Hart of Dixie: Zoe & Lemon Team Up, Wade Feels Like a Spot Holder

In this episode, Zoe and Lemon team up (kinda) to break up and then make up Lavon and Ruby, Wade avoids George, and Brick wants to ask his girlfriend to move in with him. The episode starts with Zoe and Wade in bed together, talking about how hard Zoe is trying to pretend that she likes Ruby. Wade tells her she needs to try harder. While they’re talking, George knocks on the door, and Zoe drops to the floor and hides behind the bed. I am pissed on Wade’s behalf because she needs to move on and just realize she cares about Wade. Damn it. He covers for her, and talks to George. George seems pretty intense and wants to talk to Wade about something but Wade brushes him off. George leaves, and Zoe insists it’s better he not know about them. I can tell it bothers Wade, but he just shrugs it off and agrees.

Zoe goes up to Lavon’s house where she runs into Lavon and a half naked Ruby. Really? All she does is walk around in Lavon’s business shirts. It’s not that cute, okay? Anyway, Zoe makes her feel super disliked with fake politeness. She leaves the room, and Lavon tells Zoe that if she is really his friend, she’ll try harder tonight at dinner. She agrees, but her face says bigtime fuck. Meanwhile, Anabelle and Lemon are walking around and see Ruby talking to some guy, and it looks flirtatious. She agrees to let him buy her a drink, and Lemon and Anabelle think she’s cheating on Lavon. Plus hello! It’s so early and she’s drinking?! hahaha Just kidding. I do that all the time. Actually, I’m drinking wine right now…

Moving on. The Reverend comes into the Rammer Jammer and asks Wade to help guide the boyscouts on a camping trip. Wade laughs in his face and rejects him. But when George comes in an insists they need to talk about something important, Wade freaks out. He worries its about Zoe, and so makes the excuse that he’s taking the kids camping. He tells the Reverend he hopes they’re gone all weekend. haha
Meanwhile, Lemon goes to Zoe and tells her what she saw. She insists she has a plan to find out the truth about who that man was Ruby was talking to. Zoe refuses to help her, but Lemon is a stubborn heifer. She brings the man to the office, insisting his eye is infected. She is so convincing the idiot thinks his eyes actually does feel irritated. Some men are so easily swayed. LOL Zoe rolls her eyes but takes him to the exam room. She gets him talking, and he admits he’s a headhunter, and that he just scored the most sought after CEO in the fashion business. Zoe is shocked. Ruby’s not cheating, but she is leaving! That treacherous whatsit!
Elsewhere, Brick is spending time with his lady love, and he asks Magnolia if she would be ok if he asked Emily to move in with them. She tells him hell no to the max. Snap.
Wade, looking hotter than hot, is packing up the car to go camping when George shows up with his backpack on, like a cute little goody goody nerd. Wade’s like fuck! I’m like, bwahaha. I just want George to find out so Wade and Zoe can be the couple they’re destined to be! Meanwhile, Zoe ran to Lavon to tell him what she learned. He’s devastated, but admits he had been worried she would do something like this. He plans to confront her at dinner, and still wants Zoe there. She reluctantly agrees.
Back on the camping trip, Wade is assigned to help this super cute cuz he’s so damn chubby kid want to be a part of the scouts. Wade asks the kid to help him avoid George, using a lame cookie analogy. George eventually corners Wade to talk to him. Turns out, its not about Zoe at all. George wants Wade’s blessing to ask out Tanzy, Wade’s ex. I laugh, and wait for Wade to accept so that George can’t say anything when he finds out about Wade and Zoe. But to my surprise, Wade forbids it. As the trip goes on, we hear Wade bond with the adorbs chubster, he tells him to never let anyone make him feel like a place holder. George overhears, and Wade blasts him.
He accuses him of using Tanzy to fill the void until Zoe is ready. George insists he genuinely cares about Tanzy, and on top of it, never thought Wade was less than him or anyone else. He adds that if that’s how Wade feels, he needs to talk to Zoe about it. At Wade’s shocked look, George admits he’s known about Zoe and Wade for a while, and though he’s not happy about it, he won’t interfere.
Back in town, Zoe and Lavon confront Ruby during dinner, and Ruby becomes defensive and hurt. She admits she turned down the job for Lavon, but because she believes he had Zoe spying on her because he didn’t trust her she changes her mind and decides to take the interview. Lavon is devastated, but she won’t listen to him. Zoe tells Lemon that they not only broke up Ruby and Lavon, but they also broke Lavon’s heart. Zoe realizes Lemon cares for Lavon, which Lemon reluctantly admits. Lemon goes over to see Lavon to tell him how she feels, bringing a cake with her. But a heartbroken Lavon admits that it took him a very long time to get over Lemon, and now that he finally has, he lost the only chance of happiness he’d had in a long time.

Guilty and now heartbroken herself, Lemon finds Zoe and insists they have to fix things between Lavon and Ruby. Zoe goes to talk to Ruby and tells her it was her fault Lavon became suspicious. Ruby says it’s too late, and she’s going to Texas or wherever to have her interview. Zoe tells Lavon, who is ready to give up, but Lemon and Zoe convince him he has to try one more time. They arrange to cancel the limo the
headhunter was sending for Ruby, and for Lavon to drive Ruby to the airport in a limo, and fight for their relationship. He does, and she agrees to listen to him. But in the end, she got on the plane. Lavon and Zoe talk about it later, and Lavon is depressed. In walks Ruby. She got the job and accepted it. BUT, she told them she can’t start until the new year, and she plans to spend the rest of the time finding out what it is between her and Lavon. He’s worried, but she tells him they’ll figure it out together when the time comes, but until then to just be together. He agrees and they kiss.
Over at the Breeland home, Brick had to run off for a medical emergency leaving a rude Magnolia alone with his girlfriend. Emily finds Magnolia crying and having found her cell phone in the bathroom, guesses it’s because of a boy. She consoles Magnolia, and the two end up bonding. When Brick gets home, Magnolia offers her approval for Emily to move in. Sadly, when Brick asks her to move in, she turns him down. Magnolia
vows to never give another girlfriend of his her trust. It’s a sweet moment for father and daughter, but so sad for poor, lonely Brick.

At her place, Zoe hears a knock and opens the door to see Wade. She looks genuinely happy to see him, but he’s almost shy and quiet. He tells her that George knows about them, and that he’s okay with it. That he doesn’t care. He watches Zoe carefully, and although she tries to hide it, it’s obvious that she is hurt and disappointed that George doesn’t care. Wade hides his own hurt and disappointment a lot better, and turns down her offer to spend the night with her. He makes excuses and leaves, and you can tell Zoe is confused and hurt by it.
I was really sad about this, and Zoe better figure some shit out. George pretty much cheated on Lemon. He waffled back and forth for so long, that it took away from his supposed feelings for Zoe. I think he’s a great guy, but damn it, Wade has been in love with Zoe forever. He’s tried to tell her so many times, and she was so absorbed with George that she was blind to Wade’s feelings. Now she’s finally getting to know him, and she’s blowing it by holding on to something th
at was never even hers. Move on, woman!
Stay tuned for my next post! It’s all about my favorite boyfriend, Supernatural!!!


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