Revenge: A Little Backstory Goes A Long Way, Damnit.

So this episode of Revenge was basically one long ass flashback. Can’t say I was super thrilled about this, but it was nice to see some background storylines. Instead of going in order (because I pretty much already forgot the order of things…) I will go by storyline, because there are a lot. Geez.

So let’s start with Nolan. His flashback starts with a Thanksgiving office party. He announces the company has gone public, thanks to their amazing CFO, Marco. He gives him the fish eye, and I can see the writing on the wall. They are totally knocking friendlies. Okey doke. Sure enough, the next scene of them is Nolan preparing him some sushi or something, and Marco giving him a toy robot or something that inspired Nolan to create NoleCorp. They kiss, and it’s so sweet. Then Marco gets a phone call from accounting. Apparently they found the account in the Cayman’s he set up for Nolan, that had 600 millions dollars of the company’s assets in it. The money disappeared without a trace. Nolan admits he took it, but won’t tell him why. Marco is not ok with it and walks away. When he come back, Nolan tells him the truth. That David Clark was his first investor, and that the money disappeared because he gave it to David’s daughter, since it was her due. Marco is upset, because David is a terrorist as far as he knows. Nolan tells him if he can’t understand why he would want to honor the man who believed in him when no one else would, that maybe their relationship wasn’t meant to last. Marco is shocked, and asks him if he’s going to choose a terrorist over him. Nolan breaks up with him, and fires him in one fell swoop. Damn. Then he offers him a severance check but Marco doesn’t want his blood money. Nolan cries. Aww. Present day, Daniel makes a phone call to Marco, and tells him he has a job that has to do with Nolan. Marco is interested. Oh shit!


The next series of flashbacks are about Victoria, Conrad, and Daniel. The three are poised to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal alone, (who the hell knows where their druggie daughter is) and there’s a ring at the door. Turns out, Daniel invited his maternal grandmother and her beau. Victoria looks horrified and super unhappy. Also, Daniel tells his dad that he isn’t sure about continuing at Harvard to get his MBA, but rather would like to be a poet. Umm…ok. Conrad puts on a good front, and encourages him to pursue his dreams. Daniel gives him a stack of poems he wrote and asks for his honest opinion. Eventually, he tells him that the poems were great, and he will send them to some publishers. Suuuuure. Meanwhile, Victoria has a flashback of her mother and her. Victoria was obviously gorgeous at 14, and her mother is clearly jealous. She thinks Victoria is trying to steal her super old boyfriend, who Victoria’s mom needs to marry because she needs the money. Oh Lord. This bitch is digging for that gold! Victoria is back in the present in the flashback, (do you follow? because that was super confusing…) and decides to pay her mother back. Her mother wants Victoria to play the loving daughter so her latest sucker will marry her. Victoria agrees, but is obviously up to something. Sure enough, Victoria confronts her mother about kicking her out when she was 15 years old. She offers to tell her mom’s boyfriend about their last Thanksgiving together. Her mom tries to leave, but the boyfriend-wait, he’s super old. Oldfriend would be more appropriate-the oldfriend wants to stay and listen. Ha! Victoria flashes back again, to her mom arguing with her mark. The guy tells Victoria’s mom he doesn’t want to marry her, and she freaks out and knocks him out. She calls Victoria to the room, and tells her to shoot him, and claim he was trying to rape her. No one would be able to push through an indictment against her, and her mom would be safe. Let me reiterate that Victoria is 14 years old. Clearly this bitch is a terrible person and an even worse mother. No wonder Victoria is so fucked up. Anyway, crying, Victoria does it. But although she isn’t sent to prison, she is placed in a psych ward for almost a year. When she comes back, her mother had already moved on to another rich guy. But when she caught him sneaking into Victoria’s room in the middle of the night, instead of ripping his nuts off as she should have, she kicked Victoria out, and married the sick pedophile. She really deserves death. Ugh. Back to present day flashback, and the current oldfriend is disgusted and takes off. The mother asks why Victoria did this too her, and Victoria basically tells her to go to hell, and good luck finding someone at her old, crunchy age. Hahaha. Then she shows her the door. So classy. Love her evil ass! The flashback ends with Victoria and Conrad talking about Daniel wanting to be a poet while Conrad burns his poems. LOL! He admits they’re really good, but he belongs in the company business. He will have some publishers send him gentle rejections to push him back towards the business. Then they talk about the situation with her mother. Turns out they hired Victoria’s mother’s oldfriend just so Victoria could get her revenge and destroy her. hahahahaha! Well deserved, and she got off easy as far as I’m concerned. Present day, Conrad and Victoria are worried Daniel has brought himself to the attention of the Initiative, which is so not a good thing. Conrad wonders if Daniel would have been better off as a poet. Oh lord.

Then we have Jack and his father’s flashback. We’ll keep it short and sweet. Jack’s father and all the other small businesses in the area were getting pressured into paying off some thug for protection. Their families were being threatened, but Jack’s father refused to give in. His friend was worried about his kids though. Jack’s dad decided to send the boys to their grandmother’s to be safe, but refused to tell them why. Then he waited in the bar in the dark with a gun. Too bad Jack showed up and was like what’s going on? Just then, someone threw a molotov cocktail threw the window, setting the floor of the bar on fire. Jack put it out with the extinguisher while his dad ran outside with the gun. He didn’t see anything, though. Soon, the thug boss comes and tells them to pay up, because it’s so dangerous for children nowadays, and how easily kids like Declan could get hurt. Jack blurts out that they’ll pay, but his dad is not happy. He should’ve shot the fuck out of that creep. But whatevs. He goes to meet the creep at the docks and throws an envelope full of money at him. He tells him to stay the hell away from his family. All of a sudden, the creep is shot like 4 times. It’s Jack’s dad’s friend from earlier. Apparently the creep had his daughter put in the hospital. I find his reaction to be appropriate and just. Downside, the guy fell in the water with Jack’s dad’s money. Boy, I hope he dove in after it…Anyway, Jack woke up when shots were fired, but his pop acted quick and blamed it on the boat backfiring. Present day, the hot oldish guy that is in business with Jack, is actually the thug creep boss’ son. Oh fucking shit! No bueno!

And finally, we have Emily/Amanda’s flashback. It is about how she met Aiden, and how she saved him and convinced Takada to take him on as a disciple too. I mean, it’s really long but I’m tired of writing. Basically, Emily is at a club where there is this Russian trafficker who kidnapped Aiden’s sister. Aiden is posing as a bartender at the club where the Russian dude picks out young-looking whores and trafficks them or whatever. One of the whores is totally Ashley! Ha! I knew it! She’s picked, but Emily saves her by giving her a shit load of money and telling her to text her the time of the meet with the Russian dude. She does it through a bathroom stall where Ashley is crying in shame, as well she should, and Emily isn’t seen by her. But it’s definitely a nice bit of blackmail to tuck away for a rainy day. 😀

Emily comes back all fresh-faced and young-looking and gets the Russian dude’s attention. As she is being taken to the back, Aiden makes his move to kill him, which would ruin Emily and Takada’s plan. She ruins Aiden’s plan first, but gets him caught in the long run. Takada tells her to forget about him but she can’t. She sneaks through the vents to save him but they’re caught. Good Lord. Luckily for them, Takada is in the bar as they’re being escorted to their death. He kung fu pows them, while Amanda gives them the ol’ karate choppity chop and whoops some ass. Aiden did ok too. 😉 Then he runs after the Russian dude who is running for his life and shoots him. Amanda begs him not to, because they need him for info, but the guy talks shit about Aiden’s sister liking the rapes or whatever and Aiden loses his cool, totally understandable, and shoots the living crap out of him. Amanda is like dang it, but he’s hot so she forgives him. They talk, and Aiden says he wants to convince Takada to be his sensei too, and teach him to find his sister or at least punish everyone involved in her kidnapping.

Present day Aiden and Emily are in bed, enjoying their post coital glow. Emily tells him he better not leave her again, and then shows him her box of Revengey goodness.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy getting a little backstory, but damn it, a little goes a long way. I hope their aren’t too many of these all flashback episodes. But anyway, check out my next post about one of my fave boyfriends, The Walking Dead!


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