Sons of Anarchy: Jax Comes Clean With the Club

Last week’s Son’s of Anarchy was great! I finally got to see my boobear Jax make some really smart decisions and I loved it! Plus, he’s so freaking sexy! So every scene with him in it is a bonus scene! So anyway, the episode starts with Tara telling Jax about the job offer in Providence. Is it just me or is her hair looking fabulous lately? Anyway, she tells him now that RICO is out from over their heads, they don’t need to stay anymore. I have to say, I’m glad to see the start of the old Tara coming back. There’s only one Gemma, and crazy is not a good look on Tara. She’s been a little too fucking weird lately. It’s one thing to be a bad bitch and hold your own, it’s another to let a dude masturbate while sniffing you and then go home and get weird with yourself right after. Real weird.

Anyway, Jax brushes her off and tells her they don’t need to figure it out now, but she tells him they do, because they want an answer by end of week. He looks real stressed out so she drops it for the moment.
Jax and Tara meet with the lawyer to figure out the whole Tara and Otto thing, and it’s a good news bad news situation. Good news, is RICO case is definitely gone. Bad news is that it looks like shits going to get real bad for Tara. Jax blows up at the lawyer, and I do not approve. Screaming and hollering all crazy to her, and in front of the baby? No Jax! Lucky he’s hot. All is forgiven. So anyway, Jax sends Bobby and Chibbs to meet with Alvarez and the Niners to make a deal of some sort. He tells Juice that he has until the end of the day to find those legal documents Clay has proving he was in on the robbery.
Then he tells Gemma to work Clay to find the documents and when she questions him, he finally tells her about the RICO case and the cartel/CIA. To get Clay to slip up, she pretends to be sad and upset because Thomas’ (her deceased son) birthday is coming up and she lost everything she had of his when the safe was stolen during the burglaries. Knowing Clay has her papers because the Nomads gave them back to him, she hopes to trap Clay. Sure enough, Clay promises to help her find the birth certificate.

While Jax and Tara were meeting with the lawyer, Clay woke up to see Gemma in the kitchen. I refuse to think about what they may have done together the night before. Shudder. Anyway, Clay tells Gemma he loves her and hopes they have another chance. Gemma says they’ll see, but that she loves him too. Honestly, she looks so freaking miserable right now. She leaves, and Clay gets a call to meet with Romeo. When he gets there, they tell Clay that they found out Jax got the RICO charges dropped and that they have to take him out before he ruins their plans with the cartel. Clay asks them to give him a chance to fix things, and not to hurt Jax. They give him 2 hours. Damn.

Jax and the boys are over at the escort service celebrating when they hear Nero is having some drama with his old crew. When they join him, some punk ass Mexican crew is all angry and aggressive because they want guns. The new leader makes a crack about Nero’s disabled son, and Nero loses it. The Sons grab him, and offer to provide a few guns for 4 thousand. They agree to meet. When they do, those crazy Mexicans show up with a lot of backup and the Sons are like “Hell no! We won’t go!” and hop right back into their raggedy ass Volkswagen. Nero’s old crew opens fire on them as Jax drives around like a crazy person, while Chibbs and Happy shoot back at them. Happy gets clipped, but it’s just a flesh wound on his FOREHEAD! But he’s fine.

They circle them for a bit shooting at them, before Jax goes flying through a fence and flips the damn car like a real smooth criminal. Luckily they flip a few times and land right side up. Jax is like, did anyone die? They say nope, and Happy proclaims his rapture at his near death experience, and they all hoot and holler like a bunch of crazy adrenaline junkies and drive away. When they arrive back at the clubhouse, Clay asks to talk to Jax in private. He tells him he knows everything about RICO, Otto, and the cartel/CIA. He also tells him Romeo is going to have him killed if he doesn’t play ball. He’s playing the fatherly concern card, calling him son, but Jax isn’t buying it. He tells him he is tired of being crushed by the weight of men who care about nothing, and walks out. Clay calls Romeo to tell him he needs more time, and asks for 24 more hours. Romeo agrees, but as soon as he hangs up he tells his partner to put the hit out on Jax. When Clay walks out, he spots Gemma kiss Nero good bye.

Meanwhile, Jax is pissed and storms out and tells Bobby that Clay knows everything. Chibbs and Tig tell Jax that the Niners and Mayans agreed to the deal, whatever it is. Jax and Bobby go to meet with the Chinese. Apparently, the plan is to have the Mayans mule the coke, and the Niners sell it. The Chinese are supposed to take over the guns part of the cartel deal. Jax offers them the business, asking for only a 10% referral fee. The Chinese agree, and they make the deal. Jax gets a call and it’s Juice. He found the papers in the ceiling vent. Jax tells him to put it back, and have everyone meet him at the house immediately. He stresses not to leave Clay alone in the house.

Jax and Bobby head to Clay’s house but are ambushed at a red light. Some guys grab Jax and slice Bobby’s tires so he can’t follow them. He calls the club to tell them that Jax was grabbed by Mexicans. They all rush out of the house, except Clay hangs back for a second, locking Juice out before he can come back in. Clay goes to get the documents to win points with Gemma, but notices that one of the screws on the vent is loose. That stupid fucking moron! Ugh. He totally suspects something.

Next, we see Jax tied to a chair in an empty room. Romeo and his bud come into the room and tell him that he made a mistake trying to renege on their deal. Jax tells them he’s not suicidal. That he would never try to get out of their deal without setting them up with replacements first. He explains his plan and that the Niners, Mayans, and the Chinese have all agreed to take over for the Sons. Romeo is shocked and also seems like he gained some respect for Jax too. He tells him to set up the meet with the new team members to see the guns, and let’s Jax go.

Cut to Tara, she meets with the recruiter from Providence and tells her that she is accepting the position, but wants to keep it quiet until she can make Jax see that it’s the right move for them. She also has a really nice moment with Unser, where she keeps him company after he gets his chemo, and tells him she’s always seen him as a  sort of guardian for the club.

Meanwhile, Bobby had called Nero when Jax went missing, assuming that it was Nero’s old crew that grabbed Jax. Caring about Gemma, and being the awesome dude he is, Nero bust into his old crew’s house with a shotgun. When one of the guys went for his gun, Nero killed him. He looked for Jax, but they insisted they didn’t grab him. The leader ran off at the mouth again, telling Nero he’s blinded by old white woman pussy, and went soft. I giggled a little at the same time I gasped in outrage. Nero’s face went cold, and told him that if he wanted to see if he still had it, count to five. In five seconds he was going to shoot him in the head. Nero even placed a handgun on the table for the guy to defend himself. Then he counted to five and shot him in the head twice before he could even move. HA! Nero walked out the door saying “You wanted me back? I’m back!” Real badass like.

Back at the clubhouse, a safe and sound Jax had just told the club about RICO, Otto, CIA/Cartel, and the new deal he had worked out. Jax explained he wanted it to be a club decision, because they would take a huge hit now that the money from the drugs and the gun running was gone. Everyone but Clay seemed real happy about it, and it was an unanimous vote to follow Jax’s plan. From there, Jax went straight to Clay’s house with Chibbs, Juice, and Bobby to get the paperwork from the vent. But when they got there, the papers were gone. Jax raged at Juice before punching the fuck out of him and knocking his little crackhead ass down. Seriously though, I think the actor may have a drug problem for real. He was huge in Veronica Mars, and now he’s scary skinny. Eek.

Back at Gemma’s, Clay asked Gemma about Nero and her. She claimed it was nothing. There was a knock at the door, and Clay went to answer it, only to find Nero. Nero was shocked to see Clay there, and asked to see Gemma. Clay said she was changing, but in a real smarmy way like he was trying to imply that something had just happened. Gross. Nero’s face was so terrible, like his heart was breaking and he didn’t want to believe it. He told Clay he just wanted to know if Gemma had heard anything about Jax. Clay told him Jax was fine, that it was the Cartel. It looked like Nero’s whole world fell apart as he realized he killed two people and got himself back into his old life thinking it was his old crew who had taken Jax. Realizing his mistake, he bent over at the waist, holding his head in his hands. Gemma saw him and rushed over. She asked Clay to let her talk to Nero, and not to worry, she’d be right in. When they were alone, she rushed to him and you could see how worried she was about him. He looked so hurt as he asked her what was going on, if she was married again. She whispered no fiercely, but couldn’t answer his questions. She tried to relay what was going on with her face, and he seemed to understand it, but wasn’t happy about it. When he started to leave, she ran after him. She told him she couldn’t explain what was going on right now, but that she wasn’t with Clay. She begged him, “Please, just don’t go away.” When he looked hesitant she told him she loved him, and he grabbed her and kissed the hell out of her. I have to say, this is my absolute fave couple on the show. They’re so damn cute, and he evens her out so well. He accepts her craziness and she’s calmer and better all around when she’s with him. She pulls away and closes the door in his face, with a pleading look.

Back to the Jax drama, the guys threw Juice out, and Bobby got frustrated with Jax, because he realized that the reason Jax didn’t expose Juice as a rat to the rest of the club was because he pulled him into their scheme against Clay. He begged him not to let his feelings about Clay ruin the night, because what Jax accomplished by getting the club out of the cartel and gun-running business was epic. A tired and frustrated Jax finally told them everything. How Clay killed his father, killed Piney, and tried to kill Tara. Chibbs and Bobby looked devastated and shocked while Jax walked out dejectedly. My poor baby. All his hard work and planning and Clay still gets off scot free. 😦

The episode ends with the door ringing. Clay answers it, gun in hand, and it’s Bobby. I’m freaking out, expecting to see another Piney situation play out. Bobby tells Clay he may want to keep his gun handy. I’m screaming “Don’t kill Bobby, you son of a bitch!!!!” and giggling nervously. Clay asked Bobby if he’s there to kill him, and Bobby says……”I’m here to keep you alive.”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The next episode will be epic. Til then, stay tuned for my next post about The Walking Dead. Bye!

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