little box it came in, was a pic of Laurel, her dad, and her sister. Aww. Too bad I give no shits, and hate Tommy and Laurel as a couple. Blah.

Back to my dream lover, Oliver announced to his family that he wanted to throw their annual Christmas party, since they had stopped celebrating it after he was presumed dead. They agreed, and he promised to plan the whole thing. In the meantime, he needed help tracking the arrows used in the latest killing so he sent an untraceable phone to Laurel’s dad and asked for help. He refused, but later changed his mind when, despite the evidence to the contrary, the police chief decided to blame Arrow for the killings. Laurel’s dad knew that it was wrong and refused, and was taken off the case. In his desire to do what was right and solve the crimes, he contacted the Arrow and told him where he could find an arrow from one of the crime scenes.

Ollie then took the arrow to that adorable IT tech from his family’s company and made up some lame story about needing to track it so he can get some for a friend who loved shooting with bow and arrows. Oooookay. I still think she is perfect for my lil Ollie pop. Anyway, she found the address where the order the arrow came from was shipped to, and off my sexy baby went to investigate. Too bad the copycat was smart, and planted a bomb for Oliver. He was smarter, and got the hell out of dodge before he blew up into sexy Ollie pop chunks. Thank the sweet lord of sexiness.

Throughout the episode we were treated to (punished with) flashbacks of my lil Scooby Doo investigator on the island. His mentor finally showed up again, this time with the dude who had Oliver tortured in tow. He told Oliver he could either kill him or have him take them to his plane, and get them off the island. Oliver chose to have the jerk take them off the island. While they were traveling to the guy’s plane, the guy told Oliver that the island was really a prison for the worst criminals. When they shut down the prison, two men escaped. One was the guy who actually tortured Oliver, the other was Ollie’s mentor. Oliver hesitated for a moment, before pushing on, desperate to get off the island. Too bad the bad guy had other things planned. In reality, he had allowed himself to get caught, to lure Ollie’s mentor into a trap. They were attacked by a whole bunch of guys, and Oliver’s mentor told him to run while he fought them off. Oliver booked, and his mentor was holding his own until some masked dude, looking like a character straight out of freaking Street Fighter or something showed up. The mentor was overpowered, and grabbed. More importantly, Oliver was safe. And still sexy. But I think the masked ninja is totally the one shooting people and pretending to be the Arrow. We shall see.

Anyway, in the present, Oliver’s stepdad is still snooping into the names on the list. This doesn’t please Tommy’s dad (who, if you remember, is the freaking leader of the bad guys!!!) and he threaten’s Moira (Ollie’s mama). He tells her he’s gonna kill her hubby if she doesn’t get him in line, but she promises to do so. Too bad he keeps digging. Oh snap.

At the Christmas party, things are going well. Tommy shows up with Laurel, and things are awkward between them and Oliver. Duh! Tommy goes to get drinks, and Laurel tells Oliver that she hasn’t been herself since she thought he died. She hints that the last person in the world she expected to, has made her feel again. He tells her he’s happy for her and Tommy, but I’m not convinced she was talking about Tommy. Who the hell would, with Oliver in the picture??? Oliver then walks in on his sister getting her sexy time on with her boyfriend or whatever. Oliver gives him the “I will kill you slowly” glare and the guy takes off. His sister blasts him for getting involved in her business when he won’t even open up to her. Then, Dig shows Oliver a news bulletin. The copycat killer has taken hostages, and is pissed that the police are giving Arrow credit for his killings. He will kill a hostage every hour until Arrow comes to his location to face off. Oh snapples!!!

Of course, my snookykins hurries to free them. The cops are surrounding the joint, hopelessly clueless and unable to find a secure way in. My boo just swoops in right in front of them and drops through the glass ceiling. He frees the hostages and leads them to safety, but stays behind to face off with the copycat crazypants. When they finally come face to face, the masked crazy says he wants what any hunter wants, to see who’s better. Obvsies, it’s my Ollie pop, but they went at it, shooting arrows at each other all crazy like. Ollie was doing so good and I was squealing and talking so much shit on his behalf. And then it went to shit. The Arrow really embarrassed me by dropping his bow. Shit! Then he got shot in the leg and then twice in the back!!! Noooo!!! My poor babycakes!!! So sad!!! He hobbled off to safety and climbed out a window like a ninja, after snapping the arrows out of his sexy back. He lay on the floor outside, in pain, and called Diggle for help. It was heartbreaking.

Diggle found him and took him to the hospital, covering up his shenanigans by staging a motorcycle accident. His family was so worried, but it brought them together. WHen they were alone, Oliver told Dig that something the masked man had said, led Oliver to believe that there was someone else in charge of the criminals in Starling, and he was going to stop him.

Cut to the masked man, who removed his mask to be revealed as….Tommy’s father!!! That motherfucker!!! He’s kind of a badass, but I hates him!

Next, we see Oliver’s stepdad, Walter, walking into an elevator and being grabbed and injected with something. Oh schnizzle! Then Moira and Tommy’s dad are talking about how he warned her it would happen, and she made a remark that made me think she gave him up to them. Motherfuck! This crazy, treacherous ho. Can’t wait til this damn hiatus is over so I can see what happens next!

Til then, stayed tuned for my review of Beauty and the Beast! 🙂


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