Hart of Dixie: Zoe’s Mom Visits, Sexy Escapades Transpire, & The Love Match We’ve All Been Waiting For!!!

So I finally watched the mid-season finale of Hart of Dixie, and can I just say that it made this girl’s heart melt? It was too freaking perfect!

The show started with Zoe freaking out because her mom was coming to visit her for Christmas and she was sure she would be in for a few days of nonstop judginess. Meanwhile, Lavon was freaking out because he and Ruby agreed that they would try one year of LDR and one of them would move to the other’s city. Lavon was determined to convince Ruby that Blue Bell was the place for her, so he wanted to go all out, but he had like a million contests to judge for Christmas. I say, let the bitch leave, because I find her hyper annoying. Aaaaaaanyway, Zoe and Lavon make a deal that they will have Zoe’s mom judge all the contests so she won’t have time to judge Zoe and Lavon will have more time to convince Ruby to stay. Yeah, I’m so sure that will work.

Zoe goes to throw something away she is sure her mom will hate, and wouldn’t you know it, that motherfucker Wade is kissing some slut goodbye. He already moved on?!?!? Nooooo!!!! I love Zade together so this is heartbreaking for me. Zoe watches and the pain is obvious on her face. Wade sees her and asks her if she thought he would be pining for her and wait. She had her chance and she blew it. I hate to agree with him, but it’s true. He wanted her and she ruined their one attempt at a date by acting so crazy. Sob. Zoe plays it off like no big deal, and tells Wade her mom is visiting and she doesn’t want her to know they were a thing. He looks offended but agrees.

Just then her mom arrives, and Zoe and Lavon greet her with their plan for her to judge Christmas events but she shoots that plan right down by claiming to want to spend as much time as possible with her daughter. HAHA. I knew it was doomed to fail. She judges Zoe a bit right off the bat by implying Zoe needs to use tweezers (which Zoe totally knew she would do!) for her eyebrows, which is ridiculous. She also says that Zoe’s apartment looks much nicer, but still has the same old smell. Ah, a master at the art of the ole hug-punch, where you compliment but swiftly follow up with an insult. Genius. Meanwhile, Zoe concocts some horribly thought-out lies about her life in Blue Bell and her romantic life. Le Sigh. Because those things never come back to bite you in the ass. RME (roll my eyes for my not as cool readers).

Anyway, Lemon and Ruby run into each other at the cookie contest and snipe at each other per yoozh, and Ruby later complains to Lavon that Lemon is a huge part of what she hates about Blue Bell. Lavon doesn’t admit his past with Lemon, which seems like a huge mistake to me, but whatevs! This can only work to my advantage so I am accepting of this idiotic decision. 😉

Lavon later meets with Lemon and asks her to try and make Ruby feel welcome because it’s really important to him. It’s so obvious to me that this hurts Lemon and so frustrating that Lavon can’t tell. Ugh! She agrees, and invites Ruby to participate in charitable gift-wrapping so she can become more a part of town, which is important to Lavon, and Ruby reluctantly agrees.

Elsewhere, George Tucker is playing the part of Joseph in the living Nativity scene until Tansy comes by lasciviously heckling him. I actually like them together, they are pretty cute. George’s shift is over as Joseph, so he passes the robe on to Brick, whose turn it is. George and Tansy talk about their Christmas plans and Tansy admits she got him the best present ever. George tells her his present for her will blow her mind. Just then, Brick is reaching into the robe that George gave him and pulls out a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Are you freaking kidding me?! Brick is furious at the thought of George proposing to Tansy so soon after leaving Lemon at the alter. Wanda is giddy at the thought, and next time she sees her, she immediately spills the beans to Tansy, who looks less than pleased. Um, what the hell, Wanda?

In her efforts to avoid her mother, Zoe tells her she has to work, and goes to see a patient. The old man sells her a sob story about how he hasn’t had Christmas off in like 10 years and his wife is disappointed in him for not going with her to visit their grandchildren on vacation again. Zoe feels for him, and offers to write him a doctor’s note prescribing R&R. Little does she know, she just ruined Christmas. Ha! That sucks.

Turns out, this patient was the town Santa Claus and he was the only one with a Santa suit in the entire town, and with it being Christmas Eve, there was no one anywhere that could help her out. The town predictably blamed Zoe for ruining the children’s Christmas, and she vowed to fix things.

Elsewhere, Tansy dumped the hell out of George, claiming things were moving too fast. George was shocked, until he ran into Brick who angrily confronted him about moving on so soon. George claimed the ring wasn’t his, and reminded Brick that he wasn’t the only person playing Joseph. A few minutes later, George walks in on a disheveled Lavon, who is freaking out about losing something. Damn it! It was his ring! And now he’s pissed at Zoe too because Santa won’t be there to light the Christmas tree, which is tradition, and that’s where he was planning to propose to Ruby. Zoe is more determined than ever to fix things. I kinda hope she fails so that Lavon’s plans are ruined. Don’t marry that bitch!

George and Tansy meet and he explains about the ring, and she is super relieved. To make sure she understands he isn’t moving too soon, he admits he hasn’t even gotten her gift yet, and that he lied about having it before. She gets pissed, and takes off. Lucky for George, Shelby, the one chick he dated that likes to shop, overheard and decides to help him out. She admits she had acted kinda crazy on their dates because she had just gotten out of a relationship AND stopped drinking caffeine. She was firmly back on the caffeine and ready to make it up to him, in a purely platonic way. George agreed, and off they went to find the perfect Christmas gift for Tansy. Which they did, btdubs. It was a necklace that had her dogs name on it or something. Lame. But what do I know about small town girl’s and their gift standards? Shelby suggests that George give his present to Tansy in Santa’s cabin in town square, with a picnic, but George balks because its too elaborate. Lamer.

Meanwhile, Zoe overhears somewhere that Crazy Earl aka Wade’s dad, used to be the town Santa, and might still have a suit. But when she goes to ask him if she can buy it from him, he refuses. He proclaims that he will be Santa this year, and Zoe agrees out of desperation. He starts babbling to Zoe’s mom about Zoe and Wade making them in-laws, but Zoe insists its because he’s super drunk. Me, I am laughing and also hopeful that he’s later to revealed to be a psychic.

Wade finds out about Zoe’s plan, and storms to her house where she is forcing his dad to bathe, and freaks out on her. He yells at her and storms out of the room, and she chases after him, insisting that her plan will work. He tells her that his dad isn’t the town Santa anymore because he got drunk and yelled at the kids and made them cry, including himself. She apologizes, but he’s not interested. In the other room, Zoe’s mom tells Wade’s dad that they don’t sound like a couple, but he insists that they’re in love. I agree whole-effing-heartedly!

Elsewhere, Lemon, Annabeth, Cricket, and Ruby are wrapping gifts. Lemon is miserable because her father told her that Lavon is planning on asking Ruby to marry him. Cricket and Ruby are talking about how she and Lavon are totally meant to be and that he has never loved another woman since her. Cricket tells her that means she’s the love of Lavon’s life, and Ruby gloats about it and tells Lemon she wouldn’t understand because she was left at the alter. Bitch! Lemon can’t take it anymore and blurts out that Ruby isn’t the only one Lavon has ever loved! Ruby looks shocked, and demands to know who else he has loved. Lemon won’t answer but it’s written all over her face. Ruby storms out and I cackle with glee! Meanwhile, Cricket is confused as all hell, which is both hilarious and sad.

Back to Zoe. Her mom has caught her in yet another lie and confronts Zoe. She makes Zoe feel terrible and then storms off. Upset, Zoe turns around to get Crazy Earl to the town square when she realizes he’s missing. She calls Wade and begs him for help, citing Lavon’s plan to propose. He tells her to meet him at the church. Lavon is busily laying the scene for his proposal, when Ruby storms up and confronts him about Lemon. He admits it but insists the only reason he didn’t tell her about Lemon was because he knew how much they hated each other and didn’t want to upset her, since it’s in the past. Ruby insists that Lemon was the love of his life, and asks him how he could explain this. His response? To drop down on his knees and propose. Sooo dumb. She rightfully storms off, leaving him on his knees with a ring, in the middle of the Christmas festivities. Ouch. And embarrassing!

Over at the church, Zoe finds Wade giving his dad a pep talk. She learns that Crazy Earl’s Christmas breakdown came a few days after cancer took his wife’s life. Wade understood it was the grief that caused it, even though as a child it still hurt him. He is so kind and sweet with his father, and convinces him he will do a great job. Wade leaves his dad with Zoe, but not before she stops him and tells him she didn’t know all that about his mom and dad. He tells her that she never wanted to know. Her excuse is that it wasn’t like that with them, but just because she didn’t ask didn’t mean she didn’t want to know. He tells her it’s too late, and walks away.

On the houseboat, George gets his present from Tansy. It’s a homemade pear cozy, because she knows it’s his favorite fruit, and this way it won’t get bruised. I think it’s super lame, but he is touched by her thoughtfulness and decides he wants to give her his gift in Santa’s cabin after all. Too bad he interrupts Brick and Shelby is giving each other the business in there already. We are all scarred for life.

Lavon finds Ruby and begs for her understanding. She breaks up with him, admitting that as much as he hates the thought of living in the city, she hates the thought of living in Blue Bell. It’s over. On Christmas Eve? Damn, that’s cold.

Lavon is heartbroken and storms over to Lemon’s to confront her. He vows to never forgive her for making him lose who could have been the love of his life, and then storms out. There is a lot of storming out in this town tonight…

Crazy Earl does a fabulous job as Santa, and Wade takes him home. Back at her house, Zoe finally admits to her mom that she ruined everything with Wade because she was scared of taking a risk. The only problem? She really missed him. Her mom tells her that without risk, there will never be reward.

With her mom’s advice in hand, Zoe goes to see Wade. She tells him that she owes him an apology for not only asking his dad to be Santa without talking to Wade first, but for ruining their date. She admits that he put himself out there, and she hurt him because she was afraid that things wouldn’t work out. But it turns out that she really, really liked him, and was hoping he would maybe consider being her for real-out in public-everyone knows about them-actual boyfriend. Squeeeee!!!! I died! She looked so vulnerable and scared and sincere and he looked stunned and confused and kinda scared to be hopeful. It was too freaking adorable. He hesitated, and you could tell that she felt hurt and rejected, but tried to laugh it off. She told him that she understood that he would need a few days to think about it because she was neurotic and bossy and a handful. Her voice breaking, she started to leave, but he jumped out of his seat and swooped in with a passionate kiss. He swept her up in his arms and told her that it was Christmas Eve, and crazier things had happened than a doctor and a bartender getting together, and then carried her into his house for some sweet lovin’. Carolers outside the windows be damned. He just shut the door in their face and laid back down with Zoe on the couch to give her that yummy justice. AMAZING!!!

So happy with this turn of events. I love them together. Hopefully his one nighter with the random from the beginning of the episode won’t come back to bite them in the ass later. Ain’t that always the case? Sigh.

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