Supernatural: Everything Goes Looney Toons, and Dean Smiles…Le Sigh

Oh happy days! I had just finished telling my friend that this season of Supernatural was so dark, and that I missed the funny episodes. And the Gods of Awesome heard my plea, and sent to me an episode of Supernatural so hilarious, so original, and so necessary, that I damn near wet myself. Dean actually smiled and therefore I smiled. Sam had some really unfortunate flashbacks of that crazy-haired vet that really hurt my feelings. I mean, she’s so unpleasant to look at. But let’s jump right in!

So! The episode starts with some dude hanging out in the park, waiting for someone. When this chick shows up, the guys gets so excited his hearts starts beating out of his chest. No, like, literally…Out. Of. His. Chest. I’m talking heart-shaped bulge popping out of his chest, getting bigger and bigger. Like when that horny wolf would see a hot chick, and his heart would pound out of his chest all crazy like. Well, picture that, but on a human, and the heart bulge getting bigger and bigger until it literally burst out of his chest. Yeah. So. That happened.

I got to say, I love Supernatural’s signature blood splatter openings. They never show the carnage happening, just the blood splatter it makes when shit goes kablooey. It’s real gross, but also weirdly comforting. Shrug. Weird, I know.

Anyway, The Winchester boys and Cas are looking into it.


So, I’ve been gone for a while because my internet and cable were down. Hellish misery, I tell ya. Now that it’s back, I have to say…I don’t really remember everything that happened in this episode. Horrid, I know! But, I will long story short it for all of you.

Basically, some cuckookachew old dude was a really strong psychokinetic. He began escaping into his mind, and wouldn’t you know it, his fave escape was cartoons. So every time he went into this like, fugue state, his powers were so strong that he unwittingly created this radius of toonish craziness. So a guy bumped his head, and a huge lump would fly up in the air. An orderly dropped a heavy object on his foot, and it flattened like a pancake before popping back up to normal size. In this case of our first victim, his heart felt like it was bursting with love and it literally burst out of his chest. Ick.

Turns out the head doctor of the nursing home where the old man was found out about it and decided to take advantage by taking the old guy to banks, and leaving him out in the car watching cartoons. While the old man watched cartoons, the doctor would rob the bank by drawing a black circle on the wall and walking through it to the other side, like in the cartoons. He would use those circles to get in and out of the bank and vault. He also would have anvils drop on the bank security guards. So basically, he was a real sadistic, opportunistic fuck. And kinda a genius. I totally would have done the same lol. Minus the killing because that’s horrible.

ANYWAY, Sam and Dean figured it out because one of the orderlies was in on it, and they had been robbing from their old patients, who had no family or friends. He had given his girlfriend, a nurse at the nursing home, one of the diamond bracelets he had stolen from on of the patients. Unfortunately the patient recognized it and totally blew up their spot. Oops!

So they track the orderly down and he was gut shot by the doctor when he objected to the doctor’s plan to kill the looney toons old man. Guess he had some morals…

Anyway, Cas healed him, and they went to stop the evil doctor. Dean jumped into the bank through the whole, and confronted that douchey doctor. Alas, the doctor had all kinds of cartoonish shenanigans at his disposal, which really put my boo at a disadvantage. UNTIL he brilliantly lured him to a well-placed X where an anvil dropped. Too bad the Dr. McDouchey dodged it. He didn’t however, dodge the old man’s wrath after Sam and Cas made him realize what had been happening. He got him real good. Ha!

God, this was a terrible summary, but it was soooo long ago. So my bad. I will do better in the future. Maybe not. We will see, won’t we? lol Oh! Just remembered that Cas and Dean shared an amazing bromance moment. And no, I will never see them as more than friends. That would ruin so many fantasies for me.

Moving on. I love Dean. We will marry. It will happen. ‘Kay, bye!


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