Supernatural: Dean is the Greatest Thing Ever, Sam is a Close Second. Plus, Castiel is Back!

Dean. Oh sweet, sexiest man alive Dean. How I love him. He’s so damn delicious. I’ve loved Jensen Ackles since Days of Our Lives and Dark Angel. He’s too gorgeous for words. For most people, but not me! I have so many words about him!!! But I will contain myself to instead give you a review of the wonderful Supernatural, the best show ever!

This week, Dean is haunted by random glimpses of Castiel, who we all think may have died in Purgatory. Everytime he thinks about Cas, Dean’s face is so adorable and sadly tortured. He flashes back to Purgatory where he, Cas, and Benny (Benny!!! Love!) are fighting their way to the seal to escape. Dean casts the spell to seal Benny in his arm or something, and he and Cas continue by themselves. Just as they get to the seal, those creepy ass Leviathans show up. Damn it!

Flashback over, and Dean arrives back at the cabin where he and Sam are hanging out. The strain in their relationship is obvious as Dean doesn’t bother to tell Sam about his Cas sighting. It makes me sad, because they have always had the most amazing relationship as brothers, but it seems like its lost. Dean is obviously very bitter about all the times Sam has made the wrong decision, each one of them widening the fissure in their brotherly relationship until it seems insurmountable. Sam is just tired of losing everyone all the time, and just wants a normal life. I would be ok with that if 1) He hadn’t left my boo to rot in Purgatory, and 2) the girl he forgot about Dean for wasn’t so damn horrendous looking! She is nowhere near hot enough for Sam! As a matter of fact, as a hunter, Sam should have immediately murdered her, because she is a beast of a monster troll!

But moving on. Sam and Dean are on a case where all these people keep randomly disappearing after a suspiciously short freak storm. We know it’s demons, and Crowley is very happily torturing that Angel that was at the auction a few episodes back. He clearly tortured some names out of him already, and now he’s just having fun. Sooo crazy town.

The kidnappees are getting antsy and want to leave, but Crowley has a job for them. He wants them to read the prophecy tablet, but none of them offer. When one guy complains, Crowley waves his hand in the air and there’s a sound that makes me think all his insides just exploded and blood pours out of him. Icky. Some random frump offers to read and I’m pretty sure she’s making it all up, because she’s reading it upside down. Oh Lord. By the way, I love Crowley. Awesome accent, awesomely evil, and amazingly hilarious. His Bobby impression? Priceless!

So yeah, where there’s prophets, there’s Kevin Tran. And sure enough, there he is with his badass momma! But she’s not as awesome as I thought, because apparently she made contact with some witch for demon bombs. So stupid. Plus the witch is all Flirty McWhorebitch with Kevin. Keep it in your panties, lady. Geez.

Back to Dreamy Hottieville, Dean can’t sleep, while Sam is off dreaming he’s in a Pantene commercial, flipping his silky locks back and forth. Dean stares out the window and BAM! He sees Cas again. With some lingering brotherly distress sensor working, Sam wakes up and asks Dean what’s wrong. This time, he tells Sam what’s going on. As he does, it flashes back to his last memory of Castiel. They’re fighting the Leviathan’s and by the miracle of Dean’s hotness and handiness with an axe-dagger thingy, they come out triumphant. As they climb up to the portal, Dean steps in and reaches back for Cas, who is really embarrassing himself struggling up the mountain side. What the hell kind of angel…? Anyway, Dean grabs onto Cas to pull him through before the portal closes, but Cas slips away, and it closes behind Dean, leaving Cas stuck in Purgatory. Dean is clearly tortured and guilt-ridden for what he sees as abandoning his friend. Sam advises him to just move on with his life, because he’s a real punk bitch who did that when Dean disappeared. Ugh. I’m so mad at him I can almost forget how hot he is! Almost.

Dean goes to the bathroom, and when he looks in the mirror, he sees Castiel again. When he spins around, it’s not a hallucination. It’s really him! Castiel!!!! Yay!!!

He claims not to know how he got out of Purgatory, but Dean looks real skeptical. I don’t blame him. Something fishy is going on…

Meanwhile, that witchy slut bitch sure did sell out the Trans and Crowley shows up and kidnaps Kevin, after ordering his demon lackey to kill Kev’s mom. After Crowley disappears with Kev, his badass mom totally vaporizes the demons with a bomb the bitch witch brought. Speaking of which, I don’t actually know what happened to the witch. I must have missed it. Hmm…

Anyway, Kevin’s mom tracks down the Winchesters and tells them what happened. Cas overhears and tells them the missing people are the only future prophets in the world. If Kevin dies, one of them becomes the next prophet. Sadly, this means our buddy Chuck the Prophet is dead. No more Supernatural books! Waaaahh!!! I was sooooo dying to see another Comic Con-type episode. Classic Supernatural amazingness.

Anyway, while they search for Kevin, Castiel tries to hide how weak he is, but Dean sees right through him. Aww. They’re totally BFFs!

In some pit somewhere, Crowley threatens Kevin to make him read the tablet. Kevin is all mopey and morose because he thinks his mom is dead. Crowley tries to force him to cooperate by exploding another one of the hostages. Kev’s all nonchalant on the outside, but totally secretly shitting his pants. Then Crowley gets serious and chops off Kevin’s pinky finger. Oh hell no. I would have been all over that tablet, reading it lickety split. The next finger to go would be the ring finger, and I am saving that for a fat-ass diamond from my future husband, Dean. (Don’t tell him yet, it’s a surprise! Ala Becky and Sam :D)

Sam, Dean, and Cas find out where Crowley is holding the future prophets and Kevin, and go save the day. Sam kills a whole mess of demons with one of Mama Trans handy demon bombs, while Cas uses his waning powers to get into the room with Crowley and Kevin, while Dean angrily pounds on the locked door from outside. Crowley laughs when he sees how weak Cas is, but then Cas does some freakydeaky inner to outer glow deal, and Crowley shits HIS pants! Cas slams his arms down and like a real smooth dude, breaks the freaking tablet that explains how to rid the world of demons forever. Way to go. Crowley bounces with his half, and Kevin is reunited with his mom. Oh, and while reading the tablet to Crowley, we discovered that there are tons more tablets out in the world. Awesome.

Now that Dean and Sam have saved the day, Dean wants to confront Cas about how he escaped. Cas finally makes Dean see what really happened. Dean didn’t lose his grip on Cas, Cas let go. He wanted to stay because he felt like he deserved to be in Purgatory. He told Dean it wasn’t his fault, and that he couldn’t save everyone.

While they were bonding, all of a sudden time froze and Castiel appeared in an all white room. I immediately said, aw crap, Heaven! (Cuz in this show, Heaven is not all that much better than Hell!) But for some reason, Cas, AN ANGEL, was confused, like “Why am I at the doctor’s?”

Shaking her head at his confusion, which really, does not speak well for angels as a species, the receptionist angel told Cas they had  sent a battalion of angels to free him from Purgatory, at the cost of lives. She wants Cas to keep an eye on the Winchesters and report back to Heaven. Cas, being the loyal, awesome angel that he is (taking notes, Sam?!?!?) refuses. The admin angel smiles indulgently, shakes her head in amusement and responds, “Sure you will. And you won’t even remember it.” Then she giggles again at his naivety, and waves him away. Literally. He’s back with Dean and it’s like they never stopped talking. Castiel has no clue what just happened. This doesn’t bode well for anyone.

Can’t wait til the next episode. Fingers crossed that Sam and Dean have to investigate a haunted nudist colony!

Until then, check out my next post about Hart of Dixie 🙂

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